How to Delete An Apple ID/iCloud Account

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Speaking of Apple ID deletion, it always means deactivating this Apple account permanently.

This removes the record of your account from Apple’s server completely. If you have two or more Apple accounts, deleting the one that you won’t use anymore seems to be a good idea for account management.

You won’t have to bother remembering the details of this account. Also, if there are any annual or monthly subscriptions, you won’t have to cancel them one by one.

In fact, Apple allows people to delete their Apple accounts freely. It costs nothing and it’s effortless. However, the consequences are tremendous and before you complete the deletion, prepare well.


If you’re talking about deleting an Apple ID from an iPhone or iPad, simply go to the Settings app and hit the Apple ID tab. Tap Sign Out and enter the iCloud password to complete.

How to Delete An Apple ID/iCloud Account

Part 1: What Will Happen After You Delete An Apple ID Permanently

When an Apple ID is deleted, everything linked to it will be erased from the record and cannot be restored. And what is this “everything”? Check this out:

  • Purchased items like apps, games, music, movies, audiobooks, and podcasts;
  • Backup files saved on iCloud;
  • Apps and services shared on Family Sharing;
  • Settings like Family Sharing, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone/iPad

Settings and shared apps can still be restored if you have another Apple ID. Simply redo the settings and share then. However, if the items and data are gone from the account, they cannot be restored.

So, if you don’t want to suffer from possible data loss, you’d better do a complete data backup without iCloud and iTunes.

Back Up Apple ID Linked Data

When you sign out of the current Apple ID on this iPhone, everything synced by iCloud will be removed even if you haven’t deleted this account yet. If you stick to the current iCloud account and back up data to it, well, it’s meaningless. Once the deletion is done, all data will be gone along with the account.

Sign Out Of Apple ID

As for iTunes, you can’t restore the backup file from one Apple ID to another Apple ID.

In either case, the official Apple backup solutions are designed for solitary accounts. They don’t support cross-account backup or restoration. In this case, a third-party iPhone backup program is recommended. Try echoshare iPhone Data Backup & Restore.

This is a professional data backup program for iPhone and iPad owners. Without the restrictions of Apple accounts, you can successfully back up data from an iPhone and restore it to any iOS device running any Apple account.

iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery

Save iPhone & iPad Data to Windows & Mac in A Minute

  • One-click or selective data backup to computers
  • Highly flexible restore process: preview and select
  • Recover WhatsApp, Photos, Videos, and Audio to iPhone/iPad

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Compared to iCloud and iTunes, this backup program is much more considerate.

When saving data, iTunes and iCloud can only do bulk backup without flexibility. You cannot decide on the data to secure but can only back up all the data. This is the same rule when it comes to the restoration part.

Select iOS Data Backup Files

And echoshare lets you decide the types of data to back up and restore. You’re available to keep only the important data and abandon the rest.

Now, download this backup tool, and let’s start to secure your iPhone data without considering the Apple ID.

Part 2: How to Delete An Apple ID

When the data under this Apple ID is secure, let’s move to the deletion part. Apple offers this free and quick access for its customers to deactivate an Apple account permanently. You can do it via Apple Privacy. Check this out:

Step 1:

Enter the Apple ID you want to delete on the Apple Privacy website. And you need to enter the password to complete the login.

Delete Apple ID Login


If you forget the password for this Apple account as you haven’t used it for a while, you may hit the Forget Apple ID or password option on the website. There, you can change your password via a phone number or email.

Step 2:

Look down and hit the Request to delete your account option. Then, Apple will list all the precautions and consequences for you.

Delete Apple ID Start

To avoid any accidents, you’d better read them all and make sure you’re okay with all of them.

Scroll down and select a reason for your deletion request. Hit Continue.

Delete Apple ID

Step 3:

Next, Apple will keep on listing some cautions. Read them. And click Continue again.

On the new screen, it’s a bunch of terms and conditions for the deletion. Read them carefully and tick I have read and agree with these conditions.

Delete Apple ID

Hit Continue.

Step 4:

Since the account will be deleted, Apple will need a new way to update the status of your account to you.

You can choose the old phone number or email address. Or use a new one. Hit Continue.

Delete Apple ID

Step 5:

Next, Apple will give you this access code. Copy it and mark it down. If later you have anything like cancel the deletion, you can provide this to Apple Support. They will help you out with this code.

Delete Apple ID

Hit Continue. Enter your access code to make sure you do save it.

Step 6:

Lastly, hit the Delete Account on this pop-out to make your last call. Apple will then start to evaluate your request and delete your account within 48 hours.

Delete Apple ID

Within 48 hours, you can cancel your request anytime with the access code.

Once the deletion is complete, Apple will send a message to the phone number you left or an email.

iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery

Save iPhone & iPad Data to Windows & Mac in A Minute

  • One-click or selective data backup to computers
  • Highly flexible restore process: preview and select
  • Recover WhatsApp, Photos, Videos, and Audio to iPhone/iPad

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16


No, it’s impossible. Apple won’t allow users to create Apple IDs with the same email. They will reject your request at the first place.

When you’re logging in to your Apple ID on the deletion page, Apple provides this password recovery access. You can hit it and then create a new password with the phone number or email.

Yes, you can delete your Apple ID and make a new one freely. However, after you submit the request to delete your Apple ID, Apple will take 48 hours to delete your account.

Within these 48 hours, you can use the same phone number or email address to create a new account. After that, you can register with any phone number or email.