DVD is the perfect carrier to save files and data, like movies, music, games, or some ordered software. We can often purchase or receive a DVD from anywhere in our daily life since the DVD is so popular and common in the 21st century.

Occasionally, we want to copy the DVD content to a computer, mobile hard drive, or another blank disk for backup or to browse the disk without any limits. But subject to all kinds of DVD copy protections, your attempts of copying the DVD will simply fail.

Still, with the right tool and proper steps, you can easily bypass or remove the DVD protections on the DVD and successfully copy the DVD to the target device losslessly. And read the following parts of this tutorial to find out the perfect method to copy your protected DVD.

How to Copy Protected DVD

1. Can the DVD copy protection be removed?

The DVD copy protection cannot be simply removed from the disk. 

DVD copy protection is the overall title for all the technologies that DVD publishers will add on commercial DVDs to defend against unauthorized actions like a DVD copy, improper reading, and ripping.

For instance, most DVDs will have a Region Code so that a region-coded disk can only be read and played by a DVD player or DVD drive that shares the same region code.

Other methods like Dummy Files, illegal tables of contents, digital rights management(User Operation Prohibition, Content Scramble System, FairPlay, etc), Content Protection for Recordable Media, are all the DVD copy protections that a protected DVD will have.

Though you cannot remove the DVD copy protections from the original DVD, there’s a perfect walkaround which is to bypass the protection and rip the content into your computer with some professional DVD ripper tools. The output won’t have any copy protection at all so that you can later browse and play anytime you like.

2. How to copy a protected DVD to a computer drive?

Since the DVD is copy protected, we’re unavailable to simply copy the DVD content and paste or transfer it to the computer hard drive without the correct DVD tool. To copy a protected DVD, we need to use Tipard Blu-ray Converter to rip the DVD content and save it on the target location losslessly.

Tipard Blu-ray DVD Ripper Interface

Standing on the cutting edge of DVD copying and ripping, the Tipard Blu-ray Converter is the tool that can help you easily copy a protected DVD, BD, or CD in lossless quality with its Ripper feature. Besides, this DVD copy tool can decrypt all DVD and BD copy protection and enables users to create personalized files, folders, and ISO images for the DVD and Blu-ray content.

By the way, it’s very easy to use that you can simply copy the protected DVD in just a few minutes.

Tip: So far, you can click the buttons to download it for free.

This is how:

Step 1 Load up the protected DVD into Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Insert the DVD into your computer disk drive and launch the program, choose the Ripper tab, and click Load DVD to export the disk to the program.

Load Protected DVD into Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 2 Decide the profile parameters for the output

Next, the Ripper feature will analyze the disk and display all the Titles.

You need to decide the format of the output as well as all other properties, take a film DVD as an example, audio, subtitles, target clips are all the things that you need to pay attention to.

Copy Protected DVD with Tipard Ripper

As for the output format, you may choose to copy the DVD movie as a digital video file, a DVD folder, or an ISO image.

Lastly, choose the destination for the output DVD content.

Copy DVD to ISO File Folder

Step 3 Start the copy

When everything is on set, hit Rip All to initiate a DVD copy. The process will be done in a few minutes depending on the size of the source file and the output.

As it’s complete, click the Open Output Folder button to locate and check the copy.

Locate Copy Protected DVD Output


If you want to copy the protected DVD content to a blank DVD, you may use Tipard DVD Cloner to do the job.

Tipard DVD Cloner is the perfect tool that supports DVD-to-DVD copy without quality loss. Once installed, you can open the program and use it to copy the protected DVD to a blank disk in just a few minutes. And similar to Tipard Blu-ray Converter, this cloner can decrypt all the existing protection methods that are applied to all DVDs and BDs.


1. Can handbrake copy and rip protected DVDs?

No, it cannot.

Handbrake is a freeware that allows users to convert videos and rip the content from an optical unprotected DVD or BD.

Originally, Handbrake does not support to copy those protected DVDs since it lacks the capacity of DVD decryption. But you may download a plugin name libdvdcss to enable Handbrake to decrypt protected disks.

To find out how to use Handbrake to copy and rip protected DVDs, read this: .

2. Does ripping/copy a DVD ruin it?

No, it doesn’t. No matter you want to copy, rip, or convert a DVD, the original disk and the content inside will not have any influence at all as long as you use the correct tool like Tipard Blu-ray Converter. You can still run and play the DVD without any problem.

3. Can all DVDs be copied?

All DVDs, including those protected, can be copied with the help of the right DVD copy/ripping tool.

But, to protect the data on the DVD, some DVD holders will set a password to the disk so that it can only be read, played, and copied with the correct password, otherwise, this disk will deny all attempts of reading and copying.

4. Is it illegal to copy a DVD for personal use?

To copy a DVD for personal use is completely legal.

You may copy the DVD for date backup and later review, which are both legally acceptable. As long as you keep the backup safe and sound and have no plan to profit from the duplication, your action is considered legal.

Also, don’t try to upload the copy version online since others will download it and won’t purchase the real DVD, which will damage the profit of the DVD publishers.