How to Convert Video_TS to MP4 without Quality Loss (Win&Mac)

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Ripped out from a DVD, the Video_TS is a DVD folder that we can enjoy DVD movies without popping the virtual disc anymore. In the meantime, Video_TS is not that friendly.

  • Before you can have fun with a DVD movie, you have to be skilled enough to play the Video_TS folder on your computer.
  • Worse still, if you plan to enjoy a movie on a game console like Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, the Video_TS folder isn’t a good choice since it’s not compatible with any game console.
  • In particular, some users want to play the Video_TS on a phone or tablet. Well, it’s not going to work and just a waste of time.

Under these circumstances, we can make it be by converting a Video_TS folder to the most compatible MP4 format. MP4 is much better than Video_TS in so many aspects including compatibility, simplicity, file size, etc.

So, if you have one or some Video_TS folder taking up your computer hard drive, let’s learn how to convert the Video_TS to MP4.

Contents of Converting Video_TS to MP4:

  1. Can VLC convert Video_TS to MP4?
  2. What is Video_TS & VOB?

Part 1 Benefits of turning Video_TS to MP4

To further help you make up your mind to start the conversion, let me tell you some of the benefits of converting a Video_TS folder to MP4.

1. File Size

While the size of a Video_TS folder can reach from 4.5GB to 8.7GB, a two-hour MP4 video having 720P resolution only maxes out at 2GB. Having an MP4 video on your hard drive instead of a Video_TS folder saves your hard drive.

2. Compatibility

Video_TS requires a professional media player to run and it’s only available on a computer.

Converting it to an MP4 video enables you to watch the movie much more easily. The MP4 format is the most compatible video format that it can run on almost every computer, TV, phone, tablet, media player software, mobile app, which makes you available to enjoy the movie on any device you like.

3. Modification

Some DVDs circulated in the US market contain a movie that comes with no subtitles, especially those Stand-up comedy discs, which is very unfriendly for some Asian, Latin, European, and African folks.

But once you have a Video_TS folder that originates from a DVD, you’re available to add subtitles to the movie after converting the Video_TS to an MP4 file, or if you’d like to, you can edit, clip, and modify the video with some video editors.

Warping up:

Though the MP4 format is not flawless, there’s one thing for sure: MP4 is way much better than the Video_TS folder for us.

Part 2: Steps to convert Video_TS to MP4

In this part, we’ll be using a powerful tool, echoshare Blu-ray Converter, to convert Video_TS to MP4.

Designed to be a best-in-class program and provide a new ownership experience to users, this powerful Blu-ray/DVD supported converter software is your best tool to convert Video_TS to MP4.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Interface

Note that some Video_TS folders are still under the protection of DRM methods which restrict unauthorized playback and copy.

However, being impervious to all these DRM obstacles, echoshare ensures users convert a Video_TS folder to any format at will. MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, or MOV is a cinch.

Worried about the quality of the output MP4 video? Don’t be. As long as you wish, echoshare will deliver your lossless conversion so that you can create an MP4 video from a Video_TS folder with no quality loss.

Besides Video_TS, echoshare can also help you convert your DVD, Blu-ray disc, ISO file, or BDMV folder to any digital file as you wish.

Now, download the program on your computer, and let’s transform a Video_TS to an MP4 video right away.

Step 1 Load up the Video_TS folder

For starters, launch echoshare Blu-ray Converter on your computer. Then, drag and drop the Video_TS folder to echoshare’s interface to import the folder.

Load Video_TS Folder to echoshare Blu-ray Converter

Step 2 Decide the profile parameters

The program will start to scan and process the Video_TS folder. Later, it will display the main movie of this folder on the interface.

Whether you only want to watch the movie alone or don’t want to let go of any clips in this folder, echoshare has you covered.

Click Full Movie List and then decide which video(s) you love and convert to MP4. You’re available to merge them into one MP4 video too.

Decide Videos to Convert from A Video_TS Folder

By default, the output format is MP4 – Same as Source that stands for: echoshare will create an MP4 video that has an equal quality of the source file.

Want to downgrade the output? Click Rip All to and locate MP4, choose a suitable quality value then.

For Video_TS folders that contain multiple soundtracks and subtitle channels, you’re available to choose one or all to convert with the DVD videos.

Finally, find Save to. Here, you can decide a destination on your computer to save the output MP4 video(s).

Convert DVD Video_TS to MP4 Setup

Step 3 Convert Video_TS to MP4

Everything is on set, click the Rip All button to initiate a Video_TS to MP4 conversion.

Within minutes, the process will be complete and echoshare will open the output folder automatically for you to preview the output MP4 video.

Now, the DVD movie is completely free to binge on your computer, phone, or tablet with any software or app.

Part 3: FAQs about Video_TS

Yes, VLC can convert an unprotected Video_TS folder to MP4. Once the Video_TS folder is still encrypted with some DRM methods, VLC is not helping anymore.

A lot of you may have no idea what is a Video_TS folder and here I am to introduce this DVD format.

Insert a DVD into your computer and locate the disc folder. You can find one sub-folder named Video_TS inside this disc. The Video_TS stores movies, sounds, subtitles, and other information of a movie DVD.

The reason that you find these folders online is that some movie producers want more people to watch the movie. Not limited by the carrier – the DVD, a movie goes wider when a user can watch a movie by clicking a Download button on certain pages with just a few bucks.

Also, some DVD fans are skilled enough to bypass the DRM technologies on a DVD and copy the Video_TS folder from the disc with DVD ripper software.

As for the VOB format, you may open your Video_TS folder. Inside the folder, you can find so many video files with the .vob extension. The VOB is a video format that is designed and used for DVD content.

What Is Video TS