You may be familiar with MP4 since it’s a commonly used video format. Some of our favorite movies that we bought or downloaded online are in this format.
If you have so several MP4 files stored on your PC, this may take a lot of space and may mess up your computer hard drive, converting them to an ISO file seems to be a perfect way. Since an ISO file can store all your videos into one file.

You may also burn your videos into DVD after converting them to an ISO file, in this way, you can save space on your computer hard drive and have a secure copy of your files.

What is an ISO File?

ISO file (often called an ISO image), is an archive file that contains an identical copy or creates a backup for a certain file and saves it into a single folder.

An ISO file can be a DVD ISO or BD ISO. DVD ISO can produce a video with a 720p resolution, while BD ISO produces a video with a 1080p resolution.

In order to convert your MP4 files into an ISO file, you need a program that can convert files with ease with no quality loss.

How to convert MP4 to ISO?

You can convert your video or audio files using echoshare DVD Creator.

echoshare DVD Creator is a DIY DVD Creator that lets you create and customize videos and burn them to DVD. It supports video formats like AVI, DV, VOB, FLV, M2TS, MTS, MKV, MPEG, MP4, TS, MOV. Using DVD Creator you can also convert your MP4 format videos to ISO files without having to worry about quality loss.

echoshare helps you convert your videos simply and easily, but guarantees to produce High-quality videos, a wide variety of menu templates, adjust video filters, add watermark, subtitles, and you may also, trim unwanted clips, and crop your videos, etc.

With echoshare DVD Creator, you can convert all your MP4 files into an ISO file with ease.

Convert MP4 to ISO

Follow these steps for a simple conversion process:

Step 1: Import and edit your video

  • Click Add Media Files or Add Media Folder and choose the videos you want to convert.

Upload files to Tipard

  • Choose your preferred Video Quality. Then tick Next. (To burn videos without quality loss, set Video Quality to High.)
  • Next, if the size of the target files surpasses DVD’s capacity (8.5GB), you need to set the Disc Type as BD-25 or BD-50. Also, remember that BD ISO produces an output with 1080p resolution. While DVD ISO produces an output with a 720p resolution.

Set Disc Type

Tip: Tick the box beside your video to select. Edit or customize your videos by clicking the Power Tools option on the upper right corner of the screen. It allows the user to crop, trim, adjust the brightness and contrast of your videos, add subtitles, etc.

Edit Videos with Tipard

Step 2: Create your Menu

DVD Creator gives you the option to create your own disc menu by:

  • Choosing from a variety of menu templates.
  • Customize your own menu by clicking Add Background Music, or change the Background Photo or add an Opening Film.
  • But if you prefer not to put a menu on your video just click No Menu on the lower right side of the screen. When done proceed to Burn.

Create Personalized Disc Menu
Step 3: Finishing touches

  • Tick Save as ISO then press Start, then your video will start converting.

Tick Save as ISO

  • While your video (s) are converting, click the option Action After Done, and choose what action you want after converting the video (ex. Open file in folder or exit program).

Wait until the burning Process is done

Now that your files are converted, you can create multiple duplicates without worrying about the quality.

Final Thoughts

Keeping our important data or files safe is a must, that is why as much as possible we want to secure it. Converting your files, specifically MP4 format videos or audio to an ISO File is one way to make sure that it is safe and will not corrupt. Also, having duplicate copies of our favorite videos is great so we can share them with our friends and family.

echoshare DVD Creator will help you, with a hassle-free conversion process. Now you can convert your files to ISO with ease. So what are you waiting for? Use echoshare DVD Creator now.