There’re so many remarkable moments that we want to record and cherish. With a smartphone or camera, we can shoot an hour-long MP4 video to record some big moments, including a wedding, an anniversary, the kid’s school play, the graduate or entrance ceremony, etc.

Shooting the video is one thing, keeping it safe is another. In this case, we can convert the recorded MP4 video to a Blu-ray disc for storage and backup. After burning the MP4 video to a Blu-ray disc, you may watch it on a big screen and the video will never vanish as long as the disc remains intact.

Also, when you download some MP4 movies online, burning them to a Blu-ray disc is a good idea to save your computer hard drive.

And if you’re one of those talented creators that just made a movie or animation video in MP4 format, you may produce your movie disc that looks like a pro with the video.

To help you burn the MP4 video to a Blu-ray disc, today we’ll be discussing the preparations and steps of the MP4-to-BD conversion.

How to Convert MP4 to Blu-ray

What you need to burn MP4 files to a Blu-ray

To burn MP4 to Blu-ray, you need to get these things ready first.

1. A rewritable Blu-ray disc

Naturally, you need a suitable Blu-ray disc to hold the MP4 video. And note that there’re several types of Blu-ray discs that have different capacities. Case in point:

  • BD SL (Single-layer): Also called BD-25, maxes out at 25GB theoretically.
  • BD DL (Double-layer): Known as B5-50 that offers up to 50 GB of storage.
  • BD-XL (Triple/Quadruple-layer): Depending on the 100GB or 128GB capacity, we call the discs BD-100 or BD-128.
Caution: Most Blu-ray player and drive only support to read BD-25 and BD-50. One that plays BD-XL will be, no doubt, more expensive.

Besides the capacity of the disc, you should also pay attention to the Recordable and Erasable features of the disc you pick up.

  • For BD-R (Recordable), you can only burn files to the disc ONCE. No erasing and rewriting is available.
  • But you’re available to rewrite the contents inside of a BD-RE (Recordable & Erasable) disc multiple times so that if you get tired of the current movie, delete it from the disc and burn another one.

So, based on your need in capacity and recycle use, pick up the right Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray Disc Type

2. A Blu-ray drive for your computer

Be aware that if you want to burn files to a Blu-ray disc at home, a computer is a must-have tool. However, since the most computer is shipped out without the ability to read Blu-ray discs, you have to equip your computer with a Blu-ray drive to read, play, and burn Blu-ray discs.

There’re 2 types of Blu-ray drives, one is internal and the other is external.

  • Internal BD drive: You may connect this type of BD drive to the motherboard of your computer.

For Mac users, I guess an external Blu-ray drive is the best choice for you since most Macs won’t allow users to insert anything into the motherboard.

In this case, you may read this to locate a BD drive that helps you burn MP4 to Blu-ray: Best Blu-ray Drive for Mac Computers.

  • External BD drive: All external BD drives have a USB cable, you can connect it to your computer with the USB cable.

And it’s OK for Windows users to use both of these BD burning drives. If you have no idea how to choose a dream Blu-ray drive, read here: Best ASUS Internal/External Blu-ray Drive for Computers.

3. A professional Blu-ray burner program

Whatever files you plan to burn to a Blu-ray disc, a professional Blu-ray burner is always the must-have software. You may find a lot of software on the market and one of the leading figures is the Leawo Prof. Media.

Being a Blu-ray expert, the Leawo Prof. Media is a universal utility to rip, burn, copy, and create Blu-ray discs without quality loss.

More about Leawo Prof. Media:

  • Superior to many of its competitors, Leawo supports to burn almost all digital formats to a Blu-ray disc. You can burn all kinds of files like the MP4 videos to a Blu-ray disc.
  • And offering a video editor feature, Leawo Prof. Media allows users to edit the footage by adding audio channels and subtitles tracks, adding filters, adjusting effects like Brightness & Contrast. More surprisingly, if you want to watch a 3D Blu-ray movie at home, Leawo offers 3D enhancement so that you can improve your 2D MP4 videos to 3D.
  • Also, if you’re interested in making a movie disc at home, Leawo Prof. Media offers you the chance to add and design a Menu for the Blu-ray disc to make your creation more stylish.

Now, you can click the buttons below to download it for free.

How to convert MP4 to Blu-ray disc on Windows & Mac

As you get the above 3 things already, we can start to check out the steps of converting MP4 to a Blu-ray disc.

Step 1 Insert a blank Blu-ray disc into the BD drive

Step 2 Load up the MP4 video

On your computer, launch Leawo Prof. Media and choose the Blu-ray/DVD Creator mode on its interface. Then, locate the MP4 video and drag it to Leawo, release it.

Leawo Prof Media Copy Rip Burn DVD Blu-ray

Leawo will start to analyze the file and display it on the interface.

Step 3 Edit the MP4 video

Next, you may edit and trim the video with Leawo’s in-app video editor. Right-click on the video icon and choose Edit.

Then, you’re available to:

  • Trim the video, add personalized watermarks, adjust the effect like Brightness/Contrast/Saturation, and create chapters for the video.
  • As for 3D vision, Leawo provides users with 6 different 3D effects including Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Interleaved, Side by Side, and two more.
  • You may use the Remove Noise to delete all the disturbing noises from a filmed MP4 video.

Edit Footage with Leawo

Click the OK button to keep on burning the video.

Step 4 Design a Menu for the movie Blu-ray disc

Then, take a look at the right of the program and choose a template for your disc Menu. Not fond of any of them? Click the Online or Custom to personalize one.

Leawo Edit Video Add Menu

Step 5 Convert the MP4 video to a Blu-ray disc

Now, as everything is on set, click the Burn button. Under Burn to, choose the name of the current functional Blu-ray drive. Hit to start the process.

Set Blu-ray Drive as Destination

Note: You can also choose to convert the MP4 video(s) to an ISO file or BDMV Folder, two useful digital formats for transfer and backup. Holding all videos in one file, you can upload the ISO or BDMV Folder to the cloud or transfer it to a USB drive with ease.

Within minutes, Leawo will finish the burning and you may eject the disc. Remember to keep your disc away from scrapes, sunshine, heat, and other factors that may damage the Blu-ray disc.