While using Apple iTunes to download a video, we’ll find that the video file has a .m4v suffix. It’s pretty easy to play that M4V video with iTunes or any other media player software on our computer.

However, we may find that it’s hard to convert, edit, trim, or transfer the M4V video since Apple has applied its FairPlay copy protection method on the video file to restrict personal transfer and edit.

Such protection causes great inconvenience to us when we want to transfer the M4V video to a DVD for backup and storage.

  • Burning the M4V video to a DVD is a perfect solution to save your hard drive from the M4V videos that weigh several GBS.
  • Meanwhile, doing so gives us the availability to watch the iTunes movie on a big screen instead of a computer monitor, a tablet, or an iPhone.

How to Burn M4V to DVD

It would be lucky that if you’re the one who creates an M4V video on Macintosh with Handbrake as the video is not copy-protected. But still, it may bother you that you cannot find any apps that may help you burn the self-made M4V video to a DVD.

So today, to help you burn the M4V video file to a DVD successfully, I’ll unveil every step of the positive method in the following sections. Hope that you can have the M4V video burned without any errors.

About the M4V format

Developed by Apple, the M4V format is mainly used as the default video format for iTunes Movies, TV shows, and Music videos. Using the same compression method and framework, the M4V is similar to MP4, one of the most compatible video format.

By adding a DRM technology (Digital Right Management) – FairPlay DRM copyright protection, an iTunes movie can only play on a computer that is authorized via iTunes with the account that you used to purchase and download the video.

Luckily, there’re ways to get rid of the DRM method on the file. Before we start to burn the M4V video to a DVD, we need to remove the DRM from the M4V file.

Tip: Video converters like Handbrake allow people to create an M4V video with another formatted file. And this self-made M4V video won’t have any DRM methods, you may skip to Part 2 and burn the file to a DVD when you have one.

Part 1: Remove the DRM from the M4V video

To make your M4V video be able to burn and transfer to a DVD, let’s use Leawo Prof. DRM to remove the DRM from the video file first.

Leawo Prof. Media is the tool that helps you remove the DRM while won’t affect the quality and compatibility of the file. With this program installed on your computer, you can easily bypass the DRM from an iTunes movie, TV show, music, eBooks, and Spotify music as well.

As a top-notch DRM-removal tool, Leawo will convert the encrypted M4V video into a more compatible DRM-free MP4 file with a lossless frame and sound quality.

Now, let’s see how to turn your M4V file DRM-free.

Step 1 Download and install the Leawo Prof. DRM

Click the buttons below to download it for free.

Step 2 Import the iTunes M4V video file

Launch the program and choose Video&Music Converter on the interface.

Start to Remove iTunes Movie DRM

Then, locate the M4V video, drag it to the interface of the program, and release. Leawo will immediately analyze the video.

Step 3 Setup for the M4V-to-MP4 conversion

Next, click the Edit button to decide the audio channel and subtitle track of the output video.

Then, look down and find the Output option, click the three-dot icon to choose a destination folder to save the output video.

Remove M4V Video DRM

Step 4 Convert the M4V video

Now, click the Convert button to remove the DRM and convert the M4V to an MP4 video.

When the process is complete, you’ll have a DRM-free MP4 video that is waiting to burn to a DVD.

Part 2: Burn the converted M4V video to a DVD

Now, let’s see how to burn the M4V video file(it’s an MP4 file now) to a DVD.

Method 1 Use the default Copy&Paste

You may consider the DVD as a USB drive. Simply insert the disc into the disk tray, then copy the MP4 file and paste it to the DVD.

Method 2 Use a professional DVD burner

Sometimes, using the Copy&Paste feature will affect the quality of the video. To avoid the possible quality loss, you’d better take advantage of a professional DVD burner program to carry on the M4V-to-DVD transfer.

Here, I recommend the Tipard DVD Creator, one of the most popular and useful DVD burner software.

Features about Tipard DVD Creator:

  • Compatible with all regular video formats, Tipard DVD Creator can help you burn all kinds of files to a DVD without quality loss, such as MP4, MKV, M4V, AVI, WMV, ISO, etc.
  • Also, as a professional DVD creator, Tipard allows users to create a home-made movie DVD by deciding the chapter, audio, subtitle, and quality of the video and the Menu of the film disc.
  • You’re available to design a stylish menu for your DVD to make it look like a commercial disc or use it on special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Now, let’s use the program to burn the M4V video to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up the file to Tipard DVD Creator

Insert a DVD into the disc tray, then launch Tipard on your computer. On its interface, click the Add Media File button and input the M4V video.

Tip: Tipard supports to burn multiple files altogether, you may insert as many as you want when the disc is capable of holding them.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator
Step 2 Set up for the DVD creation

Tipard will display the MP4 video on the interface along with the optional audio and subtitle. You may choose one.

Then, locate Video Quality. If you’re in pursuit of lossless quality, set the value as High. Or you may stick to the default Fit to Disc.

And Tipard will detect the disc that you use to burn files, DVD-5 or DVD-9.

Tip: Don’t know how to choose a suitable DVD? Read this: Pick up the right DVD, DVD-5 V.S. DVD-9.

Hit Next to proceed.

Decide DVD Content Properties

Step 3 Design the Menu

Now, you may create a Menu for the movie disc. By using a template, re-positioning buttons, adding background music, changing scenes, you can create a Menu to surprise others and please yourself.

Set Your DVD Style

Step 4 Complete the burning

As everything is set, click the Burn button to start the process. Tipard will burn the M4V video to the DVD, the process will be complete in a few minutes.

When it’s done, eject the disc from the disc tray. You may start to watch the movie on a big-screen or preserve the disc on a case to avoid damage.