Things You Need to Know about Converting M4P to MP3 [2023 Update]

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Things You Need to Know about Converting M4P to MP3

M4P is a file extension for DRM-protected AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Before 2009, the music purchased from the iTunes Store will be saved as M4P format. Now, it is used for the audio in Apple Music.

Have you ever thought about “How do I convert M4P to MP3”?

Especially, if you get a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you may want to immediately import the music library from iTunes or Apple Music. Or just keep your favourite songs from Apple Music to desktop before cancelling the subscription.

However, if you drag the whole iTunes library files to the Android device, you will find it couldn’t play them since it doesn’t support M4P with DRM-protected.

In order to smoothly play the music on any devices, we can remove the DRM and convert it to a popular format such as MP3, which is widely supported by many devices and compresses the sound into a tiny file size but maintains the good quality of the sound.

Now, It’s time to know some details about converting M4P to MP3. Read this article, you will know how to convert M4P to MP3.

Part 1. How to Convert M4P(purchased from iTunes Store) to MP3

The good news is if the songs were purchased from iTunes Store during 2003 to 2009, you can utilize iTunes on your PC (Apple Music app on Mac) to convert M4P files to MP3. (If the music is downloaded from Apple Music, turn to method 2.)

How to Convert M4P to MP3 with iTunes on Windows

Step 1: Change the Conversion Settings

Open iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings, find Import Using on the Import Settings window. Pick MP3 Encoder as its option.

Change the Conversion Settings iTunes

Go to iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Using > Click MP3 Encoder.

Remember to settle the change by clicking OK.

Step 2: Convert Songs to MP3

Select a song, choose File > Convert > Create MP3 Version, then you will see the progress bar shown on the top of the interface.

Convert Songs to MP3 iTunes

Step 3: Find the Converted songs

Right-click a song, select Show in Windows Explorer on the dropdown menu. A popping folder that includes MP3 files of the song.

Find The Converted Song

How to Convert M4P to MP3 with Apple Music on Mac

Step 1: Launch the Apple Music app, select Music > Preference on the top of screen. And a window will show.

Step 2: Select the Files tab, then press the Import Settings button. And you will see a pop-up window. Click the menu beside Import Settings, choose MP3 Encoder, then select the OK button.

Step 3: Click the songs in the library, then press File > Convert on the top of the screen, and select Create MP3 Version on the submenu. Right-click the song and press Show in Finder on the drop-down menu, you will see the MP3 version of the songs in the original folder.

If you find this method doesn’t work, or the Convert is grey on the dropdown menu after selecting File, then the songs may be the offline music of Apple Music, since iTunes does not allow users to convert songs from Apple Music.

Then you can follow the next part, which is a fairly easy method to convert M4P files of Apple Music to MP3.

Part 2. How to Convert M4P (downloaded from Apple Music) to MP3

If you can’t convert the songs via iTunes, you can convert songs by using a reliable tool — Leawo Prof.DRM.

Leawo Prof.DRM is a piece of powerful software that aims to help users remove DRM for Music, ebook, Audio book. Using it, you will be able to 1-click to convert all the M4P files to MP3.

Moreover, converting the whole playlist will only cost a few minutes with 50X higher speed. What’s more, it will keep the 100% original quality and tags of the songs.

Here is the procedure:

Step 1: Install Leawo Prof.DRM

Step 2: Check a Settings

Launch Prof.DRM, go to Video & Music Converter. Click the settings icon on the top of the interface, choose Preference on the dropdown list.
There will be a Preference window showing up. Look for After the conversion is complete, then select the Open in folder after converting.

Open in Folder After Converting

Step 3: Start Conversion

Open the folder where M4P songs are located, drag the song to the interface of Prof.DRM.

Then, press the Convert button.

Press Convert Button

When the conversion ends, the output folder that includes MP3 files will automatically present.

Finally, you have successfully converted the M4P files. If you are searching for another solution that supports saving all the music and the audio of online video, read the workaround.

Workaround: Recording Songs with Screen Recorder

Assuming you want to convert music from multi-platform such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. We suggest recording those songs with an Audio Recorder.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a recorder which supports recording audio and video on your computer. Moreover, it provides 6 options for recording songs’ quality (up to lossless).

Besides, it allows recording your screen. If you’re attending the real-time online course, recording it on your desktop then review it later.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install and Download

Step 2: Record a Song

Launch Screen Recorder, go to Audio Recorder, press “Ctrl+Alt+R” to start recording music. Then, play a song on iTunes. When the song ends, press “Ctrl+Alt+R” to stop recording.

Choose Audio Recorder on The Interface

Step 3: Find the Output Folder

And a window will present, which allows you to play or edit the recording audio. Select the Save button to keep the songs. Finally, a popping window will show the history of the recording music.

Click the Folder Icon

Click the folder icon on the right of the audio. You will see the output folder contains the audio files.


Converting M4P files to MP3 can be easy. The most important thing is to find a solution that fits you.

Assuming you only want to convert songs from iTunes, opt Leawo Prof.DRM. And you will never regret it, because of its convenient features.

On the other hand, if you would like to save songs from multi-platform or record the realtime online class/meetings of your offices, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will give you a great recording experience.

By following some of the solutions above, you’ll be able to convert the M4P files next time.


If you purchased the music after 2009, then the format of the purchased song is M4A, which is a file extension for DRM-free AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).
And the method(part 1) we mentioned is also fits to M4A.

It depends on the original quality of the song and the converter you use. Leawo Prof.DRM provides high-quality conversion, so you can get the best quality MP3 files from iTunes.

Make sure just only for personal use. And we have to warn again that it will be illegal as soon as you earn a profit from that.

M4P is a file extension for DRM-protected AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). MP3 and AAC are two different algorithms of encoding audio.

Normally, in the same bitrate, the quality of AAC is better than MP3. However, MP3 is widely supported by most devices.