When you have piles of movie DVDs as your disc collection at home, have you ever worried about if one or some of these discs will go unplayable due to the fading of the dyeing layer, scratches on the surface, or bending?

If you do, converting those DVDs to MKV videos and save the output on your HHD, USB flash drive, or cloud storage will be a perfect way out.

Why converting DVD to MKV?

The MKV file is the perfect duplicate of the DVD movie.

  • Unlike most video formats that will compress the source videos and lead to quality loss, the MKV format will never do any compression to your DVD movie and therefore, you can have the DVD movie perfectly copied without a drop of quality.
  • Also, an MKV video can contain multiple audio channels and subtitle tracks, which is great since some DVDs ship out with several audio and subtitles.

Tip: If you failed to play a DVD on your Apple TV, converting the disc content into an MKV video helps you to stream the DVD movie on your Apple TV as well.

Sounds pretty attractive, right? Now, let’s start to convert your DVD to MKV and turn the optical disc collection into a digital library.

Steps to convert DVD to MKV

To copy the DVD movie as an MKV video, you will need the professional DVD-to-MKV converter software.

DVD publishers will install some DRM (digital rights management) methods on commercial DVDs out of piracy, which is why we see those Copy-Protection signs on the DVD. So it won’t work if you try to copy the disc to your computer by using the Copy & Paste feature in Windows and macOS.

DVD Copy Protected

A tool that can bypass those protections is the only way out. Among dozens of professional DVD encrypter software, Tipard DVD Ripper is undoubtedly one of the best that can help you convert your movie DVD into an MKV video.

Capable of decrypting all DRM methods, Tipard DVD Ripper helps convert the disc content as MKV or a few more other formats onto your computer.

Never should you worry about the quality of the output MKV video since Tipard provides you with a Lossless feature that converts the DVD movie without any quality loss at all.

Also, with its ultimate fast speed, Tipard can finish the conversion in just a few minutes. Want it faster? Turn on the Hardware Acceleration option and speed up the process.

Tipard DVD to MKV Converter

Now, let’s start to convert your DVD to MKV.

Step 1 Import the DVD to Tipard DVD Ripper

For starters, insert the target DVD into the disc tray. Then, download and launch Tipard DVD Ripper on your computer.

Free Download here:

From Tipard’s interface, hit the big blue plus icon in the middle of the interface to load up the disc to Tipard.

Within a second or two, Tipard will finish the disc analysis and display the main movie.

Step 2 Decide the profile parameters

Now, let’s start to set up some parameters for the output.

Rip Copy Convert DVD to MKV

First of all, since Tipard only displays the main movie of the disc, if you want to convert some or all the videos of this disc, click the Full Title List button and check the remaining video clips.

Tip: You may choose to combine all the clips into one video file by ticking the Merge into one file option.

Then, locate Rip All to and go to the MKV tab, choose the Same as Source option to convert the DVD movie into an MKV video losslessly.

Tipard Convert DVD to MKV Decide Format

As for the audio channel and subtitle tracks, Tipard will help you install them all into that MKV video.


Some movie DVDs sold in the US come out without subtitles and you happen to have one of these, you can click the Edit button and go to the Subtitle tab to add one.

Step 3 Finish the DVD-to-MKV conversion

The last thing you need to do is click the Rip All button, then Tipard will start to rip the DVD movie as an MKV video onto your computer losslessly.

Tipard will finish the ripping in a few minutes. By default, Tipard will open the folder where it uses to save the output videos. You can locate and play the MKV video there.

As the conversion is complete, you may save the MKV video on your computer hard drive, transfer it to a USB flash drive, or apply a cloud storage service.