Having a worn-out DVD in hand, you’d better make a backup of the disk content by converting the DVD to an AVI file since the DVD is prone to get scrape.

Also, such DVD-to-AVI conversion is a fair choice if you’re looking for a method to watch the DVD movie on a cellphone when the mobile device has become a normality in our daily life.

Anyway, no matter you want to make a backup of the DVD or watch the on-the-go on your mobile device, look no further than this tutorial of converting DVD to AVI. To fulfill your goal, continue your reading.

Download the best DVD-to-AVI converter on your computer

Before starting to digitalize the DVD movie to an AVI file, you may quickly discover that you need a helpful DVD-to-AVI converter to do you the favor. In cyberspace, you may find hundreds of good, bad, and indifferent converters. Instead of considering and narrowing, you may use the recommended Tipard DVD Converter.

Tipard DVD Converter:

It’s a very easy-to-use DVD converter program that you can pick it up and, in a matter of a few clicks, finish the conversion. Supporting dozens of formats, you’re available to choose all regular formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.

Also, this converter ensures you the flexibility to decide the audios, subtitles, resolution, and quality of the output AVI video. You may choose each based on your language background, available storage space, and the device for later review.

Better yet, the program also serves as a Blu-ray disc converter. It’s pretty fair to assume that you may have some Blu-ray discs as a movie and this converter can help you back up and digitalize the Blu-ray discs.

To find out more, download the program on your computer and have a go.

How to convert DVD to an AVI file with the best DVD-to-AVI converter

Just as mentioned, you will need a handful of clicks to complete the DVD-to-MP4 conversion with Tipard DVD Converter, and here are the simple steps.

Step 1 First thing first, pop the DVD into the disk drive of your computer and launch the DVD converter.

Step 2 On the converter’s interface, click Load DVD to start uploading the disk content to the program.

Upload DVD to Tipard DVD to AVI Converter

Step 3 When the upload is complete, you will see the main title storing on the DVD and if you long for the whole list of titles, click Full Title List and check all the existing clips.

Decide Profile Parameters for AVI File

Step 4 Choose the audios and subtitles for each clip. Then, to set the format as AVI, you may go to Rip All to: and choose AVI from the pane, select Same as Source to take a lossless conversion.

Set AVI Format


Based on the device for later review, you may go to the Device tab and choose a suitable device so that the DVD converter will convert your DVD movie to a video file that has suitable quality and ratio.

Output Device

Step 4 You may check the Merge into one file option to convert all the DVD clips into a single AVI file. Then, decide the destination folder for the output or just use the default one.

Step 5 When all parameters are set, hit Rip All to initiate the DVD-to-AVI conversion. When the process is complete, click Open Output Folder to preview the AVI file.

Open Output AVI Folder

Later, you may save and watch the AVI movie on your computer or upload it to any device.

Tip: Something about the AVI format

Audio Video Interleave, long for the well-known AVI and the .avi file extension, is released in 1992 by Microsoft as part of its Windows video and audio framework. It has been wildly used for 2 more decades with few improvements, which suggests it’s a flawed digital video format compared to other advanced ones.

Case in point:

  • A 1GB AVI video file has a lower quality than an MP4 or MKV video file in equal size. Also, an AVI formatted video will be way much larger than an MP4 or WMV file while sharing the same HD quality.
  • AVI files cannot contain attachments for subtitles and fonts, which means you must have the correct subtitles installed on the AVI file while you create it, otherwise, you cannot change the subtitles with an extra package.
  • AVI format cannot handle some types of variable bitrate data, like some MP3 audio at 32 kHz, which suggests that some AVI files will be silent though the conversion is successful.

All in all, an AVI file is larger and lower-quality, following by many limitations.

Therefore, I suggest you’d better try other formats like MP4, MKV, or WMV instead of the outdated AVI when you don’t have a specific need for the AVI format.

To warp up:

To convert your DVD to an AVI file is simple as you download the Tipard DVD converter and follow the steps above. Note that if you find out the AVI format isn’t truly the target you’re looking for due to its flaws, you may try some other formats then.