Windows Media Video:

  • Long for WMV, is the digital video file format that is developed by Microsoft to create, play, stream video files on Windows.
  • Ever since it’s published, this video format has won the heart of plenty of video and movie creators for its lightweightness and compatibility to macOS, Xbox, Switch, Windows, TV, Android, and iOS.

Having some WMV videos on your Windows 10 computer, if you plan to watch the WMV movies on a big-screen, Xbox, Switch, try burning the WMV files to a DVD. Besides, it will be an amazing idea to make a backup of the WMV files.

Now, let’s follow the steps below to burn your WMV files to a DVD on Windows 10.

How to burn WMV to DVD

Step 1 Download a DVD Creator on your computer

To burn WMV to DVD on a Windows computer, you will need a professional DVD burner application. Among all those DVD burners on Windows, DVD Creator is the one wearing the clown.

DVD Creator is the perfect choice for most DVD lovers:

With DVD Creator, you can easily burn all kinds of files, including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, to a blank DVD without quality loss.

Surprisingly, the program offers normal DVD lovers the chance to modify the DVD. For example, users can edit the DVD content by adding a personalized Menu with a template, background music, opening film, and other related elements. This is such a benefit for those who are yearning for a self-made movie DVD.

Notice that the DVD Creator is also famous for its simple operation and interface, even a DVD and computer green hand can complete a DVD burning in a few minutes.

Found it interesting? Click the buttons below to download the app on your computer.

Step 2 Load up the WMV file(s) to DVD Creator

Pop in a blank DVD to the disc drive on your computer. Launch DVD Creator on your computer and choose DVD Disc on the initial interface.Choose to Burn DVD

Then, click the Add Media File(s) button to import the WMV file(s) to the program.

DVD Creator can burn multiple files to a DVD at a time as long as the optical disc can hold.

Step 3 Decide the video profile parameters

DVD Creator will display the added WMV video(s) on the interface, edit the video then.

  • Choose a preferred audio channel and subtitle track;
  • Set Video Quality as High to burn the WMV files losslessly;

Right-click on a video:

  • Locate Split Chapter if you want to divide the source video into parts;
  • Click Video Edit to add effects, filters, watermark to the video as well as adjust contrast, brightness, volume, hue, and saturation;
  • Select Clip to get rid of needless segments;
  • Hit Subtitle to optimize the current track or create a new one.

Edit WMV Files to DVD

Hit Next to proceed.

Step 4 Design the DVD menu

Next, let’s beautify the DVD menu.

  • First, drag the buttons to a more suitable position and rename them if you’d like to.
  • Add a template, DVD Creator offers some template topics like Wedding, Holiday, Family, Travel. You can create a custom one as well.
  • Then, add background music, decide the background view, and add an opening film when needed.

Set Your DVD Style

Click Preview to check out how it looks like. Lastly, hit Burn to start the WMV-to-DVD conversion.

When the process is complete, eject the DVD from the disc drive and store the DVD on a DVD case to avoid possible scratches.

Tip: How to preserve a DVD to avoid data loss

As known to all the DVD is very delicate, scratches will destroy one disk and the data inside, which has made it so vital to keep a DVD unharmed.

Follow these tips to keep your DVD safe:

  • Purchase a DVD case for disc storage;
  • Put the DVD case vertically instead of laying it horizontally;
  • Keep away from heat and sunlight;
  • Play the DVD every 3 or 4 months;
  • Wipe out the dust, stain, and fingerprint every time you watch it.