How to Convert Audible Books to MP3

I used to read ebooks on Kindle, however, my eyes easily get tired, so I try to play audiobooks on Audible books. To my surprise, I quite enjoy it, since I can play the Audible book while doing housework.

Everything was alright until I found my device often ran out of battery. While my old MP3 player is still laying in the drawer.

It will be great that the Audible books are compatible with my old MP3 player. However, I can’t install the Audible app on my old MP3, which means I need to convert the Audible book to MP3 files or record the book before transferring.

Part 1. The Devices Are Able to Play Audible Books

Users can play Audible books on their smartphone, desktop or some Kindle readers. In the table below, you will know which device is able to play Audible books.

Recent Kindles That Support Audible books Older Kindles That Support Audible books
Kindle Oasis – all models Kindle 1
Kindle Paperwhite – 10th gen only (Kindle paper white 4) Kindle 2
Kindle – 8th gen/10th gen Kindle 3
Kids Kindle – 10th gen Kindle DX
Kindle Touch

Tips: How to Know Which Kindle or Device You Own

To figure out which device you own, just find the receipt which will describe your kindle’s model on it or go to the kindle settings to check the serial number: Settings > Device Info, and you will see the serial number.

Then, we will show you a table to check out, press “Ctrl + F”, enter the first four or six digits in the box to search it immediately. Also, you can check it by yourself.

Kindle model (Release year) Generation The First Six Digits of Serial Number If It Can Play Audible Books
Kindle Oasis 3(2019) 10th G000WL, G000WM, G000WP, G000WN, G000WQ, G0011L Y
Kindle Basic 3 Kids Edition 10th G090VB Y
Kindle Basic 3 (2019) 10th G090WF, G090WH, G0910L Y
Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2019) 10th G000PP, G8S0PP, G00102, G0016T, G8S16T, G0016U, G0016V, G8S16V, G000T6, G8S0T6, G0016Q, G00103, G0016R, G0016S, G000T1, G000T2, G000T3 Y
Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) 9th G000P8, G000SA, G000P1, G000S1, G000S2 Y
Kindle Basic 2 (2016) 8th G000K9, G000KA Y
Kindle Oasis (2016) 8th G0B0GC, G0B0GD, G0B0GR, G0B0GU, G0B0GT Y
Kindle Paperwhite 3 (2015) 7th G090G1, G090KB, G090LK, G090G2, G090G4, G090G5, G090G6, G090G7, G090KC, G090KE, G090KF, G090LL N
Kindle Voyage(2014) 7th B013, 9013, B054, 9054, B053, 9053, B02A, B052, 9052 N
Kindle Basic 1 (2014) 7th B0C6, 90C6, B0DD, 90DD N
Kindle Paperwhite 2 (2013) 6th B0D4, 90D4, B05A, 905A, B017, 9017, B0D5, 90D5B0D6, 90D6, B0D7, 90D7, B0D8, 90D8, B0F2, 90F2, B060, 9060, B062, 9062, B05F, 905F, B061, 9061 N
Kindle Paperwhite 1 (2012) 5th B024, B01B, B020, B01C, B01D, B01F N
Kindle 5 (2012) 5th B012 N
Kindle Touch (2012) 4th B00F, B011, B010 Y
Kindle 4 (2011) 4th B00E, B023, 9023 N
Kindle 3 (2010) 3rd B008, B006, B00A Y
Kindle DX (2010) 2nd B004, B005, B009 Y
Kindle 2 (2009) 2nd B002, B003 Y
Kindle (2007) 1st B001, B101 Y

Part 2. Why Is Difficult for You to Convert an Audible Books to MP3

Normally, users can’t convert an Audible file into MP3 or any other file format, since all of them are being protected by digital security technology which is usually called DRM.

So, you will need a professional and user-friendly tool to convert the Audible books for making DRM-free MP3 files. Audible Converter is the best converter that we have used, here are its great features:

For instance, it supports converting plenty of Audible books with a click, which will save you a lot of time. Also, it can allow you to edit the bitrate, then you will be able to choose the one that fits for you, for example if you don’t want to select 320kb/s because of the storage limits, then you can choose 128kb/s.

What is more, it can not only convert Audible books from Audible but also iTunes Store. So, if you find the books you love are unavailable on Audible but exist on the iTunes Store, then you can buy those books from iTunes Store to convert it.

Part 3. How to Convert Audible Books to MP3 with Audible Converter

Now, we will illustrate the whole process for you.

First, we need to download the audio books files from Audible. Then, convert them to MP3 files with a converter.

1. Download Audible Books from Audible to Desktop

Download the Audible application from Microsoft Store or App Store. Sign in to your account, then go to the library to download the Audible book.

Select the settings icon, click Downloads > Open Download Location in File Explorer. And you will find the folder that contains .aa/.aax files.

If you want to directly find the download files on your devices, you can take a look at this table:

Name of the Device Location of the Audible Books
Windows C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\AudibleInc.AudibleforWindowsPhone_xns73kv1ymhp2
Mac Download from Safari, you would be asked to select a folder to store that book
Android Internal storage/Android/data/
Kindle Devices This PC/Kindle/audible

Tips: What is the difference between .aa and .aax?

.aa and .aax are both Audible formats, but amazon has stopped using format 4(.aa) since 2020 June. If you purchased books before that, you can choose to download them audio in .aa.

The difference between .aa and .aax is sound quality. The audio book in .aa, the sound was encoded at 32kbps. The book in .aax, the sound was encoded at 64 kbps (considered as CD-quality).

2. Convert Audible Book Files to MP3 Files with Audible Converter

Step 1: Add Books Files to iTunes

Open iTunes, go to the audiobooks section, drag the books files to iTunes.

Step 2: Import Book to Audible Converter

Launch Leawo.Prof.DRM, go to Audible Converter, click Add Files. Press the sync icon on  the right of the Library. The Audible books will show on the list.

Check the checkbox of the Audible books, then click the Add button.

Add Audible Book to Audible Converter

Step 3: Convert and Open Output Folder

Select the Convert button on the bottom right, the books will be converted.

Press the Converted tab, and click an audio book file, then choose the folder icon on the right.

Open the Output Folder of Audible Converter

Part 4. Record the Audible Books with Screen Recorder

If you don’t want to use the Audible Converter to convert an Audible book to MP3, you can also record the audio with a Screen recorder. Especially, if you are afraid the recording steps are too difficult or you want a high-quality recording audio, you should choose Echoshare Screen Recorder.

This screen recorder is able to record video and audio, so when you finish the audio recording and want to record your online classes, it also will help.

However, there is an inconvenience — you should leave the computer alone during the recording moment, since each sound you make will also be recorded in the audio/video files.

Step 1: Set the Record Length

Open Screen Recorder > Audio Recorder.

Choose Audio Recorder on the Interface

Click set record length on the bottom and enter the end time in the box, if you want it to stop recording automatically. (You can find the audio book’s length in iTunes.)

Set End Time of the Audio Recording

Step 2: Start the Recording Process

Launch Audible, get ready to play a book.

Switch to the recorder and click the REC button on the interface. It will record the audio in 3 seconds. When you find it is recording, play the book on Audible and let it record. Don’t operate your computer before it ends.

Step 3: Open the Output Folder

A window will present when the recording process is finished. You can edit the length of the recording file or directly click the Save button.

After renaming the file, select the Next button. You will see a popping window including all the recorded audio files. Select the folder icon on the right of a file, the folder containing the Audible recorded audio will pop up.

Click the Folder Icon

Then you can transfer the audio files to your other devices, and play them on any media player!


Now, you know which devices are able to play Audible books and why it is not easy to convert an Audible book to MP3.

Also, you can not only remove DRM from the Audible book to MP3 with the Audible Converter, but also record the Audible book with a Screen recorder. With those audio files, you will be able to freely listen to the Audible book on any device.

Each night, turn off the light and play an Audible book before going to sleep, then you can reduce the screen time and elevate your sleeping experience.