WAV Compression – How to Compress WAV File losslessly

Last Updated on April 22, 2021 by Lucas Silva

Waveform Audio File Format (WAVE or WAV) is one of the audio file formats standards. This file not only can record all kinds of mono or stereo sound information but also can guarantee the sound qualification. However, the WAV file has a fatal drawback: it takes up too much disk space (about 12 megabytes per minute of music)on users’ PCs. In light of the large storage space, emailing, storing and sharing WAV files become so inconvenient. Therefore, users should know some ways to compress WAV files. If you want to compress WAV files quickly and easily without any disturbing advertisements and insecure links, you can try this tool: Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

WAV Compressor – Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a complete video toolbox. Users can run many operations on Windows/Mac through it. For example:

  • Compress WAV file without quality loss.
  • Convert WAV format to other formats.
  • Transfer the WAV file from the computer to the mobile device via a USB cable.
  • Batch convert and compress WAV files with over 1,000 formats.
  • A toolbox including Screen Recorder, GIF Maker and other practical functions.

This article can provide some ways for users about how to compress WAV files losslessly by such a tool.

How to Compress WAV File Without Quality Loss?

1. Download and Install the program

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2. Choose WAV files

Launch Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate on your PCs, you can click the “Add files” button on the upper left to browse WAV files that you want to compress. (Multiple files can be allowed here. You can select them directly.)

3. Compress WAV files

There are three methods to help users to make WAV files smaller than before.

Option 1. Changing the format to reduce WAV file size

Note: before talking to the format, you should know something about it. Firstly, you should know all converted audio formats: AAC, AC3, OGG, M4A, CAF, MP3, M4R(audio formats with quality loss in different degrees) and AIFF, APE, WAV, FLAC(audio formats without quality loss).

Second, you should select a proper format that is suitable for them. Some musicians and experts are fond of WAV, AIFF and APE, while most users are inclined to choose audio formats like MP3, CAF or M4R. It’s time for you to download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate if these formats can meet your needs.

Find the button “Convert all files to” to continue the next step. You choose another format except for WAV, such as MP3, M4R or others. Take MP3 for example. Under the sub-tab of MP3, you can also choose among high-quality, medium-quality and low-quality. The file size will decrease as the change of quality. You can select anyone based on your needs. The MP3 format with 128kbps is almost the same quality as the WAV(to some degree, the nuance is imperceptible for human ears). Therefore, you can find the button “create custom” on the lower of the MP3 sub-tab to change the bit rate or choose directly the “low-quality” item. After finishing compress, you will see the converted audio file size decrease dramatically.

Option 2. Changing parameters to make WAV file smaller

Here you can still choose the WAV format and just change the parameter of bit rate. In fact, for the most part, people nearly can not find the difference between 128kbps and higher bit rates(even using very professional speakers to play such audio). But you should know that the bit rate can not decrease to below 128kbps, otherwise, the audio quality will be worse for listening. Using this way also can reduce WAV file size. You just need to find the button “create custom” on the lower of the WAV sub-option to change the bit rate. After finishing compress, you will see the converted audio file size decrease dramatically. In brief, the higher the bit rate, the better the audio quality, but the larger the encoded file.

After changing the parameter, you find the tap “output” on the lower left, then select a file location to save the converted WAV audio files. Lastly, click the button “Convert All” to compress WAV files.

Option 3. Changing format and parameters simultaneously to shrink WAV file

Such a way to compress WAV file size means that you can change both the format and the bit rate simultaneously to make WAV files smaller. In other words, you can choose other formats like MP3 or M4R and adjust the parameters like 128kbps or higher bit rate to compress WAV files.

Other Online WAV file Compressors

Using online programs is also convenient for users to compress WAV files, such as Online UniConverter or Online Audio Converter. Users use it in a simple and quick way without downloading and installation, but the disadvantages are so obvious. For example, the conversion speed is based on the network connection, compressed WAV file does need to be under 100 MB or limited formats. Therefore, maybe this video converter can lead to a better experience than some online compressors.

PS: Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate provides people free trial version and full version. If you just want to compress short audio without higher quality requirements, you can try the free one. In fact, the full version will experience better.