YouTube was founded as the pioneer of the video-sharing website in 2005 and has become the largest one with more than 1 billion users. As the favorite of video-sharing groups like vlogger, animator, and even editor, YouTube offers the best channel to help them to present their works to the world.

YouTube Compression

However, the various formats of videos from different users let a problem for YouTube about ensuring the smooth running of its website during the video playing under its nature of the multiple-platform application, even YouTube now supports multiple formats of uploading video. To solve that, YouTube will have an automatic process to transcode and compress the uploaded video to a YouTube-Upload-Standard format when the users do an upload, which might cause some quality loss of video.compress video for youutbe banner

As a video sharer, it is fundamental to ensure the high-quality of uploaded video, then it is a necessary consideration to make the video satisfy the standard of YouTube uploading. However, the high-quality file generally represents a large file, which also means the uploading will take a long time. That is inconvenient especially for some users with network problems. Therefore, on the basis of video format conforming to the YouTube upload standard, video compression without quality loss has become the best choice. Fortunately, with the development of modern technology, there are many ways to do video compression and convert without losing video quality.

Next, we will show you the ways how to compress video for YouTube without quality loss.

Option 1: Online Video Compressor for YouTube – Apowersoft

Apowersoft is an online compression program, its only running condition is that your device needs to support the use of a browser with the functions of upload and download. It can run in any browser without downloading a large program installation package and only needs to install a small browser launcher for running support.

For light YouTube video upload users who want to compress the YouTube video without quality loss, it is a good choice, which can adapt to the occasional video edit and compression demand.

The following will present some detailed operation steps about how to compress video for YouTube without quality loss.

Step 1: Access the homepage of Apowersoft through a link or browser search.

Step 2: Click the button “Select files to start” to download the launcher and following the guild for the installation.

Step 3: After installing the launcher, there will be a new file box popping up at the page of Apowersoft for the file selection; otherwise, switch to the main page of Apowersoft to start again. Then Searching the target video files here and open that.

Step 4: Following step 3, you will turn to a new editing page, and here you can edit the setting of output files. Considering the upload standards of YouTube, set the format as .mp4, then click the “setting” button to adjust the output video to change the size of that video by encoding the bitrate, resolution, and framerate of the video as the following picture.

Tips: In order to achieve compressing video for YouTube without quality loss as possible, the most ideal state is to adjust the setting of video as much as possible to match with the upload standards of YouTube.

Step 5: When the setting is finished, click the “Convert” button at the bottom, then you will jump to a new page with the new compressed and converted videos. Download the video as the instructions, so you get the compressed YouTube video for upload without quality losing.

If you are more accustomed to using the desktop programs, there are also apps allowed to be download for the Apowersoft on the main page, but the following method perhaps is more suitable for you.

Option 2: Compress Video for YouTube with

In fact, compared with Apowersoft, we prefer to recommend the desktop compressor, Video Converter Ultimate, as your choice. In Apowersoft, you need to install the launcher as operating support and spend more bandwidth for the further process like the initial file uploading and output file downloading. The Video Converter Ultimate has to be confirmed as the best choice.

Video Converter Ultimate is a good option for users whether you are under the system of Windows or macOS. Compared with other programs including Apowersoft, Video Converter Ultimate offers users much more functions so far beyond its competitors.

It is operating more efficiently with thirty times faster than other programs, and it allows users to encode the video set with one click through its preset options from perspectives of the video applicating purposes or devices. Video Converter Ultimate even offers a wider format supporting and provides more options in detail at the setting from resolution, bitrate, and file size. Moreover, it allows users to edit the video to minimize the video file size like the function of video clip.

Then, there will be some steps to show you how to use the converter to compress video for YouTube without quality loss.

Step 1: Select your operating system to download the installing package, then follow the instructions to install the program.

Step 2: Launch the Video Converter Ultimate program once installed, and turn to the Converter module by default. Add the target video via the button of “Add Files” on the left-top corner or you can drag that into the middle file box.


Tips: Video Converter Ultimate allows you to operate compression of multiple videos at once.

Step 3: After the video loaded, click the output setting “Convert All to:” at the right-top corner, then find the YouTube format under the video list at the pop-up window.


Click on the editing iconediting-icon, which looks like a fairy wand, and select the small size and click the “Create” button as the following picture to create a custom setting. Then select the created custom setting at the format page.


Otherwise, you can edit the video parameters one by one if you understand it. Furthermore, you will return to the previous window after the output setting is finished, then click the compression icon, you even can edit the output size here.



If you prefer to set the output parameters separately for each video, click the “More” icon behind the loaded video.

You can select another allowed video format rather than the YouTube tab only for the output setting.

If you want to know more specific parameters YouTube allowed, you can find that at the YouTube upload standards.

Step 4: Ensure you have done the setting of parameters of the output of all videos, then click the bottom button “Convert All”, then you will get the compressed YouTube videos without quality loss soon.

Tips: If the compressed video is still too large for you, the video clip could be considered as a way to reduce the video size for YouTube uploading.