Things You Should Know about Clearing Spotify Cache

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Things You Should Know about Clearing Spotify Cache

Spotify cache will increase incrementally as we are constantly using the application. Normally, too much cache often leads to errors.

For example, you may find the Spotify application is pretty slow or even stuck. And if the device is filled up, you can hardly do anything, especially on your phone.

Moreover, some users have experienced songs greyed out on Spotify or Spotify can’t play this track issue, while these issues will be solved after they clear cache. So, it is necessary to clear cache regularly.

This article is here to tell you something about clearing Spotify cache on all devices. And, we will talk about how to clear the Spotify cache on different devices/platform. Following method below, you can choose whether to keep offline music files or not.

If you are sick of clearing spotify cache, you can get rid of your spotify and download all your spotify songs to local.

Part 1. How to Clear Spotify Cache on iOS Devices

To Clear Spotify Cache on iPhone or iPad is pretty easy. Spotify enables iOS users to remove cache within the app, follow these steps below (We will take iPhone for the demonstration):

Step 1: Open Spotify, tap the setting icon on the top right of the interface.

Step 2: Scroll down and press Storage, then press the DELETE CACHE button.

Step 3: you will see a pop-up window asking you for a confirmation, hit Delete cache and the cache will be removed in a second.

Clear Spotify Cache

If you want to completely clear Spotify cache including those music files downloaded, reinstall the Spotify app on your iPhone. However, you will have to re-download the songs next time you try to listen to them.

Now you must have your Spotify Cache removed, it is always a good habit to clear cache when your phone is suffering from lack of storage. I have to admit that to keep doing the cleaning is not an easy job.

If you don’t want to do so and you can download all your Spotify songs and utilize other devices to play Spotify songs, read the workaround here.

Part 2. How to Clear Spotify Cache on Android Devices

The method to remove the Spotify cache within the Spotify setting on Android is similar.

Step 1: Open Spotify, touch the Settings icon on the top right of the interface.

Step 2: Move down and tap Delete cache, then you will notice a window that requires your confirmation. Hit DELETE CACHE again.

Or you can delete the cache by the Settings app of Android devices.

Step 1: Open the Settings app, hit Apps and you will find a list of apps.

Step 2: Touch Spotify to open the detailed page, then tap CLEAR CACHE. (If you want to delete all the data, hit CLEAR STORAGE and offline music. And the Spotify app will go back to the initial state.)

You must know how to delete Spotify cache on an Android device now. If you wish to get rid of clearing Spotify cache, read the workaround here, and you will get another idea to deal with this problem.

Part 3. How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows

The method to clear Spotify cache on the desktop is a little different from mobile devices, You will see no clear cache or clear storage option within the application. So, we need to delete the specific folder that stores the cache. Don’t worry, this action won’t cause any problem, while the next time you launch Spotify, the folders will be re-built.

This procedure we are going to show you will only delete the cache and your offline music files will be kept. You need to delete 2 folders that contain Spotify’s cache. If you want to delete the offline files, you can also read steps to clean Spotify download cache.

Here is the procedure (we will take Windows 10 for example):

First, go to C:\Users\[Win username]\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\. Then, delete the Spotify’s username-user folder (replace “[Win username]” by your username on Windows, replace “Spotify’s username” by your Spotify’s username)
Windows Delete Folder 1 Of 2

Second, go to C:\Users\[Win username]\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Users\, and delete the Spotify’s username-user folder (replace “[Win username]” by your username on Windows, replace “Spotify’s username” by your Spotify’s username).
Windows Delete Folder 2 Of 2

How to get your Spotify username?

Launch Spotify, look at the top of the interface, there is a button with a drop-down arrow. And your username is beside a human-like silhouette icon in it.

Find your Username on Spotify

How to get your Windows username?

Click the Windows icon on the bottom left and you will find it on the left of the start menu.

Find Username of Windows

Steps to Clean Spotify Download Cache (Offline Songs)

Step 1: Find the Offline Music Location

Launch Spotify, click your username on the top. And a drop-down list will present, select Settings, then you will see the Settings page.

Go to the bottom of the page, press the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS button. Scroll down and find the Offline storage location, there is a complete folder path.

Find the Offline Storage Location

Step 2: Empty the Storage Folder

Open the Storage folder by following the path shown on the application, press “ctrl + A” select all the subfolders and delete them. Then, the cache will be totally removed.

If you would like to find out how to play Spotify music on other devices, we have prepared a workaround for you.

Part 4. How to Clear Spotify Cache on Mac

As we mentioned before, we have to eliminate the specific folder to clear Spotify cache.

The steps here are similar to those on Windows:

Step 1: Open the User Folder

Open Mac, press “shift + command + G” on your keyboard. And a Go to Finder window will show, type “/Users” in the search bar and select the Go button.

You will see the Users folder, which will show more than one account if your Mac has more than one user, double-click your account.

It will open the folder of your account, and see whether you can find the Library folder. If not, it should be hidden, press “shift + command +.” on your keyboard to show it.

Find the Library in the User Folder

Step 2: Find the Caches Files and Remove Them

Open the Library folder, double-tap the Caches folder, find and open the com.spotify.client folder, then press “command + A” to select all the files, right-click and select Move to trash on the drop-down menu. Then, you have cleaned the Spotify caches.

Find the Spotify Caches Folder

Steps to Clean Spotify Download Cache (Offline Songs)

However, if you want to deeply clean the Spotify cache, which includes offline music, you can continually follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch Spotify, click your username on the interface. And you will see a dropdown menu. Go to the Settings page by selecting the Settings on the menu.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and press the SHOW ADVANCED SETTING button, you can find the path of the offline music folder is under the Offline storage location.

Step 3: Turn on your Mac, press “shift + command + G” to show the Go to Finder window, type the path you have seen on the Settings page of Spotify, then click the Go button. And You will find a folder, empty all the files in it.

If you think it is too annoying to clear cache, you can avoid the Spotify cache forever by reading the workaround here.

Workaround: Download Spotify Music to Other Devices

Provided clearing cache doesn’t help or your smartphone has no more space, you can download Spotify playlists to your PC and import them to your other devices (for example MP3 player). And you will need an efficient downloading software.

Musify Music Downloader is by far the best downloading tool we’ve ever used, because of its several practical features.

The most convenient feature is that users are able to download Spotify’s playlist with a share link. Moreover, it supports converting an online video to a music file such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.

These features above will give a smooth downloading experience and the ability to download more songs.


Generally, clearing cache on Spotify won’t cause any side effects, while it will bring you a more fluent and robust music player. However, you have to keep in mind that those removed temporary files are some essential information that Spotify needs when you are using it, so it will rebuild those cache files and folders constantly the next time Spotify needs them.

We won’t say that you need to clear the Spotify cache regularly, while those cache files may be corrupted or causing some errors. If you have no more feasible options, Why don’t you give it a try.

Finally, no matter what happens to your phone or to your Spotify app, you can choose to download all Spotify songs for listening locally.


No, clearing cache won’t delete liked songs since it only deletes the cache and the information of your account such as liked songs will be preserved.

Clearing cache won’t lead to any problems with Spotify. This action only will delete the cache of Spotify.

If you just clear cache by tapping the delete cache button on your mobile devices or removing the cache folders on desktop, you won’t lose your offline music.