Cinavia Message Code 3 on PS4 Fix – Remove Cinavia from PS4

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By the time that you’re playing a Blu-ray disc on your PS4, a message may pop out on the TV screen and the movie is muted for no reason:

Audio outputs temporarily muted. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™ and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, see Message Code 3.

I can feel your urgent need to get rid of this Cinavia Message Code 3 and have the audio of the movie back. So in today’s tutorial, I will show you why this Message Code 3 will strike you and how you can remove it from your PS4.

1. Why do you receive the Cinavia Message Code 3

As one of the most advanced digital right management and anti-piracy methods, Cinavia has been a mandatory standard for Blu-ray players and Blu-ray/DVD contents since 2012.

Ever since then, every Blu-ray drive and player that you purchase, including PS4 and PS3 (released after 2013), is Cinavia-supported.

What is Cinavia Protection

How does Cinavia Protection work

Disc producers will plant some Cinavia watermarks on the audio track of Blu-ray content. By default, when a Cinavia-supported Blu-ray player plays a Cinavia-protected disc, the player will detect and match the watermarks on the disc, then play the Blu-ray content without any problems at all.

But once an attempt of unauthorized copy occurs, the Cinavia watermarks will be triggered and remains abnormal. The duplicate will have the abnormal Cinavia code embed and when it runs on your PS4, the watermark will be detected.

Cinavia Message Code 3

The Cinavia Message Code 3 will pop out and the audio of this movie will mute for 20 minutes.

So if you copied a Blu-ray disc on your own or purchased the disc through some irregular ways like a monger or eBay, you will very likely hit by the Message Code 3.

2. How to remove Cinavia Message Code 3

A muted movie is one hell of a mess, especially when you were enjoying the motion picture with your family or friends one second ago and the movie suddenly goes silent one second later.

To get rid of the Cinavia Message Code and play the Blu-ray with sound, let’s try to remove the Cinavia protection from the Blu-ray disc.

Steps to remove Cinavia protection from Blu-ray disc permanently

Once there are no Cinavia watermarks on the Blu-ray content, the playback will not mute and no message will appear. And we can use some professional Cinavia removal software to remove the Cinavia protection from a Blu-ray disc.

Check there:

Step 1 Download a Cinavia removal program on PC

Without a capable tool, we can never have access to the Cinavia watermarks on a disc. Here, Leawo Prof. Media can get you out of this Cinavia trouble.

As a multimedia professional, Leawo Prof. Media helps users to copy, rip, create, and burn Blu-ray discs and DVDs with easy operation.

Leawo Prof Media Copy Rip Burn DVD Blu-ray Remove Cinavia

As for the Cinavia-protected Blu-ray disc, Leawo can copy the disc content into a PC hard drive or another disc and disable the Cinavia protection from the duplicate.

You’ll never have to worry about such an awkward situation will happen to you anymore. Instead, with this program, you can enjoy all your copied Blu-ray discs with ease.

Download Leawo Prof. Media on your computer and let’s start to remove the Cinavia from your Blu-ray disc.

Step 2 Load up the disc to Leawo

On your computer, launch Leawo Prof. Media and pop in the Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray drive. On Leawo’s interface, choose the Blu-ray Cinavia tab to proceed.

Locate the Add Blu-ray button from the top left corner and choose Add from CD-ROM. Choose the inserted disc to load it in.

Add Blu-ray Disc Folder ISO to Fix PS4 Cinavia Message Code 3

Step 3 Decide the profile parameters for output

To begin with, you need to specify a region code for this disc. Choose Region A, B, or C based on the region that you purchase and play this Blu-ray disc. Click OK to proceed.

Decide Region Code to Remove Cinavia for PS4

Then, Leawo will display the disc content along with some options.

We all know that a Blu-ray disc always comes with blooper videos, one or some audio tracks & subtitle channels. Leawo provides you with 3 modes to decide which video clip, audio track, and subtitle channel to copy.

  • Full Movie: Copy all the videos, audios, and subtitles of the disc;
  • Main Movie: Only copy the main movie with one audio track and subtitle channel;
  • Custom: Decide the videos, tracks, and channels at your will.

Remove Cinavia from Blu-ray Setup by Leawo

Step 4 Start to remove Cinavia

Locate the green Cinavia button and click it. On the new panel, focus on Copy to.

Under this option, you’re available to copy the disc content as a BDMV folder, a BD ISO file, or another Blu-ray disc (Insert a blank Blu-ray disc).

Remove Cinavia from Blu-ray Setup by Leawo

Then, make sure the Remove Cinavia option is checked.

If you choose to copy the Blu-ray disc as a folder or ISO file, you need to decide the destination to save the output on your computer’s hard drive. Choose one under the Save to option.

Lastly, hit Start to initiate a Cinavia removal. Leawo Prof. Media will start to work. Within minutes, the Cinavia on this disc will be removed.

Start Removing Cinavia

You may insert the new disc to PS4 and start the playback. Or you may transfer the copied Blu-ray folder / ISO file to a USB drive and watch the movie by popping it into your PS4.

Enjoy the movie then.

Steps to bypass the Cinavia Protection on PS4 temporarily

There is still one way to bypass the Cinavia Message Code 3 on your PS4 without removing the Cinavia protection from a Blu-ray disc. It’s a bit tricky, but it works. Check this out.

On your PS4:

  • Exit the playback first;
  • Go to Settings and go all the way down to find Date and Time;
  • Select the Date and Time Settings option and choose to Set Manually;

Reset Time on PS4 to Fix Cinavia Message Code 3

  • Set the time as 20 minutes earlier than the actual time;
  • Resume the playback.

Note that this method is not 100% worked. To avoid that this method doesn’t work for your situation, try Leawo Prof. Media to remove the Cinavia from the disc.

FAQs about PS4 & Cinavia protection

In 2010, Verance, a company that focuses on digital right management for multimedia content, released Cinavia. And since 2012, it has been mandatory for all Blu-ray devices and discs.

As a digital right management method, the Cinavia is used to protect the audio of Blu-ray content. Those producers will add some Cinavia codes and watermarks in the audio track of a disc. Only a compatible device can read those codes and watermarks to play the disc with sound.

For more details, you may read this: What Is Cinavia Protection and How to Remove It from Blu-ray/DVD.

The first PS4 was released and sold in 2013 that is the first year of Cinavia becoming a standard for all Blu-ray drives, players, and discs. So, the answer is: Yes, PS4 has Cinavia.

Now, only a few Blu-ray players and drives come without Cinavia’s support. You may find a list here: List of Blu-ray Players without Cinavia Protection.

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of Cinavia on your Blu-ray player permanently. You can only bypass it temporarily by changing the time of the device.