Rip Blu-ray

2 08, 2021

4K Essential Guide: Does Xbox One (S/X) Play 4K Blu-ray

Can Xbox One play 4K Blu-ray? No, it can't. How about Xbox One S and X? Yes, they can. The two updated Xbox One models can be used as a 4K Blu-ray player. Want to know how to play? Read here for a complete guide.

1 08, 2021

Wrong Region Code on your Blu-ray Player? Here’s How to Change it

If ever try to watch a Blu-ray disc and fail because it is region-locked, you can try changing the region code on your Blu-ray player. If that fails also, you can rip your Blu-ray discs with the help of a Blu-ray ripper app to remove the region lock from it.

29 07, 2021

A Must-have ISO Mounting Application For Every Use

ISO files are handy and exceptional for transferring large chunks of data. For them to be of any use, you need an ISO mounter app like Demon tools. Be that as it may, they can be quite unwieldy. Especially Video and Audio ones can be unplayable. In these cases, you can extract the files using an ISO ripper. In this article, we explained the best ways to do both.

27 07, 2021

Two Best Methods For Quick and Easy Blu-ray Ripping

Ripping Blu-ray is so common a practice that the market is inundated with Blu-ray rippers apps. In this article, we have found the two best ones and show you how to use them to get the best results.

12 07, 2021

Six Tips on How to Speed up your Ripping with HandBrake

HandBrake is an excellent open-source ripper with many capabilities and customisation options. However, its somewhat complicated UI makes it easy to turn your ripping experience into a slog. In this article we pinpoint all the reasons why this could happen and offer solutions and fixes.