9 06, 2020

[Free]How to Remove the Watermark from PDF – PDFhow

How to remove watermark from pdf for Free? If you have trouble when you copy or print pdf with watermark, here's a free pdf watermark remover for you to remove watermark from Adobe PDF files without losing original quality.

9 06, 2020

How to Remove Highlight in PDF – PDFhow

How to unhighlight in PDF? Here is the easiest way to remove highlight in PDF. Just right-click the highlight which remains while in Edit Mode and select Delete.

19 03, 2020

Solved: Can’t Highlight or Select Text in PDF

Why can't i highlight text in pdf? How to select text in pdf? Learn how to select text and make annotation, like highlighting text in regular, scanned or encrypted pdf file.

5 03, 2020

How to Insert a PDF into Word Document

How to add a pdf to a word document? (Scanned, Password Protected) Import pdf into word. Extract PDF to word. Paste a pdf into word. Here are the answers.