7 07, 2020

How to Add Date To a PDF Document – PDFhow

How do I add date to a time-sensitive PDF file? Just use pdfelement to easily insert time fields and add date to pdf. Add date to Pdf Signature. Learn how this tool can help with adding date/time fields.

16 06, 2020

How to Take Notes on a PDF? – PDFhow

What's the best way to take notes on a pdf? Here's the answer. Add Note to a pdf, view, convert, edit, annotate, protect, insert, split, merge, and sign PDF in a better way.

12 06, 2020

[3 Ways]How to Add Hyperlink to PDF – PDFhow

Creating a hyperlink or weblink in PDF files helps to link readers to another page or a website within the same PDF file. To add interactive links to PDF, keep reading to learn how to make it more efficient.