Knowing how to capture a screenshot of videos played on your Windows 10 PC is a great skill. You can use it in different ways, Screenshots of videos can be used as graphics for a youtube video or a website. You can also use it to create a trending post on community websites such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t underestimate the power of screenshots for they are useful.

Hang out with me if you don’t know how to capture windows 10 images. I’ll give you all the necessary steps and tools that you can use to do this easily.capture still image from video windows 10 banner

Is There A Built-In Program to Screen Capture Windows 10 Image?

You can get a still image from video in windows 10 without using third-party apps. All you have to do is press the CTRL button, then press PrtSc while the video is playing. Doing this will save the scene played while you were pressing the CTRL and PrtSc buttons. After pressing, all you have to do is open the Paint program press CTRL+V and you’re good to go.

However, this method of doing screenshots is very old fashioned (it’s like making tools out of bones!). Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages to see why.

Advantages of Using Windows 10 Default Screen Capture

  • No 3rd party app installation required.
  • Very easy to execute.

Disadvantages of Using Windows 10 Default Screen Capture

  • Hard to time.
  • Has very limited features, like annotation and editing, etc.
  • Image may not come out in HD.

Can You Capture a Still Image from Your Video in Windows 10 Using An Online Tool?

There are many web-based applications that you can use to capture and edit still image from video in windows 10. Browser-based screenshot programs work fine in most aspects. However, I discourage you to use them because they might send malicious data on your PC and cause a data breach.

So What’s The Best and Safest Way To Capture A Still Image from Video?

Using paid 3rd party screenshot apps is the best way to do a screenshot. I emphasize PAID because these programs are safe by industry standards and don’t try to steal personal information from users. A good example of these is Aiseesoft.

Aiseesoft is a program launched on June 11, 2020. Yep! This is one of the newest screenshot programs in the market at present. Because it’s new, it has a lot of features that even free users can enjoy. Allow me to guide you on using it to capture still image in windows 10.

How To Capture Stil Image from Video in Windows 10?

Follow these steps to do a screen capture in Windows 10 with Aiseesoft.

Step 1: Download Aiseesoft then run the installer.

Step 2: After the installation finishes, open Aiseesoft.Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Step 3: Minimize Aiseesoft and play a video on your PC

Step 4: Go back to Aiseesoft and click on the “screen capture” button. (This is the third option on the Aiseesfot interface. It’s an image of an orange camera)

Step 5 (Optional): You can also access the screenshot function by CTRL+ALT+C. You can change this hotkey by clicking on the “preferences” option. Click the stacked horizontal lines thingy at the top right portion of Aiseesoft’s home interface to find “preferences”.

Step 6: A large crosshair will appear after doing step 4 or step 5. This large crosshair will disable the functions of the cursor. This means that you can’t use your mouse to navigate your PC.

Step 7: Go back to the video by pressing Alt+Tab

Step 8: Click your mouse to capture the scene that you want. Know that doing this will freeze your screen and put in image mode. During this, you can treat your PC screen as a photo and edit it as much as you want.

Step 9: Save and you’re done. (the save button is that micro SD looking thingy on the right edge of the Aiseesoft edit photo interface)

Other Things That You Should Know About Windows  10 Screen Capture

Aiseesoft has two versions; free and paid. The free version works fine for screenshots. However, you should get the paid version if you’re planning to record a webinar, internal audio, PowerPoint, and other media in windows 10.

Aiseesoft works better if your PC has a graphic card. This boosts the performance of your PC and allows it to play videos with a higher frame rate and greater details.

Ditch that built-in capture tool now and use Aiseesoft to capture windows 10 image instead!