While watching online videos and streaming, listening to music, or having live classes on Chrome, we can record the audio from the content for later review.

To record audio from a Chrome tab is absolutely easy when you use a Chrome audio recorder. If you’re in the puzzle of choosing a rightful Chrome audio recorder, this tutorial will introduce 2 commonly used Chrome audio recorders to you as well as how to use them to record your Chrome audio easily.

Chrome Audio Capture

1. Chrome Audio Capture – a helpful Chrome audio recorder extension

If you just want to record a simple audio file from your Chrome, you might try Chrome Audio Capture. This is a Chrome extension that allows users to catch the sound playing on the current Chrome tab.

The extension focus only on Chrome audio capture. Even though there’re other sounds playing on your computer like the music/movie playback from a player, it will only record the sound from the current Chrome tab. You don’t need to mute or shut off other playing sounds but to start a Chrome audio capture directly.

Also, as a Chrome extension, you can easily start your recording via a Chrome tab. You don’t need to download a third-party program and launch it specifically.

How to record Chrome audio with Chrome Audio Capture

Step 1 Install the extension on your Chrome

On Chrome web store, search Chrome Audio Capture, click Add To Chrome.

When it’s added, you can see a little red REC icon on your Chrome extension bar.

Chrome Audio Capture Icon

Step 2 Start recording audio

You can record the Chrome audio now.

First, you need to open the tab you want to record. And press CTRL + SHIFT + S on your clipboard to activate Chrome Audio Capture.

Chrome Audio Capture Recording

Press CTRL + SHIFT + X to stop the recording. When you stop the recording, a new tab will be opened. You can preview the captured audio there.

Step 3 Save the captured file

Since Chrome Audio Capture does not offer online storage, it just displays the file on a tab, you must save the file to your PC before you close the tab. Click the Save Capture button and choose a destination where you want to save it.

Chrome Audio Capture Save File

So, this is how you use Chrome Audio Capture to record audio from Chrome. Also, there’re a few downsides of this extension for you to know.

Cons of Chrome Audio Capture:

  • You cannot change the shortcuts of the extension, so you need to make sure the hotkeys for Chrome Audio Capture are not occupied.
  • Normally, the extension can capture an up-to-20-minute audio file. You can cancel the time limit in Options. But a longer recording might damage the file quality and lead to a risk that you cannot save the output.
  • During the recording, you’re not allowed to pause the recording. So if there’s anything you don’t want to capture amid the process, you need to start a new audio capture.

Chrome Audio Capture Options

2. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – a professional Chrome video/audio recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder for Windows and Mac computers.

With the program installed on your computer, you can use it to record audio from Chrome or any other programs on your computer. Besides, it has the capability of screen recording and screenshot, you can use it to capture those funny moments from your Chrome or other onscreen activities.

Chrome Audio Recorder Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the programs can deliver you:

  • Excellent recording performance: You can record an up-to-lossless audio file.
  • Flexible audio/video capture: Users are available to decide the format, quality as well as other properties of the output.
  • Quick-response hotkey: You may use the keyboard shortcut to start a recording without delay.
  • Built-in editing/trimming: The program ensures users to edit and trim the output after completing a recording.
  • Etc…

To find out more about the program, you can click the button below to download it for free.

How to record Chrome audio with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Let’s see the steps of using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for Chrome audio capture.

Step 1 Launch the program on your computer

Launch it on your computer and then choose Audio Recorder from its interface to proceed.

Step 2 Initiate a Chrome audio capture

From the Audio Recorder window, turn off the Microphone option and leave the System Sound option on. Minimize the window after that.

Turn on System Sound for Chrome Audio Capture

Then, you can launch Chrome and open the tab you want to record. Press the hotkey – CTRL + ALT + S to initiate a Chrome audio capture.

It will start to capture the Chrome audio and display a floating panel to show you the length and quality of the file.

Chrome Audio Capture Recording Adjust Volume

During the recording, you can adjust the volume of the recording on the floating panel.

Step 3 Stop the process and save the output

When you finish recording, click Stop on the panel or press CTRL + ALT + S to end the recording.

The app will open a window for you to preview and trim the audio file. Click Save and you can choose a folder where you can save the file.

Chrome Audio Capture Preview Trim Save File

So, this is how you use Screen Recorder to capture audio from Chrome.


You can also use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record your screen and create a video. Click Video Recorder on its interface and you’re free to record a high-quality video.

Also, you can click Menu and get into Preferences to modify your audio/video capture. You’re available to change the hotkeys, format/quality of the output, etc.


Here are two programs for you to record audio from your Chrome, both are very easy-to-use and free to record audio. Don’t hesitate, just pick up one and start recording your Chrome audio.

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