Question: Can laptop play Blu-ray disc? How can I play Blu-ray on my laptop?

Can my Laptop Play Blu-ray

The most essential matter for a laptop to play Blu-ray is that you should have a Blu-ray drive on the laptop. For this reason, if you want to play Blu-ray disc on your notebook, you must check if your laptop is equipped with a built-in Blu-ray drive. Moreover, your computer should meet the basic requirements of playing Blu-ray contents, those requirements are often related to CPU, video card, and RAM storage.

1. Check if your laptop supports to play Blu-ray

To check if your PC is Ultra HD Blu-ray & Blu-ray disc ready, you can download the CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor to figure out, with which you will find out the Laptop hardware compatibility to Blu-ray. You can also check the tech spec list of your laptop and find out if your laptop has a Blu-ray disc drive.

However, there are few laptops support Blu-ray disc, such ASUS GL553, Acer Predator 15, MSI – 18.4″ Laptop, and HP Envy 17t 17.3 inch UHD 4K Laptop. However, they are all very old models.

In the event that there is no Blu-ray drive on your laptop then you can choose to buy or borrow an external Blu-ray driver that can be connected to your laptop, in which way, you can make your laptop be capable of reading the Blu-ray contents. Check the list of the best ASUS external Blu-ray drives.

2. Install a Blu-ray player software on your laptop to play Blu-ray movie

As can be seen, there are dozens of Blu-ray player software on the internet, like PowerDVD BD, DVDFab Blu-ray player, and VLC Blu-ray player. And today, I want to introduce one Blu-ray player software that I love to use.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

  • Play commercial Blu-ray disc directly.
  • Play Blu-ray ISO file and Blu-ray folder.
  • Play any DVD disc/folder/ISO file.
  • Play any digital video formats (HD and 4K supported).
Mac Download
Mac Download

To play Blu-ray disc with this Blu-ray player on your laptop is super easy. Let me walk you through the explicit steps.

Step 1 Insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive slot. if your laptop doesn’t support Blu-ray disc then you can connect an external Blu-ray drive. Remember to turn on the external Blu-ray drive after you connect it to your laptop. When you hear the spinning sound of the disc, the drive is working.

Step 2 On your laptop, launch Blu-ray player software. On the main interface, click Open Disc button, and select the Blu-ray disc that you just insert. If the system can’t detect your disc, re-connect your external drive, or re-insert your disc.

Aiseesoft Blu Ray Player

Step 3 Once you have chosen a Blu-ray disc to play, you are ready to enjoy the Blu-ray movie.

3. Convert Blu-ray disc to normal video format and play on your laptop

If you are not Blu-ray movie addicted, to buy a new external Blu-ray drive for one movie seems too expensive. You had better borrow an external Blu-ray drive and rip or copy the Blu-ray disc and save to your computer for later watch.

Below are the steps of ripping Blu-ray disc on Laptop with Blu-ray drive.

Step 1 Install Blu-ray Converter on your laptop.

Mac Download
Mac Download

Step 2 Insert the Blu-ray disc that you want to convert into the Blu-ray drive.

Step 3 Open Blu-ray Converter, click on the Load Blu-ray drop-down button. The program will start to analyze your Blu-ray disc automatically. And your disc will be imported to the program.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Load Blu-ray Disc

Step 4 You can keep all settings as default if you don’t want to bother. Or, you can make some setting change before your Blu-ray conversion.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Loaded Blu-ray Disc

Step 5 After the conversion, you will get a normal video file. You can watch it on any device, and time, with any media player without the limitation of Blu-ray drive.

If you want to keep the original full contents of the Blu-ray disc, you can copy the whole Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray ISO file or Blu-ray folder with Blu-ray Copy. There two Blu-ray formats that will keep all details of a Blu-ray disc. And you play them with Blu-ray player software.

Free Download Blu-ray Copy

Mac Download
Mac Download


As shown above, with a valid Blu-ray drive and a software-Blu-ray player, your laptop can play Blu-ray disc easily. You can also convert the Blu-ray disc to video or copy the disc to Blu-ray ISO file or Blu-ray folders.

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