Can DVD Players Play MP4? Find The Answer Here!

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MP4, also known as MPEG-4, is one of the early digital multimedia file formats that can store video, audio, still images, and subtitles. It is supported by the vast majority of digital platforms and devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, computers, cameras, and online websites. Accordingly, you can play MP4 from a video multimedia player like VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, Miro, MPV, etc.

In order words, you can watch the MP4 videos on almost every digital device with any media player app or software.

Considering MP4’s acceptability on all those digital devices, you might be wondering if DVD players can play the MP4 format as well since, well, the DVD player is still a common device for us to play certain sources of videos. Apparently, we may want to watch an MP4 video on a big television screen using a DVD player with our friends and families.

If that’s the case, we got you! In this post, we will be talking about the supported formats of DVD players. So you will know whether you can play MP4 on your DVD player with just a glance.

Can You Play MP4 on DVD Player

Can DVD Players Play MP4

First of all, can DVD players play MP4? The answer is negative, none of the Blu-ray players, DVD players, or CD players support MP4.

The reason for that is pretty easy – the MP4 format is not on the Supported list on DVD players.

Supported Formats of DVD Players: Commonly, VOB, also named MPEG-2, is the officially supported video format of DVD players and DVDs.

Though you can’t play your MP4 videos on a DVD player directly, don’t lose hope because we have one perfect way out for you!

When DVD players cannot play MP4 files, but it can surely play a DVD, right? So, how about we convert your MP4 videos to a DVD so that you can still enjoy the videos with your DVD player.

How to Play MP4 on DVD Players (100% work)

To convert your MP4 videos to a DVD and play on the DVD player, we will use a computer with a built-in DVD tray. That’s not a big issue though. The key is to get a suitable DVD burner program to guarantee a smooth and successful conversion.

You can’t just drag your MP4 videos and drop them to the DVD folder on your computer because that’s not going to work as that’s just a “Copy” process, not a “Burning” process. Only through burning, your disc tray will burn the videos into some invisible tracks on the disc surface for the DVD players to read and play.

If you want to play your MP4 videos with a DVD player, you’d better use echoshare DVD Creator, a lossless DVD burning program for homemade movie and music DVDs.

Get Yourself the Right DVD Burner Software

Being the considerate DVD burner software, echoshare DVD Creator is never a complex tool for regular users. With just a few clicks, you can simply finish burning your MP4 videos to a DVD without any professional skills. Relax, there’ll be no tricky terms for you to remember as well.

Play MP4 on DVD Player via Burning

If you’re someone who seeks professional performance for a homemade movie disc. That’s not a problem at all. This DVD burner offers you everything you need:

  • Lossless Video Burning Quality: Supporting HD videos, you can burn your 1080p MP4 videos to a DVD without quality loss.
  • Multiple Supported Formats: More than MP4, echoshare can burn 120 more digital formats to a DVD, including MKV, AVI, AAC, MP3, etc.
  • Updated Disc Compatibility: No matter what DVD you insert, the program will handle it smoothly. Let’s not mention it also burn the Blu-ray disc.
  • Personal Disc Menu: For a homemade movie maker, a disc menu is a must. You can create one with images, clips, animation, music, etc.
  • Multitasking Burning Capacity: What if you have dozens of videos to burn to a disc, easy. Use this program to burn them all at a time.

Easy but professional, echoshare DVD Creator will be perfect for your MP4 burning task.

Steps to burn your MP4 videos to a DVD to play on a DVD player

Step 1:

Insert a blank DVD disc into the disc tray on your PC. Download and install echoshare DVD Creator.

After the installation, run the program.

Step 2:

Click the Add Media File(s) button located in the middle or upper-left side of the program to import MP4 file(s). If you have multiple MP4 videos to burn, put them in a folder and choose to Add Media Folder.

Add MP4 Video Music Files to DVD Creator

After loading up, you will see the MP4 video(s) listed on the interface. Now, you should decide several things:

  1. Choose the preferred audio channel and subtitle track for the video (if there’re any);
  2. Keep Disc Type and Aspect Ration as default.
  3. Set Video Quality to High if you want lossless burning. Or, if the file size is larger than the disc capacity (4.7GB for DVD-5 and 8.5GB for DVD-9), set to Fit to Disc.

Click Next to proceed.

Setup for MP4 to DVD Burning

Step 3:

Now, you’re in the disc menu creation part. Here, you can either choose to personalize one or use a default template.

  • There’re so many categories of templates on echoshare, choose one category and browse for the one you like;
  • You can also customize your own by changing the background, adding background music, and adding an opening film by clicking the three dots (…).
  • If you don’t want to add a menu for your DVD, just tick the No Menu box.

After everything’s set up, click Burn to proceed.

Personalize Disc Menu

Step 4:

Here comes the final step, decide the following configurations and you can finish the burning in minutes.

  • Make sure the Burn to Disc option is on.
  • Set the TV Standards for NTSC if you live in the US, otherwise, set to PAL.

Burn DVD with Tipard Decide Destination TV Standard

Hit Start to initiate an MP4-to-DVD burning process. Wait for a while and you will have all your MP4 videos converted and burnt to the DVD. Pop out the disc and play it on your DVD player then.

FAQs about DVD and MP4

No, MP4 will not play on Blu-ray player directly. But you can try to burn the MP4 video to a Blu-ray disc and run the disc on the player.

All DVD players support the VOB video format. That’s the official video format for DVD videos.

You can insert a DVD into your computer disc tray, try to locate the DVD folder on File Explorer. Open it and you can find two sub-folders there, one named Video_TS and other Audio_TS. Double click on the Video_TS folder where you will see VOB videos files and some IFO text files there. Those VOB files are the DVD videos themselves.

IFO and VOB Folder

While MP4 is just a video format, MPEG-4 is the video codec that generates the MP4 format as well as so many other video formats like MOV, MKV, AVI, MXF, OGG, etc.