How to Bypass FRP without Google Keyboard (2 ways)

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When you’re stuck in the Google FRP login screen after a factory reset, chances are you’ve forgotten the Google account linked with the phone. Another instance where you have this issue is when Custom Binary is blocked by FRP. Well, there’s a popular trick to bypass FRP using Google Keyboard. It works by exploiting the keyboard’s loopholes to get into the phone’s Developer Options and trick FRP by OEM unlocking.

Unfortunately, such a nifty trick doesn’t work on all Android phones. It’s only seen to be working on Samsung phones. Another issue could be that Gboard is not set as the default keyboard for most Android devices.

Now, if you’ve found using the Google Keyboard doesn’t work, you may think you won’t be able to use your phone anymore. But don’t lose hope just yet! Below, we will guide you on how to bypass FRP without Google Keyboard.

Bypass FRP Without Google Keyboard Poster

Method 1: Bypass FRP without Google Keyboard using Talkback

This method works by taking advantage of the Talkback option to install certain apps that someone makes the bypass possible. However, this method is too complicated and only works on Samsung phones. You will also need another unlocked Samsung phone to pull this off. Not to mention, if you miss a single step, it won’t work at all.

Step 1

Considering that you’ve just reset your Samsung phone, you’d be greeted by the Welcome page. There, click Start and then connect to your WIFI network afterward.

Samsung Welcome Screen

Step 2

Then, enable Talkback by holding down both the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously. There should be a prompt at the bottom of the screen. There, tap on “Use”.

After that, swipe from the right down and then to the left, drawing a reversed “L”. Then, select the option “While using the app” as well as “Use voice commands”.

Step 3

After selecting those options, loudly say “Google Assistant”. When a white box that pops up from the bottom of the screen appears, turn off Talkback by holding down the same buttons. Then, say “Hey, Google. Open YouTube.”

Step 4

When the YouTube app is finally launched, tap on the Profile icon in the upper-right corner of the interface. Proceed to Settings and then down to About. There, tap on YouTube Terms of Service to force Google Chrome to open.

On Chrome’s welcome page, you will have to hit Accept & Continue. Then, tap Next, and No, thanks to finally using the browser.

Samsung Talkback

Step 5

On Chrome’s search bar, type in and visit the website. There, select the option “iOS Launcher New” and check the Agree box. Then, choose the Galaxy Store to set up the OS 14 launcher app.

You will be required to sign in to your Samsung account to download and install the said app. When the launcher is installed, proceed to its home screen.

Step 6

Using another Samsung phone, launch Google Chrome and visit Fix There, download and install the apk files: Notification Bar and Package Disabler Pro.

Proceed to Settings and go to Accounts & Backup. You need to sign in to the same Samsung account that you used on your Google-locked phone. Disable all the options with the exception of Apps.

Step 7

Go back to your FRP-locked phone. Proceed to Settings and down to Accessibility. In there, tap on Interaction & Dexterity settings. Enable the Assitant Menu afterward.

Next, hitSelect Assitant menu items”. Then, remove the items there, leaving only the Menu Settings. Return to the main Settings right after.

Samsung Launcher iOS

Step 8

Get to Accounts and backup. Then, hit the Restore Data option and the 3-dot option quickly at the same time. If a prompt about Samsung cloud update appears, just don’t mind it and try to tap both options again.

After tapping both options, the Assistant Menu should appear on the screen. Don’t do anything for 10 seconds on the menu. Then, tap the back button to return to the previous page. There, select “Apps only” and then tap on “Install”.

Step 9

The apps will be restored on the phone shortly after. Just wait for a few moments. Then, go back to the home page. There, launch the Notification Bar.

Proceed to Accessibility and then Installed Services. There, tap on Notification Bar and toggle it on. Afterward, go to the main Settings and open the Privacy settings. Then, get to Permission Manager and Files and Media.

There, tap on the 3-dot option in the upper-right corner and enable Show System. Find and tap on the Package Disabler Pro app in the list. Then, tickAllow management of all files”.

Samsung Setting

Step 10

Disconnect from the WIFI. Then, open and set up the Package Disabler Pro app. If you’re finally on the KLMS agent screen, reconnect to the WIFI. Just wait for a minute or two for KNOX Valdation to finish the process.

On the Search bar, type in Setup. Then, choose Android Setup. In there, tick the Disable option. Right after that, tap on Samsung Setup Wizard and confirm Clear Data. Tap the back button and then just follow all the setup instructions provided on the screen.

Once you see the “You’re all set up!” page, that means you’ve finally bypassed FRP and you can use your phone as usual.

Apparently, there are specific tricks for other Android brands as well such as HTC, Huawei, LG, etc. They share some of the steps above with slight variations. So, if you don’t have a Samsung phone, we recommend searching for the Talkback trick that’s tailored to your phone’s model.

Method 2: Bypass FRP without Google Keyboard Effortlessly

There’s a more practical way to bypass FRP using a Google Lock Removal app like Tenorshare 4uKey. With it, you won’t have to suffer the painstaking and time-consuming method above, All you need to do is connect your Samsung phone to your computer where the app is installed and bypass FRP in just a few clicks.

4uKey Android Unlocker

Fast Android Unlocker

Perfect Solution for Android Lock Screen and Google FRP

  • Erase Pin, patterns, Fingerprints, and face recognition
  • Remove early Samsung lock screen without data loss
  • Bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung in a minute
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Yes! As mentioned, 4uKey’s FRP bypass feature only works for Samsung phones right now. The good thing is, it supports a wide range of Android OS. So, if your Samsung phone has Android version 6 and above, you can definitely bypass its FRP lock using this program.

Besides that, 4uKey has another feature that unlocks the lock screen of all Android phones.

How to Bypass FRP without Google Keyboard using 4uKey

Step 1

On your PC, click the button on the banner above to download the 4uKey installer. Afterward, install the program and launch it. On the main interface, there will be two options. Select Remove Google Lock (FRP).

Tenorshare 4uKey Main Interface

Step 2

There, choose the OS version that your Samsung phone has. Then, click Start afterward. But if you have no idea about the phone’s Android OS, you may click on the option: Don’t know the device OS version?

Tenorshare 4uKey OS Version

Step 3

Verify the information on the prompt and confirm them. Hit Start to proceed to the FRP removal process. The steps to bypass FRP may vary according to the device OS version of the phone you have, but it shouldn’t be a problem. 4uKey will provide specific on-screen steps for you.

Tenorshare 4uKey Confirm OS Version

But if you find them a bit challenging to follow, you can always refer to the official video guides specific to the OS version of the device:

Step 4

When the FRP is removed, your phone will be rebooted. Just wait for it to restart. If you’re asked to enter a PIN. Just use the one that you may have been asked to create in the previous step. After that, you can fully access the phone.


Bypassing FRP without Google Keyboard is possible. However, the methods that still work today are limited. So, success can be a hit or miss depending on your phone’s situation. Nevertheless, if none of the methods above work for your Android phone, you can always pay a professional smartphone technician or repair center. They may have special tools that could bypass FRP on any Android phone.


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