Cinavia Removal: How Can You Bypass the Cinavia on PS3

Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by Robert Jackson

PS3 is a pretty old device for sure, but it’s still helpful as a Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray movies at home. Being a crazy fan of both video games and Blu-ray movies, I think that’s something you knew already and have been doing for a long time.

However, sometimes bad things happen – while streaming a Blu-ray on PS3, you may suffer from a muted or paused playback all of a sudden.

The one to be blamed for such a playback failure is the Cinavia protections on your PS3 and the Blu-ray disc you’re using.

How to Bypass Cinavia from PS3

What is Cinavia Protection on PS3 and Blu-ray

Being the new standard of anti-piracy technology on Blu-ray, DVD, and other intellectual properties, the Cinavia protections are now being installed on all the Blu-ray players, drives, and discs that are produced after 2013.

Why PS3 can’t play a Blu-ray disc but display a Cinavia Message code

To play a Cinavia-protected Blu-ray disc, you need a Cinavia-supported Blu-ray player like PS3.

  • When you insert a commercial Blu-ray disc purchased from the stores, the PS3 will detect the Cinavia codes on the disc and work to decrypt them with the pre-installed codecs, starting the playback afterward.
  • If you insert a Cinavia-free disc that you burn at home, surely, the player won’t activate the Cinavia codec at all. The playback will starts smoothly.

These two are the normal situations for your PS3 to play a Blu-ray disc, no Cinavia message will pop out. And there’re cases when the PS3 fails to play the Blu-ray disc properly and displays the Cinavia Message code like:

  1. You inserted an improper Blu-ray disc into the PS3 disc tray. And the Cinavia codec on the PS3 has detected the abnormal Cinavia codes inside the disc and stops the playback. Well, discussing an improper disc, I mean:
  • This Blu-ray disc has been copied without authorization. And the copy is conducted by unqualified tools and steps, activating the Cinavia code inside the disc and turning this disc into unplayable.
  • The Blu-ray disc is the outcome of an unauthorized copy. During the copy, those Cinavia codes are also copied to the output disc. Worse still, the Cinavia protection is on because of the illegal copy.
  1. The Cinavia technology is being upgraded from time to time. If your PS3 is too old that it lacks the eligible codec to decode the Cinavia codes on some latest Blu-ray discs.

Cinavia Message Code 3

How to bypass the Cinavia on PS3

To play the Blu-ray disc on your PS3 without the Cinavia message code, I have one option for you – to remove the Cinavia on your Blu-ray disc.

Frequently Asked: Can I remove Cinavia from my PS3Some may wonder about the possibility of removing the Cinavia from your PS3 console. Well, unfortunately, that’s not feasible.

You can’t remove the Cinavia from your PS3 or any other Blu-ray player and drive. The Cinavia code is deeply rooted in some key parts of the PS3. You want to remove the Cinavia from your PS3, well, you need to remove certain parts of the console, leaving the device incapable of playing anything at all.

So, back down your plan on removing the Cinavia from your PS3. Instead, focus more on removing the Cinavia from the disc you want to stream.

With a professional Cinavia removal kit and the proper steps, you can easily remove the Cinavia protection from your Blu-ray disc. So, later when you stream it on your PS3, you won’t suffer from the muted or paused playback anymore as PS3 won’t activate the Cinavia codec when it detects no Cinavia code on the disc.

How to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray discs to play on PS3

First thing first, let’s pick up a professional Cinavia removal program, otherwise, we can never have access to that.

To be clear, I will be using Leawo Prof. Media as my first choice and there’re so many other programs on the Internet, you may follow me and use Leawo, or get yourself another suitable one.

About the powerful Cinavia removal software – Leawo Prof. Media

Professing to be NO.1 multimedia software on the globe, Leawo Prof. Media is a versatile utility for Blu-ray and DVD burning, ripping, copy, and Cinavia removing.

With the program installed on your PC, no matter what Blu-ray disc you insert, you can simply turn your Blu-ray to Cinavia-free and enjoy it on whatever device you have. No more Cinavia message code, no sound off, just a smoothy playback with exactly the same audio and frames.

Simple as it is, you can just do some very easy steps, click a handful of buttons, and wait. Cinavia will be gone in just minutes. Do you need any professional techniques or skills? No. Any knowledge needed? No. Even if you’re new to Blu-ray, that’s fine, all the buttons are so easy to understand and navigate. By clicking this and that, you can remove the Cinavia with your eyes closed.

Will the program damage the quality of your Blu-ray movies? No, that’s something they can yell out loud and clear. Supporting 4K resolutions and Dolby 7.1 Surround sound effect, Leawo will never downgrade the Blu-ray you insert, but deliver all the frames and audio that are the same as the source.

Now, download the program on your PC and start to remove the Cinavia from your Blu-ray.

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Steps to remove Cinavia on Blu-ray to play on PS3

After downloading and installing the program on your computer, let’s start to remove the Cinavia right away.

Step 1 Load your Blu-ray disc to Leawo

On your PC, launch Leawo Prof. Media and pop in the Blu-ray disc to the drive. On Leawo’s interface, click on the Blu-ray Cinavia tab to proceed.

Then, locate the Add Blu-ray option on the top left corner, click it and choose Add from CD-ROM, select the disc you insert to proceed.

Load Blu-ray to Lewao Cinavia Blu-ray

In just a second or two, Leawo will finish processing your disc.

Step 2 Set up for the Cinavia removal

Next, on the panel, you will see Leawo displaying all the videos along with the available audio and subtitles. Click the Full Movie button and then hit the green Cinavia button.

Leawo Remove Cinavia on PS3

Step 3: Complete the removal

Clicking the Cinavia button, Leawo will activate a new window for you to device the destination of the Blu-ray content. There’re three options for you:Leawo Remove Cinavia Start PS3

  1. Folder/ISO: Extract the disc content and remove the Cinavia inside, import to the computer hard drive as a Blu-ray folder or ISO file.
  2. [The name of your Blu-ray drive]: Copy the disc content to another disc while disabling the Cinavia.

No matter what you choose, you won’t experience the Cinavia message code anymore.

Choosing Folder or ISO:

For the Folder and ISO options, once you select one, you can just go Start. Wait for a minute or two, you will have the Cinavia-free Blu-ray content saved on your hard drive. Later, you can stream it on your PC or burn to a Blu-ray disc to play on your PS3.

Copy to another disc:

If you plan on copying the content to another disc, choose the option and then Start. Leawo will start to remove the Cinavia and copy the content of the disc. Later, it will prompt you to remove the source disc and insert the target disc. Follow its instruction and complete the removal.


In 2010, Verance, a company that focuses on digital right management for multimedia content, released Cinavia. And since 2012, it has been mandatory for all Blu-ray devices and discs.

As a digital right management method, the Cinavia is used to protect the audio of Blu-ray content. Those producers will add some Cinavia codes and watermarks in the audio track of a disc. Only a compatible device can read those codes and watermarks to play the disc with sound.

For more details, you may read this: What Is Cinavia Protection and How to Remove It from Blu-ray/DVD.

The first PS4 was released and sold in 2013 that is the first year of Cinavia becoming a standard for all Blu-ray drives, players, and discs. So, the answer is: Yes, PS4 has Cinavia.

Now, only a few Blu-ray players and drives come without Cinavia’s support. You may find a list here: List of Blu-ray Players without Cinavia Protection.

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of Cinavia on your Blu-ray player permanently. You can only bypass it temporarily by changing the time of the device.