[Solved] How to Fix When Burned DVD Won’t Play on DVD Player

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Ever since its launch in 1997, DVD discs and players were popular in homes because of the revolutionary change it brought in terms of movie viewing.

Though DVDs are out of date, some of us still have our DVD players, and we can still make use of this old technology by burning our important files to DVD for backup.

However, you might have already encountered problems playing your burned DVD on your DVD player and you are not sure what is wrong or what seems to be the problem. No matter how hard you try, it just won’t play.

In this article, we have listed possible reasons why your burned DVD won’t play on the DVD player and their solutions.

How to Fix a DVD that Won’t Play

There are two possible sources on why your DVD won’t play on DVD players. Either the DVD disc or the DVD player has a problem. Let’s discuss the disc’s problems and solutions first.

Disc Part: Reasons why Burned DVD won’t Play on DVD Player

Reason 1: Your disc is scratched or polluted

Scratches and dust may cause failure in playing your DVD. Frequent usage of the disc causes this and storing it in an open environment where it is exposed to dust and dirt.


  • Try cleaning your disc with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent.
  • You can try to use a disc-cleaning device.

To avoid this problem, try to store it in closed storage and clean your disc before and after playing it. To know more about cleaning your disc read How to fix a scratched DVD.

Reason 2: Videos burned to DVD as a USB drive

You may have used the wrong method of transferring your files on a disc. Windows has a feature where you can directly transfer your files on a disc and use it as a USB drive. This option allows you to store your files on the disc, but you cannot play or view your files using a DVD player.


  • If you use this method, try burning/transferring your files using a DVD creator program.

Reason 3: Your Disc has the wrong TV Standard

If your disc is using a different TV standard it is impossible to play it using your DVD player since most players only support one standard. There are two TV standards currently used: NTSC and PAL.  NTSC is the video standard commonly used in North America and most of South America. PAL is the video standard that is popular in most European and Asian countries.

Take note a PAL cannot play on an NTSC TV and vice versa.


  • Check if your burned DVD is compatible with the TV standard of your player and if not, try to burn another DVD and set the right standard according to your location.

Player Part: Reasons Why Burned DVD won’t Play on DVD Player

Reason 4: Your DVD player is out of date

The hardware of your DVD player might need to get updated in order to recognize and play burned DVD discs.


  • Try playing your disc with another player, and if it works well with others, you may need to check the hardware of your player and see if there’s something wrong with the parts. You can also try to bring your DVD player to your local DVD technician, or might as well purchase a new and upgraded player.

Reason 5: Your DVD player is not compatible with your disc format

Some old DVD players do not support playing DVD formats like DVD-R because you can only record on the discs and you must finalize the disc before playing it. To learn more about the different DVD formats, you can read on: The Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R.


  • Burn your file in a DVD format that is compatible with your player.

If the stated solutions above do not solve your issues, try an alternative solution by erasing the current content of your disc and burning your DVD again. And for that, you will need a reliable DVD creator program.

How to Burn a DVD that will Play on a DVD Player

As I’ve mentioned above, you need a DVD creator program that can help you burn your DVDs with ease. echoshare DVD Creator is what I’m talking about.

This powerful DVD creator program can help you burn your videos easily and you can play them on any DVD player. With the help of echoshare’s user-friendly interface and amazing features, creating and burning your videos has never been easier.

echoshare supports media formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, and more. This highly compatible program also supports DVD formats like DVD-RW. DVD+RW, DVD-R. DVD-5, DVD-9, and a lot more.

In addition, echoshare is more than just a DVD creator. It is a flexible program that has a built-in video editor, where you can edit your videos based on preference to create your signature DVD. echoshare also provides a variety of menu templates, and amazing customization features like adding background music or photos.

echoshare DVD Creator is an all-in-one program that is perfect for both professional and home-based use.

Steps to Burn a DVD to Play on a DVD Player

Tip: How to erase disc content

In order to play your burned DVD on a DVD player, you need to erase the contents of your disc and burn your files on your DVD again.

Take note that you can only erase and rewrite the contents on a DVD-RW disc. If you are using a different disc format like DVD-R, you may need to use another disc.

To erase the contents of your disc follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Place your disc on your computer disc tray, then go to My Computer.

Step 2: Click the DVD icon and on your mouse click right and select Erase this Disc.

Your operating system will erase the contents of the disc and after that, you may now burn your files again back to the discs.

Start to Burn your Video.

Step 1: Install and launch echoshare DVD Creator, then import your files by clicking Add Media Files or Add Media Folder. Or just simply drag your files to the echoshare interface.

Upload files to Tipard

Tip: Click Power Tools to edit your video. Here you can cut, crop, rotate, add filters, and more to your videos.

Edit Videos with Tipard

Step 2: Set the Aspect Ratio and Video Quality of your video. Remember to set the video quality on High to burn videos without quality loss.

Step 3: Next, set the Disc Type depending on your file size. You can select DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25, BD-50. When you’re done tick Next.

Set Disc Type

Step 4: Create your disc menu by choosing from a variety of menu templates. Or customize your own by adding background music, photo, or an opening film of your choice. If you don’t want a menu for your disc just click the No Menu option then proceed to Burn.

Create Personalized Disc Menu

Step 5: Select Burn to Disc and set the TV Standard according to your location as mentioned above. Then, select Start.

Tip: If you want to save your video as an ISO file, tick Save as ISO, or if you want to save it on your computer hard drive select Folder Path.

Start Burning Process

Wait for the process to finish.

Wait until the Burning Process is Done

You can now play and watch your DVD on your DVD player with your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

It is important to check and find alternative solutions to our problems in order for us to solve them easily. Thanks to programs like echoshare DVD Creator that provides easy and reliable solutions to our DVD problems. So what are you waiting for? Download echoshare DVD Creator now!


Not all discs are compatible with all DVD players, but most players support a core collection of the most common disc formats.

Older DVDs cannot support all DVD types and compression methods. If you want to play your new DVDs to your old player, try transferring the new DVD formats to the previous DVD types.