How to Burn Spotify High-Quality Songs to a CD

Want to make a special CD with some selected songs as a birthday gift or want to play your Spotify playlist on your car stereo that supports CD disc only, while you have no idea how to burn those high-quality Spotify songs to a CD?

You have come to the right place, I will walk you through the whole process with detailed steps.

Having said that, the whole process of burning Spotify songs to CD will take you a while. But we will introduce the easiest way, which is divided into two parts: one is downloading lossless audio from Spotify to PC, the other is burning music files to a CD.

Part 1. How to Download Lossless Audio from Spotify to PC

Suppose we want to burn a CD from Spotify, the first thing we need to do is to download songs from Spotify with a downloader, since Spotify doesn’t allow users to directly get music files to their PC.

For finding a reliable tool, we have compared plenty of downloaders. And we recommend using Musify Music Downloader, because of its user-friendly downloading procedure and supporting downloading lossless music.

For instance, users can paste the share link to download a song.

By the way, Musify also provides converting online videos to music files, so when you find a touching video, you can save it by utilizing Musify right away (it supports almost all popular websites).

Besides, it is possible to download lossless songs from Spotify.

The steps are as follow:

Step 1: Download and Install Musify Music Downloader on Your Computer

Step 2: Set the Format of the Converting Lossless Music

Launch Musify, open the Preferences window by clicking the setting icon on the top right of the interface.

And find the Format and Quality under the 1-Click Download Mode. Then, set a format and quality you need.

However, we recommend setting Format as FLAC and Quality as Best, because FLAC is a lossless format. Press the Apply button to settle the change.

Edit the Format as FLAC and the Quality as Best

Step 3: Downloading Spotify Songs by Copying and Pasting the Share Link

Open Spotify, right-click the cover of a song/playlist/album, you will see the dropdown menu. Move your mouse on Share, then select Copy link to the album in the submenu. And you have copied the share link.

Copy Share Link from Spotify Platform

Switch to Musify, press the Paste URL button. And the Confirm the list window will display, begin the download process by clicking the Download button.

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

Step 4: Open the Output folder

If you want to locate the downloaded songs, select the Downloaded tab, and you will see a list of downloaded songs. Click a folder icon on the rear of each song, then the output folder will present.

How to Open a Output Folder

Part 2. How to Burn Music Files from PC to CD

After downloading the songs, you have got the music files. There are three other things we need to burn a CD:

1. A blank disc

Generally, you can burn 74 to 80 minutes of music on a blank disc if you burn an audio CD that is accepted by all the CD players. And if you burn a data CD it will be able to contain up to 700MB music files.

2. A CD burner

If your desktop’s CD drive comes packed with a burning CD feature, you don’t need an external CD burner.

3. A burning software

How to Burn Music Files from PC to CD on Windows

For Windows users, the steps of burning a CD with Windows Media Player are as below:

Step 1: Find and Open Windows Media Player

Select the magnifier icon on the left of the taskbar, type “Windows Media Player” in the search bar, press it to open.

Step 2: Check Burning Options and Connect Disc Drive to PC

When the Windows Media Player shows, select the Burn tab to change into burn mode. Click the dropdown arrow under the Sync, check if the Audio CD is selected, since all CD players are compatible with it.

Check the Settings of Burning Option

Connect the disc drive with your computer. Close the AutoPlay window, if it is popping up.

Step 3: Start to Burn a CD

Open the music folder, select the music files and drag them to the burn list. If you want to remove a song from the burn list, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard, and it won’t delete the original files from your computer.

Click the Start Burn button when everything is done, the burning process may cost some time. If the whole process is over, open the disc drive, and you will have a CD with lossless music.

How to Burn Music Files from PC to CD on Mac

For Mac users, we suggest picking iTunes as a burner. Here are the steps of burning CD with iTunes on Mac:

Step 1: Create the Playlist of Spotify in iTunes

Launch iTunes, click File on the top left. There will show a dropdown menu, select New.
You will see a submenu, pick Playlist and make a name for it.

Drag the songs from files to the playlist.

Step 2: Burning the Playlist to CD

Put a blank CD in the burner/CD drive.

Go to File>Burn Playlist to Disc, a settings window will show.

Don’t change the speed option, especially if you are making an audio CD.

Set Audio CD as disc format. Then, select the box at the front of Include CD Text.

Press the Burn button to start the process. When it ends, you will get a CD that contains Spotify playlists.


Finally, you may already have a brief understanding about how to burn Spotify songs to a blank CD. Before burning it, you need to get the music files from Spotify with Musify Music Downloader. Once you have a CD, you will be able to enjoy the Spotify music on your CD player!

With your favorite Spotify music burned to a CD, you grab your old and idle Hi-Fi stack, set it up and enjoy those songs that you love with your friends. What’s more, it is not hard to imagine the happiness of enjoying your Spotify playlist as driving on a good-landscape road with your family, heading to a cross-country trip. I would say that is the best day of your life.