A slideshow created with iPhone, PowerPoint, Aperture, or other slideshow makers is a perfect container to show our colleagues, bosses, teachers, and classmates the brilliant ideas and inspiration that we have inside our brains.

Also, we’re able to get our precious photos and pictures a decent shelter and showcase. By creating a stylish slideshow, we can combine some of our wonderful image creation in one file and show people what we’re capable of. Or import photos that carry good memories to a slide show and enjoy it with family and friends to recall old days.

After creating one, we can burn the slideshow to a DVD for backup, storage, and mobile viewing. With the disc, we can enjoy the slideshow anytime (business or academic presentations) and everywhere(TVs, laptops, PCs & Macs) we like. As long as the disc is intact, we won’t have to worry about data loss and we can delete the source file(s) as we’ve made a backup to the disc.

So in today’s tutorial, we’ll be seeing some steps of burning a slideshow to a DVD. Hopefully, you can have your creation perfectly burned to a DVD for backup or appreciation.

Burn Slideshow to DVD

Three things you need to burn a slideshow to DVD

To burn your slideshow to a DVD, you need to prepare the following 3 things.

1. A blank DVD-R/RW disc

To burn anything to a DVD, you need to prepare a disc that supports writing, like the DVD-R and DVD-RW.

So How to choose a suitable one?

A DVD-R disc is single-use that once you burn files to it, you’re unavailable to erase or burn other files. But you can rewrite a DVD-RW disc around 1000 times.

2. A suitable slideshow file

DVD is an optical disc storage format that is only compatible with a certain amount of digital formats, including the video formats like MP4&MPEG2, audio formats like MP3&ACC, and image formats like JPG&PNG. The regular formats of a slideshow are unplayable on a disc, such as the PPTX and PPT.

So if you try to burn the slideshow file to a disc without converting it into a DVD-compatible format, you cannot play the slideshow on other devices but only take it as a duplicate of the original file.

Tip: How to create a video slideshow or turn the slideshow into a video?

Open the tool that you use to create the slideshow, take Microsoft PowerPoint as an example, locate File from the menu bar. Choose Export > Create A Video, then decide the resolution of the video and save the slideshow as a video.

Turn Slideshow to Video

3. The professional slideshow-to-DVD burning software

You will need a tool to conduct the slideshow-to-DVD conversion, here, you may use Leawo Prof. Media, a helpful DVD burning tool.

Compatible with both video and picture formats, Leawo Prof. Media allows you to burn a video slideshow to a DVD and helps you create a slideshow with imported source images.

  • Burn a video slideshow: Leawo gives you the chance to modify the 2D slideshow with a 3D vision so that you can enjoy the 3D video slideshow at home with the disc and a pair of 3D glasses.
  • Burn images and create a slideshow: You’re available to choose one from 12 transition effects. Also, you can decide the duration time of each photo and the transition. Want to make your slideshow more attractive? Add some background music then.

Besides, you can design a personal menu for your photo gallery disc. Case in point: you may apply to a built-in template, or download one online, or customize a new one with local images and sound effects.

Sounds attractive, right? Click the buttons below to get it for free.

How to burn a slideshow to DVD

Now, as you get the above 3 things ready, we can start to burn a slideshow to DVD.

Step 1 Import the slideshow and the blank DVD

For starters, do two things on your computer.

  • Insert the blank disc into the disc tray;
  • Launch Leawo Prof. Media and choose Blu-ray/DVD Creator on the interface. Locate the video slideshow or the source images and drag it or them to Leawo’s interface.

Leawo will process the slideshow and set the inserted DVD as the default destination.

Import Files to Leawo Edit Footage

Tip: If you choose to add multiple pictures, Leawo will combine them in a slideshow and list them on the interface.

Step 2 Finish the setup

Next, you may click the Edit button to modify the slideshow.

For video slideshow: You may

  • Trim and crop it,
  • Add a personal watermark,
  • Modify the effect like brightness, contrast, and saturation. And most importantly,
  • Enable the 3D Mode and choose one 3D effect from the provided 6.

Leawo Prof Media Rip Convert DVD

For photo slideshow: You’re available to

  • Decide the duration for each photo and every transition effect.
  • Choose different transition effects for the source images.
  • Add some music or sound effects to the slideshow to perfect it.

Set Up for Photo Gallery Slideshow

Click OK to confirm the optimization.

Then, let’s design a menu for your gallery disc.

Locate the menu template pane on the right of the interface. You can find 3 tabs there, Built-in, Online, and Custom. You can choose one from Built-in and Online tabs or customize one.

Custom your disc menu:

Move your cursor to any built-in template, an icon of Preview appears, click the icon.

Customize Menu Leawo

Hit Edit to have access to design the menu. Then, you may,

  • Rename and re-position the title and buttons on the menu;
  • Replace the background scene with a local picture or video;
  • Add background music to the menu and decide the duration and fade-in/out effect.

To use this menu, don’t forget to hit Save and name it.

Edit Disc Menu Leawo

Step 3 Complete the process

The final step is to click the Burn button on the interface and make sure  Leawo will burn it to the inserted disc.

Hit Burn to start. Leawo Prof. Media will work to convert the slideshow to the disc.

Burn Slideshow Video to DVD with Custom Menu Leawo

When the process is complete, you may eject the DVD and store it in a disc case. The next time you want to enjoy the slideshow, insert the disc into your DVD player.


Want to make a backup of the slideshow and care nothing about viewability? You can use the DVD as a USB drive.

  • Insert the disc into the disc tray and open the disc folder.
  • A window may pop out and ask you to choose how you want to use this disc, select Like a USB flash drive.
  • Then, drag the slideshow to the disc folder and right-click on the blank area, hit Burn to disc.

Burn Slideshow to DVD as Backup