2 Methods on How to burn PowerPoint Presentation to DVD

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PowerPoint is a widely used presentation program that started in the world of business but has now become commonplace in the world of education. Because of PowerPoint, making our school and office presentations is a lot easier, and with its amazing features, PowerPoint helps our presentations to have a greater visual impact.

When we do our PowerPoint presentation, sometimes we can’t avoid facing some technical issues, like a faulty computer, or the unavailability of a PC or laptop to present your PowerPoint. That is a hassle, especially when you’re presenting for work or school.

Also, if some of your audiences are unavailable to see your presentation due to time or location restrictions, you can convert the PowerPoint into a slideshow and burn it to the disc.
In that way, your audiences can watch the disc afterward. And the disc will serve as your backup if you lost your USB drive during a meeting or school presentation.

Burn PowerPoint to DVD Poster

What I need to burn PowerPoint to DVD

  • A Blank Disc – Choose between DVD-R or DVD-RW because you can only burn files to them. Other discs don’t support burning. DVD-R can only be written once. DVD-RW can be written many times.
  • A practical computer– You need a computer installed with a DVD Burner Program and Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to burn PowerPoint to DVD

There are two methods to burn or transfer your PowerPoint file to DVD.

  • Burn the PowerPoint file to DVD- Import the PowerPoint file directly to a blank disc and use it as a backup file.
  • Save PowerPoint file as Video- Convert your file into a video file then proceed to burn into DVD and view it to a slideshow.

Method 1 How to burn the PowerPoint file to a DVD

Note: This method will help you save your PowerPoint file into a disc. Remember that this process will not allow you to play the file using a DVD player.

Step 1: Insert a blank disc on the disc tray of your computer

Step 2: Go to My Computer and copy your PowerPoint file to the DVD.

Step 3: You will be prompted to set the disc name and choose how you want to use the disc. Tick Like a USB Flash Drive, then click next.

Step 4: Select Yes to continue. Transferring your PowerPoint file to DVD will take some time.

Step 5: When your PPT file is transferred to your DVD folder, click the Burn option from the menu. After this, you should be able to see your file on the disc.

Also, if you’d like to record yourself doing the presentation, that’s pretty easy as well. Try to find some skills from here: How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation(With Audio & Video).

Method 2 How to burn the PowerPoint Presentation/Slideshow to a DVD

Save your PowerPoint presentation into Video

Before burning your PowerPoint presentation to DVD you must save it as a video file first.

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint (I’m using PowerPoint 2010 version) and open the target file.

Step 2: Click File and select Save and Send.

PowerPoint Save and Send
Step 3: Tick Create Video.

Create Video in PowePoint

Tip: For a better quality video select Computer and HD Displays, or you can choose a different video quality depending on your preference.

Step 4: Adjust the Seconds to spend on each slide.

PowerPoint Start to Create Video

Step 5: Click Create Video, set the file name then select Save.

PowerPoint Set Filename and Save
PowerPoint will now save your presentation into a video format, the process will take several minutes depending on the length of your presentation.

Burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD

You can burn your PowerPoint presentation using echoshare DVD Creator.

echoshare DVD Creator is a DIY DVD Creator that helps you burn videos and PowerPoint to DVD. It supports video formats like AVI, DV, VOB, FLV, M2TS, MTS, MKV, MPEG, MP4, TS, MOV. DVD Creator helps you burn your videos simply and easily, but guarantees to produce High-quality videos. With a wide variety of menu templates, video editing features, you can create a perfect DVD video and burn your PowerPoint presentation/slideshow with no quality loss and without hassle.

Click here to download echoshare DVD Creator.

Steps to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

Step 1: Install and Launch the DVD Creator on your PC. Tick Add Media Files or Add Media Folder and select your video.

Upload files to Tipard

Tip: Click the box on the left side of your video, then select Power Tools. In Power Tools, you can customize your videos, add subtitles, trim, crop, add watermark, edit audio, adjust brightness and contrast, etc.
Edit Videos with Tipard

Step 2: Select your Disc Type, Aspect Ratio, and Video Quality. When you’re done, click Next. Remember to set the Video Quality on High to burn PowerPoint presentations without quality loss.

Set Disc Type

Step 3: Create a Menu for your video.

echoshare DVD Creator gives you a variety of menu templates to choose from. On the lower part, you can choose to Add Background Music, Change Background Image or Add an Opening Film. But if you prefer not to put a menu on your video just click No Menu on the lower right side of the screen. When you’re done click Burn.

Create Personalized Disc Menu

Step 4: Insert blank disc on your disc tray and tick Burn to Disc.

Tip: Click Save as ISO if you wish to save your video as an ISO file or select Folder Path if you want to save your file on your computer.

Step 5: Set TV Standard (NTSCfor North and South America, PAL for European and Asian countries.) When you’re done, tick Burn.

Start burning process

The process will be complete in a few minutes.

Wait until the burning Process is done

When it’s done, pop out your disc and keep it well preserved.

Final Thoughts

Burning your PowerPoint presentation on a DVD gives a lot of conveniences. From not worrying that your file will get corrupted, to storing all your important presentations into one disc, and more. The burning process is made easier with the use of echoshare DVD Creator, it gives a hassle-free and easy burning process. So what are you waiting for? Try echoshare DVD Creator now!

FAQs about Convert PowerPoint to DVD

Yes, but in order for it to play on a DVD player, you have to save your presentation as a video, then burn it to a disc using a DVD burner program.

You can do this by inserting a blank disc on your computer disc tray, copy or drag your file to the DVD folder, then select Use as a USB drive, then click Next. Then click the Burn option in the menu, and wait for your file to save in the DVD.

You can transfer your PowerPoint file to a disc and it will serve as a backup file. But by doing this you will not be able to play the file on a DVD player.

If you’re planning to view it on a TV, better set the resolution to 1920 by 1080 pixels.