As time goes by, DVD seems to be a redundant tool for some people since we can easily watch a movie and listen to music through online apps instead of popping a DVD into a player. But DVD can also be the savior to those who are driving an old car, having a poor network connection, or don’t want to pay for the monthly bill of music apps.

With a DVD filled with the music we love, we can have an aural feast by inserting the disc into the DVD player in our cars or on our computers without extra fees.

And it’s not necessary to buy some commercial music discs on Amazon and eBay, we can create one by ourselves. All we need is to burn the MP3 music files to a DVD with a DVD burning program. In this article, we’ll be seeing some steps of burning MP3 files to a DVD.

Burn Music MP3 to DVD

Download an MP3-to-DVD converter

To burn MP3 files to a DVD, we should turn to some professional DVD burning software to avoid the possible quality loss.

We may find tons of DVD burning software in cyberspace. Here, we may pick up Tipard DVD Creator since this is the one that is very easy to use and can give us ultimate audio quality.

Why you should use Tipard DVD Creator:

  • Aiming to deliver users a personalized music or movie DVD, the Tipard DVD Creator allows users to burn all kinds of video and audio files to a disc, including MP4, MKV, MP3, without quality loss.
  • You’re available to order each song and create chapters for them so that you can start to play anyone you like.
  • Tipard also supports multitasking so if you have 50 MP3 music files, input them into Tipard DVD Creator and burn them to a DVD as a music disc.

Now, you’re available to download the program on your computer for free. Just click the buttons below and have a free trial.

Burn music to DVD with Tipard DVD Creator

As Tipard is installed, launch it on your computer, and let’s start to burn the music MP3 files to a blank DVD.

Step 1 Load up the disc and MP3 files to Tipard

Pop in a blank DVD, DVD±R or DVD±R, to the disc drive of your computer.

Then, locate the MP3 music files on your computer and pack them into one folder, drag the folder to Tipard DVD Creator and release the mouse-left. Tipard will start to process all the MP3 files in this folder and display them on the pane.

Drag MP3 Files to Tipard

Step 2 Get ready for the music burning

Next, you need to set up 3 things.

  • For starters, rearrange the order of each song by clicking the Up and Down arrows.
  • Look down and find Disc Type and choose from DVD-5 or DVD-9 depending on the disc you plan to burn.
Tip: Have no idea what are DVD-5 and DVD-9? Read this: DVD-5 V.S. DVD-9 – What are the differences between DVD-5 and DVD-9.
  • Navigate the Video Quality option and change the Fit to Disc to High.

Set Up for MP3 to DVD

Hit Next to proceed. There, you’re available to create a Menu for your music DVD. Of course, you may tick No Menu to skip this section.

Set No Menu for MP3 Music DVD

Then, click the Burn button to set up the last few options.

  • On the new interface, check the Burn to disc option and set the current working disc drive as the destination.
  • As for the Burn Engine, keep on using the default VSO.
  • Rename the disc if you like to.

Start to Burn MP3 to DVD

Step 3 Complete the burning

Lastly, click the Start button to burn the MP3 files to the inserted DVD and wait for the completion.

As the process is complete, you may eject the disc and enjoy the music with the disc.


Below are some problems that some of you may have while trying to burn MP3 files to a DVD, locate your problem and solve it.

1. Can I burn music to a DVD-R/RW and play it on my car?

This is a very complicated problem which depends on the disc drive on your car.

If your car is pretty old, let’s say it was born in the 1990s or even earlier, the disc drive inside your vehicle may only play CD.

  • In this case, unless you do some personal refits on it to replace the CD drive with a DVD drive. Otherwise, you’d better choose to burn music to a CD.

For cars that come out lately, make sure there is a built-in DVD player in the car system before burning music to a DVD for your vehicle.

  • Now some vehicle manufacturers will remove the DVD player from their new-born cars for USB drive and HDM1. If you find no DVD player in your car and you still want to burn a music DVD and play it on your car, bring a portable DVD player with you and hook it up to the car system.

Anyway, to find out whether or not your car can play DVD, either read the manual or ask for help from the seller who sold you the vehicle.

2. Can I burn a DVD-Video or DVD-Data with music files?

First of all, you can burn music files like MP3 to a DVD-Video/Data. And the music files inside a DVD-Video/Date are playable on a computer disc drive.

But when it comes to a DVD player device and a disc drive on a car, the disc may NOT be playable since producers will apply different technologies on each DVD drive.

To avoid possible playback failure:

  • You may purchase a DVD-Audio that is perfectly designed for music files to play on different disc drives.
  • Also, since DVD-Audio is quite rare now, you may choose to burn music to a CD as a stopgap.
  • Or, let’s make it straight. Just burn the MP3 files to a regular DVD-R or DVD-RW and see if it can play on the drive.