How to Burn Songs from YouTube to CD

Every time I see the CD player, which has been used for more than 15 years, in the living room, it seems to say “nothing changes at all”. Although we listen to streaming music more often, my dad quite enjoys listening to music while sitting on the sofa.

From time to time, he complained that he couldn’t play the YouTube playlist on it. I had struggled about whether to buy him a Homepod or not since his birthday was coming.

I asked a friend. She said, “Why not try to burn his YouTube playlist to a CD?“, which definitely hit the point.

And the whole procedure is quite simple but takes some time. YouTube does not provide burn songs to CD service for us, so we have to download the songs to our PC first, then burn the music files to CD.

Part 1. Download Youtube Audio to Computer

I have found some web tools that can download songs from YouTube to my computer. But what if there are malwares in the music file? So, I chose a professional downloader — Musify Music Downloader.

The main reason is that the Music downloader supports converting online video from popular websites (such as YouTube) to music files. And I can choose to download high-quality songs.

Besides, it can download songs from many streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

How to convert YouTube Video to Audio File with Music Downloader

First, copy the share link of the YouTube video.

Second, switch to the Music Downloader, click the Paste URL button. The YouTube song will be downloaded in a second.

Click the Icon to Open the Musify Out-put Folder

Note: If the link includes more than one song, you will see a list of song shows in a popping window that requires you to reconfirm which songs you want to download. Remember to press the Download button.

Third, when the downloading process ends, select the Downloaded tab. Click the folder button on the right of that song, then the output folder including audio files will open.

Part 2. How to Burn Youtube Music to CD

To burn a CD, you need to prepare three things: a blank disc, external CD burner/CD drive with burning feature, and a burning application.

There are many burning applications you can try, and we will take iTunes for example to show the basic process of burning CDs.

Step 1: Create New iTunes Playlist

You can’t burn a song to CD from iTunes library, iTunes only supports burning songs from the playlist. Thus we need to create one.

Launch iTunes, right-click the bottom left area. Choose New Playlist on the popping menu. Select the new playlist, then directly drag the audio files from the output folder to iTunes.

Create a New Playlist

Step 2: Burn the Playlist to CD

First, insert a blank disc to the CD drive/burner.

Then, click the playlist just made, and select File > Burn Playlist to Disc. And you will see the burning settings.


1.Make sure you has selected Audio CD if you want to play the CD in standard CD players (such as car player or Walkman CD player).

2. Keep the speed option as the default one, and it will burn as fast as possible.

3. If you want to see the name of the song on your CD player while playing the CD, you should select the checkbox before Include CD-Text.

When you finish changing settings, press the Burn button.

Next, the burning process will begin. After that, you will get the YouTube songs on a CD.

Set the Settings of Burning CD


Buying a new smart speaker is not the only way to play YouTube music in your house. For those who already have a CD player, burning music to CD is also an economical option.

Now, you know how to burn music from YouTube to CD. Prepare the material and the music files, then you are all set to burn the music on a CD. Want to have a try? Just do it!