Back in the time when all Macintosh models had a built-in disc drive and an iDVD application, it was so easy to burn files to a DVD. However, such convenience is gone since Apple removed both of them from the new iMac and Macbook.

With those absences, many DVD lovers have no idea how to create a movie DVD from local MP4 files. What’s worse, when the valid space of the computer hard drive is getting less, Mac users can only delete those precious MP4 files as a stopgap.

Fortunately, even though we don’t have iDVD and disc drive on a Mac, we can still burn MP4 movie files to a DVD for backup or big-screen playback. Keep on reading and let’s find out how.

I. Warm tips for burning MP4 to DVD on Mac

There are things that you should know before starting to burn your MP4 movies to a DVD on a Macintosh.

1. Install a DVD player/drive on your Mac computer

Since 2013, Apple has removed the built-in disc drive from every new model of iMac, Macbook, and Mac Mini. In other words, unless you’re using a decade-old Macintosh, otherwise, the purchase of a DVD drive becomes the priority to burn the DVD on your Mac.

If you’ve already installed one (like the Apple SuperDrive) on your computer, then it’s no big deal to you anymore. But once you haven’t realized the lack of a DVD drive on your Mac, buy and install one.

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2. Prepare a DVD+RW or DVD-RW disc

There are several types of DVDs in the market, like the DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. All of them differ from each other in the supported times of rewriting and compatibility.

  • As for DVD-RAM and DVD-R/+R, either one can only play on a DVD-RAM drive or another supports only one rewriting.
  • DVD-RW and DVD+RW support 1,000 rewritings and can play on every disc drive on computers as well as every normal DVD player.

To warp up, a DVD-RW/+RW disc will be the perfect carrier for your MP4 files.

3. Download a DVD burner application

You need to download a DVD burner since there’s no more a built-in DVD creator on a Mac and it’s not going to work if you directly drag the .mp4 file to the DVD.

Cautions: Do NOT drag the MP4 movie directly to the DVD, unless you want to suffer from a quality loss on the DVD playback like a drop of frame/resolution, stutters, and gaps.

Among countless DVD burners in cyberspace, you should never miss the DVD Creator, one of the most powerful and considerate DVD burner software.

The DVD Creator is currently standing on the cutting edge of DVD burning thanks in part to its incredible burning speed(50 times faster), simple interface, highly customized configurations(personalized DVD Menu), compatibility to all digital formats.

With the program, you can burn all kinds of video files to a DVD with several clicks in a few minutes. And better yet, you can design a DVD menu, template, background to make it look like one of those commercial DVDs.

Download the app on your Macintosh and let’s start to burn MP4 files to a DVD.

II. Steps to burn MP4 to DVD on Mac

Step 1 Import the MP4 file to DVD Creator

Insert the DVD-RW/+RW into the disc drive and launch DVD Creator on your computer. On its initiate interface, hit DVD Disc to start.

Choose to Burn DVD

Then, locate the orange button – Add Media File(s) in the middle and load the MP4 file(s) to the program.Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 2 Set up for the MP4-to-DVD burning

After loading up, decide the audio track and subtitle of the MP4 file(s).

Then, locate the DVD Type.

  • If the file size is larger than 4,7GB, set it to DVD-9.
  • Smaller than that, use DVD-5.

Navigate Video Quality, want to have lossless burning, set it High.

Decide DVD Content Properties

Hit Next to proceed.

Design the Menu of your DVD.

  • Decide a template for the Menu;
  • Add background music, opening film, or scene;
  • Adjust the positions of buttons.

Step 3 Complete the burning

Everything is well set now. Hit Preview to check out your creation. Then, hit Burn to start.

Set Your DVD Style

When the burning is complete a few minutes later, the DVD will keep your MP4 file(s) safe and sound.


Can MP4 play on a DVD player?

Yes, it can.

MP4 is the most compatible digital video format that most DVD players, TVs, computers, and mobile devices can play without errors.

Can iMovie convert MP4 to DVD?

Since iDVD has been removed from Mac computers from Mac OS Lion and later macOS, iMovie is incapable of burning MP4 to DVD on most Mac computers unless you’re using an earlier OS on a pretty old Mac model.

Can Handbrake convert MP4 to DVD?

No, it can’t.

Handbrake is the dream tool for video and audio lovers. With this program, users can convert, compress video and audio, rip files from DVD. But burning files to DVD is never among its feature list.


To burn MP4 files to a DVD, you need help from a professional DVD burner like DVD Creator. Handbrake and iMovie can just help you edit and convert videos, not DVD burning.