A lot of people first came across an ISO file while trying to find a Windows OS upgrade package from Microsoft. Thanks to the ISO format’s splendid performance of data storage, you may find that Microsoft offers you an ISO file instead of a file package.

Also, if you’re a big movie fan, you may likely have access to some video ISO files from some DVD movie downloading sites or you’re pretty good at ripping a DVD as an ISO file.

No matter where and how you get one, the size of the file must bother you a lot because an ISO file can weigh several GB and some even max out at dozens of GB. It’s such a huge burden on your computer hard drive.

In this case, burning the ISO file to a DVD seems to be a perfect solution for backup and storage. So in this tutorial, we’ll be seeing some steps of burning an ISO file to DVD on Windows computers. And if you’re curious about the ISO format, you can find some information about it as well.

Burn ISO File Image Windows 10

1. What is ISO

Also knows as an optical disc image, the ISO format is a disk image that contains everything that is written into a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Inside a commercial DVD or Blu-ray disc, we can find several folders that store the content of this disc. While trying to copy the disc content to a computer, we may try to combine all the folders into one file – an ISO image that is more convenient for transfer, backup, and storage.

The ISO format will not compress the source files and folders at all, but to warp them into one file. And due to its framework, we cannot open, view, and play an ISO file with some everyday methods. We need help from some professional ISO tools.

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2. How to create an ISO file

If you’re one of those who have become a fan of the ISO file owing to its inclusiveness and simplicity, you may create an ISO image with the files and folders on your computer.

To create an ISO file, an ISO converter program is necessary.

About the ISO converter program:

As mentioned, the ISO format is rooted in the disc format – DVD and BD, so most DVD and BD manager programs like DVD burning software and DVD ripping software are both capable of converting files or disc contents to an ISO file.

And depending on the source that you plan to convert to an ISO file, you may:

  • Pick up a DVD ripping program when you want to convert a DVD to ISO image;
  • Choose the DVD burning software to create an ISO file with the files on your computer.

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3. How to burn ISO file to a DVD on Windows 10, 8, 7

To burn an ISO file to a DVD on a Windows computer, you may try a professional ISO burner software to help you up. And among all those available ISO burning software, Leawo Prof. Media is the one that plays an important part in ISO burning.

Leawo Prof. Media is a powerful DVD burning program and ISO converter that allows you to burn ISO files and other formats to a DVD and BD without quality loss.

Supporting ISO conversion, Leawo can help create an ISO file with files, folders, and discs. No need to mention that this is a very easy-to-use ISO burner that you can master and complete an ISO burning within minutes.

Leawo Prof Media Copy Rip Burn DVD Blu-ray

Check out the steps below to burn an ISO file to a DVD on a Windows computer.

Step 1 Download the ISO burner software on your Windows computer

You may click the button to get it for free.

Step 2 Load up the ISO file to Leawo Prof. Media

Insert a DVD into the disc tray of your computer. If you don’t have a blank DVD, that’s fine because Leawo Prof. Media will help you erase the disc first.

Launch Leawo Prof. Media on your computer and choose DVD/Blu-ray Creator on the interface, then, locate the ISO file on your computer and drag it to Leawo, release it.

Drag ISO File to Leawo

Leawo Prof. Media will start to process the file and get ready for burning.

Step 3 Complete the ISO burning

After Leawo finishes analyzing the ISO image, a window will pop out and prompt you to decide the destination for the burning, choose the current working disc drive on your computer. Also, you can rename the disc.

Burn ISO File to DVD with Leawo

To start the burning, click the Burn button.

Leawo will work to burn the ISO file to the inserted DVD. When the process is complete, you may eject the disc and save it on a disc case.

Leawo Finish Burning ISO to DVD