When we download a video from some online video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, iFilm, MySpace, Dailymotion, the output may be the .flv file. Having the FLV video in hand, you can manually convert it into a DVD to create an exclusive film DVD.

Also, you may create a video in the .flv extension due to the simplicity of the FLV format. Try to back up the FLV files to a DVD to save the space on your computer’s hard drive.

In this tutorial, you may find the best way to burn your FLV files to a DVD that will benefit you a lot.

About the FLV format

FLV, namely Flash Video, is developed and released by Adobe Systems to deliver videos on browsers using the Adobe Flash Player. It’s designed to be the container file format for online streaming videos like TV shows, movies. Back in the 2000s and early 2010s, every video we see on YouTube, niconico, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and other video viewing sites were all installed with the .flv extension.

The reason for its popularity is that the FLV format is indeed very lightweight. Sharing the same length, frame quality, a .flv video file is half the size of a .mp4 file and a quarter of a .mkv file.

However, the FLV format is also significantly flawed.

For instance:

  • The original carrier of FLV, the Flash Player was highly power consumed that while playing a .flv video on mobile devices, it kills the battery.
  • Worse yet, a .flv file is unfriendly to edit and re-create. If you try to edit a file with .flv extension, stutters, gaps, drops of frames/resolution will hit you hard.

So, unless you’re fascinated with FLV’s convenience in uploading and viewing, and have no plan to edit the .flv files, stick to the format. Otherwise, convert the .flv files to .mp4 or .mkv files.

How to burn/convert FLV files to a DVD

It’ll be an extremely easy task to burn your FLV file to a DVD if you use the right tool and follow the correct steps. First thing first, you need to prepare a blank DVD+RW disk that can store most digital files and play on all DVD players or DVD drives.

Then, you need to power on your computer and download the DVD Creator on it.

What is the DVD Creator:

The DVD Creator is the professional DVD burner software that can help you easily impost multiple digital formats to a DVD without quality loss.

Besides, if you plan to create an exclusive movie DVD, this DVD Creator allows you to add Menu, template, background scene, background music, and opening film to the DVD. In this way, your creation will look the same as those commercial DVDs sold in stores.

Never mention that the program is very easy to use that you can finish the conversion in a few minutes.

Free download the DVD Creator on your computer:

Now, get both your DVD+RW disc and the computer ready, let’s start the DVD creation.

Step 1 Launch the DVD Creator and pop in the disc to the drive

DVD Creator will prompt you to select a disc type to start the creation, hit DVD Disc to proceed.

Choose to Burn DVD

Step 2 Import the .flv file(s) to DVD Creator

Then, hit the big orange button – Add Media File(s) to import the FLV file(s).

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 3 Decide the DVD property

Next, decide the audio channels and subtitle tracks of the files. Navigate Disc Type and choose DVD-5 or DVD-9 based on the file size and the inserted DVD. Then, set Video Quality as High.

Hit Next to continue the DVD burning.

Burn Convert FLV Files to DVD

Step 4 Optimize the video DVD

Now, you’re available to modify the DVD by editing the Menu, opening scene, background music/view, etc.

Finishing all the setup, click Burn to initiate the FLV-to-DVD conversion.

Set your DVD Style

When the process is complete, try playing the DVD to see if it pleases you or not.

To sum up:

The FLV-to-DVD conversion is such an easy task when you follow the steps above. But remember that if you plan to edit the movie file, convert the FLV files to MP4 or MKV files to avoid possible quality loss.