For iOS users, iTunes is not only a data manager but also the best servant to watch movies and TV shows. Whenever you plan to watch a movie or TV show, go to the iTunes Movie Store, purchase and download one that interests you.

However, you can only watch and save the iTunes movie on a computer or an iOS device signed in with the same Apple ID. No big screen pleasure though. Also, long-term storage of iTunes movies is surely a burden to your computer hard drive.

To watch the iTunes movie on a big-screen and set your computer hard drive free, try to burn the iTunes movies and TV shows to a DVD. It takes 2 steps to burn a DVD from iTunes, the first thing you need to do is to remove DRM from iTunes movies. And then you can start to burn iTunes movies to DVD.

Burn iTunes Movies to DVD

Remove DRM from an iTunes movie

Apple, the publisher of iTunes, applies DRM(digital right management) methods to protect the copyright of their provided movies, music, and TV shows. Note that a protected iTunes movie is NOT allowed to copy, transfer, upload, edit, and convert through regular methods. All that you can do is to play it on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Luckily, those DRM protections are removable to some professional DRM removal tools. And the one that leads in the DRM removal is the Leawo Prof. DRM.

  • More than an iTunes movie DRM remover, the Leawo Prof. DRM is also capable of helping you remove DRM from iTunes and Spotify music as well as ebooks from Kindle, Adobe, Kobo.
  • While dealing with the DRM on iTunes videos, Prof. DRM will first bypass the protections and then have access to the movie codes, then, it’ll convert the iTunes M4A movie into an MP4 movie without quality loss.
  • Supporting Dolby 5.1, there’s no need to worry about any downgrade in sound quality at all.

Free download here:

Download the program on your computer and let’s start to remove the annoying DRM from your iTunes movie.

Step 1 Import the iTunes movie

Launch Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer and choose Video&Music Converter from the initial interface. Then, locate the iTunes movie on your File Explorer and drag it to the Prof. DRM. Or click the Add Files button to import the video file.

Start to Remove iTunes Movie DRM

Tip: Prof. Media supports multitask removal, you may import multiple movies and start to remove DRM from these movies altogether.

Step 2 Decide the properties for output

Next, click the Edit button to choose the audio track and subtitle for the output file. By default, Prof. DRM will remove the DRM from the input and convert it to an MP4 video.

Step 3 Complete the DRM removal

Hit the Convert button to initiate an iTunes DRM removal.

When the process is complete,  click the Converted button to have quick access.

Remove iTunes Movie DRM

Burn the DRM-free iTunes movie to a DVD

Now, the DRM is no longer the issue. Let’s check out how to burn the converted iTunes movie to a DVD.

First thing first, you need to prepare 2 things, one is a blank DVD+RW disc, the other is a DVD burner application on your computer.

DVD+RW disc:

Many DVDs support burning. And among all those optical discs, the DVD+RW disc is the most compatible DVD type that can play on all DVD players and drives. Besides, this type of DVD allows users to rewrite 1,000 times.

DVD Creator:

Honestly, don’t directly copy the movie and paste it into the disc since such an operation will always cause quality loss and multiple playback errors.

To avoid those troubles, use DVD Creator to burn your iTunes movie to a DVD.

The DVD Creator is the DVD burner that everyone should never miss. Supporting lossless burning, you can easily input your movies to a DVD without quality loss and errors. Also, the program offers you the chance to design the menu, opening film, background music, and scene of the DVD.

Click the buttons to download it for free:

Download the DVD Creator on your computer and grab a DVD+RW, let’s start to burn the DRM-free iTunes movie.

Step 1 import the iTunes movie to DVD Creator

Launch DVD Creator and hit the big orange button – Add Media File(s), navigate the iTunes DRM-free movie and input it to the program.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 2 Design the DVD

Then, you’re available to decide the audio and subtitle as well as the quality of the iTunes movie. Finishing that, hit Next to proceed.

Now, design the DVD Menu. You may adjust the position of buttons, add a template, set up an opening film and background music, etc.

Decide DVD Content Properties

Step 3 Complete the process

When you’ve finished the setup for the DVD Menu, hit Preview to see how it looks like. Then, hit the Burn button to initiate the DVD burning.

Set your DVD Style

The process will be complete in a few minutes. You can easily enjoy the iTunes movie on big-screens with the disc.

To warp up:

Though we cannot directly copy the iTunes movies to the DVD, still, we have tools to achieve that. First, take advantage of a DRM remover to make the iTunes movie DRM-free. Then, burn the movie to a DVD with DVD Creator.