We may constantly download some AVI movies online, or we can easily film an AVI video with a camera or phone.

If you plan to enjoy the AVI video on your big-screen, burning it to a DVD seems to be a perfect solution thanks to the low pricing of a blank DVD.

When your HDD space is running short, such an AVI-to-DVD conversion saves quite an amount of space on your hard drive. By the way, you won’t have to worry about data loss after you burn the AVI movie to the disc as long as the disc remains intact.

Knowing all the benefits of burning your AVI file to a DVD, I guess you can hardly wait to start the conversion. So, let’s get started to burn the AVI file to a DVD right away.

How to convert/burn AVI to DVD

To burn AVI or other formats to a DVD, you’d better use a professional AVI-to-DVD converter, which will guarantee you two things:

  1. The output AVI disc is playable and viewable on other devices;
  2. No issue of quality loss will happen to the AVI video.

If you have no idea how to choose one from the endless scroll on Google, you may pick up the recommended Tipard DVD Creator.

Tipard helps burn AVI to DVD:

Compatible with many media formats, Tipard DVD Creator helps you convert and burn the digital files on your HHD to a blank DVD.

Tipard DVD Creator Burn DVD

Also supporting multitasking, you can import the AVI video and other files on your computer to the program, then burn it to an inserted disc with ease.

Besides the great compatibility and multitasking, you also find an in-app video editing feature on Tipard DVD Creator. Forget about using a third-party video editor, Tipard got you all covered.

Meanwhile, Tipard allows users to create and design a menu for the movie disc.

For instance,

  • It provides users with several menu templates. You may simply choose one from them and apply it to the disc;
  • The menu creation is highly customized. You’re available to set up the background scene, music, and an opening film with your favorite picture, music, and video.
  • Hate a menu? Tick the No Menu to make your disc straight-forward.

Now, you may download the program from the buttons below and start to convert your AVI video to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up your AVI video to Tipard DVD Creator

Launch Tipard DVD Creator on your computer and choose to burn DVD Disc.

Choose to Burn DVD

Click the Add Media File(s) button to browse and import your AVI file, or simply drag the AVI video to Tipard’s interface.

Add Video files to DVD Creator

Step 2 Set up for the imported AVI video

As Tipard finishes processing the AVI video, it will display the input file on the interface with available audio and subtitle.

Here, you may:

  • Choose a preferred audio channel and subtitle track to burn with the .avi video;
  • Locate Disc Type and select DVD-5 or DVD-9 based on the disc you’re using;
Tip: What are DVD-5 and DVD-9? Read this: DVD-5 V.S. DVD-9.
  • Set Video Quality as High to burn it without quality loss;
  • Click Power Tools to have access to the in-app editor. Edit the AVI video by add subtitles/audios, modifying effects, adding filters, clipping, splitting, etc.

Tipard Video Editor Burn DVD

Click Next to proceed.

Step 3 Design the menu for the movie disc

Now, let’s try to make your movie disc more appealing.

Here, you can use one built-in menu template.

Or you may design one by changing the background scene with the picture you like, adding background music, installing an opening film just like what Disney and Marvel do to their commercial discs. Also, you can change the words of the buttons and reposition those buttons.

Custimize DVD disc Play Menu

Click the Burn button and move to the final step.

Step 4 Finish the conversion

Here comes the final steps. Insert a blank DVD into the disc tray of your computer. Tick Burn to disc on Tipard and choose the DVD drive as the destination.

Then, decide the TV Standard for the AVI movie disc. For US users, please choose PAL, and for those who aren’t, choose NTSC.

Start to Burn AVI to DVD

Everything is on set now, hit Start to burn the AVI video to the disc.

Tipard DVD Creator will take a few minutes to complete the task and you can have an AVI movie disc after its completion. And try to keep the disc away from anything that will make it unplayable, including scratching, bending, heat, moisture, acid, etc.