On Windows 10 machines, we can create a Blu-ray disc with local files, like a movie or music that you download online, an ISO or BDMV folder that you rip from an optical disc, some homemade or filmed videos as well as some precious photos.

And it’s pretty easy to burn a Blu-ray disc on Windows 10 computers, check out the following sections and start to make your Blu-ray library.

Burn Blu Ray Windows10

What you need to burn a Blu-ray disc on Windows 10

1. A Blu-ray Drive for your computer

Though Blu-ray has taken the DVD’s place and become a common standard for movie releases, most computers were, are, and maybe will be, in a few more years, shipped out without an optical Blu-ray drive.

So before you start to burn a Blu-ray disc on your computer, check if you can play a Blu-ray with the built-in drive. If not, get yourself an external or internal one to carry on the Blu-ray burning.

For Mac users, an external Blu-ray drive is a must to burn a Blu-ray disc.

Reasons for this: 

  1. The Apple SuperDrive cannot read Blu-ray.
  2. The motherboard of a Macintosh doesn’t support installing an internal drive.

2. A blank Blu-ray disc that supports writing

Be aware that if you want to burn files to a Blu-ray disc, you have to get yourself one that supports burning.

Generally, we can see some BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE discs on the market which stand for:

  • BD-ROM: This is a BD disc that reads only for memory. It’s mostly used on commercial movie discs that can only play with a BD player but cannot erase the content or burn data.
  • BD-R: R means ‘Recordable’. You can only burn files into this disc once. You cannot erase it and burn it for another time.
  • BD-RE: The RE suffix means Rewritable. You can burn files and erase data multiple times.

What’s more, based on the capacity, we have BD-25(also called BD-SL) discs for 25GB and BD-50(BD-DL) discs for 50GB. You can choose a disc that is large enough to hold all the source files.

Blu-ray Disc Type


You may find some BD-100 or BD-128 discs on Amazon, eBay, or local stores. These discs can hold files up to 100GB and 128GB.

However, it’s not a good choice for private Blu-ray producers because:

  • They require a more advanced Blu-ray burner drive that costs more naturally.
  • Most Blu-ray burning software only supports burning BD-25/50 discs so it’s hard to find a capable one. Even if you do find one, it’ll cost you quite a fortune.

The size of all source files surpasses 50GB? The better solution is to burn these files to several Blu-ray discs (25 or 50GB) instead of applying them to a BD-100/128 disc.

3. The professional Blu-ray burner software

You cannot do without the professional Blu-ray burner software. As the saying goes, “A perfect tool is half success.” Using the right Blu-ray burner program to burn files to a Blu-ray disc will make the process easier and the result better.

Pick up the best BD burning software: 6 BEST Blu-ray Burner Software for Windows and Mac | BD Help

For Windows users, Tipard DVD Creator and Cyberlink Power2Go are 2 that you should pay attention to.

Both of them are the leading products in BD burning and have been used and loved by millions of users. Contributing to Blu-ray disc burning and creation, Tipard and Power2Go support to burn a Blu-ray disc with local files, folders, and ISO.

Tipard DVD Creator:

  • While creating a homemade movie collection, you can use the in-app video editor of Tipard to edit the source movie, like adding subtitles, adjusting effects, adding filters, merging, clipping, splitting, optimizing audios, etc.
  • Moreover, you’re available to create a stylish Menu for your movie or music disc by adding an opening film, changing background scene, adding background music, using a template, etc.

Add Video files to DVD Creator

Cyberlink Power2Go:

  • Being a professional Blu-ray and DVD burner program, Cyberlink Power2Go splits its functionality into several parts, like Data Disc, Video Disc, Music Disc, Photo Gallery Disc, Copy Disc, etc. You can choose one mode based on the source file and your goal to start burning a Blu-ray disc.

Burn YouTube Video to DVD Power2Go

Method 1 How to burn a Blu-ray disc with Tipard DVD Creator on Windows 10

First, let’s see how to use Tipard DVD Creator to burn a movie or music Blu-ray disc.

Step 1 Import the files to Tipard DVD Creator

Launch this Blu-ray burner program on your computer and choose to burn Blu-ray Disc on the pop-out window.

Decide to Copy BD

Don’t have it on your computer? Click the buttons to download it for free.

Next, you may drag the target file(s) or folder(s) to Tipard’s interface and release it. Tipard will start to analyze all the input and display it on the pane.

Step 2 Set up the profile parameters for the input

After Tipard processes the file, you may decide the audio channel and subtitle track of the movie.

Tip: The imported movie lacks a subtitle track? Click Power Tools and choose Subtitle Edit to create and add one. Also, you may click the Video Edit to optimize the video.

Then, locate Video Quality, use the default Auto, or set the value as High to burn the disc without quality loss.

Hit Next to proceed.

Decide BD Burning Parameters

Step 3 Design the disc menu

Here, you may create a custom menu for your movie disc.

Tipard offers you several templates and you can choose one from them. Or you may personalize one with local images, videos, and music.

Custimize BD disc Play Menu

Don’t need a menu for your disc? Tick the No Menu option.

Click the Burn button and move to the final step.

Step 4 Start to burn the disc

By default, Tipard will detect the active Blu-ray drive on your computer and set it as the destination of this burning. You can change it under the Burn to disc option.

Lastly, click the Start button to initiate a Blu-ray disc burning. Tipard will finish the process in a few minutes.

Burn Blu-ray Disc Windows 10 Tipard

When it’s complete, eject the disc and play it on your computer or TV to see if the burning ends well.

Method 2 How to burn a Blu-ray disc with Cyberlink Power2Go on Windows 10

To create a disc with data files, movies, music, and photos, we can use Cyberlink Power2Go.

Step 1 Choose a suitable mode

Launch Power2Go on your computer and choose a mode that fits you most on the interface.

Here, I will use the Data Disc and show you how to burn a Blu-ray data disc.

Tip: To download the Cyberlink Power2Go on your computer, click the button below.

Step 2 Add the target files

Under the Data Disc mode, click Blu-ray disc to decide the disc type I plan to burn.

Burn Blu-ray Disc Power2Go

Then, on the Data Disc – Blu-ray Disc window, browse and locate the target file(s), click the Add files to the disc compilation button to load it up. Or you can drag the source file to the pane below.

Tip: You can create new folders on the disc to better manage the data inside, click the Make a new folder on the disc button to add as many as you want.

Add Files to Power2Go

Step 3 Set up for the files

For disc burning, Power2Go offers a feature that surprises me a lot – you can encrypt the disc.

If you want to protect the information or privacy, you can click the Create a secure area on your disc button and set up a password to limit access to certain data.

Encrypt Disc

Hit Next to keep finishing the setup.

A Settings/Information window pops out where you’re available to decide Auto-run and icon.

Step 4 Complete the process

As everything is set, click Burn to start burning the files to the Blu-ray disc with Power2Go.

Power2Go Burn Blu-ray Disc

Keep the disc well-preserved after the process is complete. You can also use other features of Power2Go, like Video Disc, Music Disc, and Photo Gallery Disc, to create a personalized Blu-ray disc. And the steps of each mode are basically the same.

Tip: How to burn BDMV folder/Blu-ray ISO to a Blu-ray disc?

Power2Go is compatible with the BDMV folder and Blu-ray ISO file.

  • For BDMV burning: The 4 Blu-ray authoring modes, Data, Video, Music, and Photo Gallery Disc, support to burn BDMV folders to a Blu-ray disc. All you need is to drag the folder to Power2Go and follow the steps above.
  • Burning a Blu-ray ISO file: From the modes that the Power2Go provides, choose Copy Disc and click Burn Disc Image. Next, locate and import the ISO file. Power2Go will help you burn the Blu-ray ISO file to a Blu-ray disc with ease.


1. Can you burn a Blu-ray disc with Windows Media Player?

By default, Windows Media Player cannot burn a Blu-ray disc. But you may download some external codecs and plugins to make it BD-compatible.

2. Can I use VLC or Handbrake to burn a Blu-ray disc?

VLC is a media player to play music, video, DVD, BD, and CD on computers, you cannot use it to burn a Blu-ray disc.

Neither can Handbrake, a video converter program.