“Can I create a movie DVD with the AVCHD files that I filmed with a Sony camera?”

“How to convert the AVCHD files from a Sony hard drive to a DVD for collection and backup?”

The above two questions are the ones that some Sony fans reported in Quora. As a home-movie creator, after filming with a Sony camera, you may burn the Sony AVCHD videos to a DVD to create your personalized movie DVD. Also, if you store some AVCHD files in a hard drive, don’t hesitate and burn them to a DVD for backup or creation.

In this tutorial, we will be checking some critical steps about burning the AVCHD files to a DVD. Hopefully, you’ll be one step closer to a home-movie creator with this tutorial.

Convert AVCHD to DVD

What is AVCHD?

Released by Sony and Panasonic in 2006, the AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a video compression technology designed for AVCHD-compatible digital video cameras to film high-definition videos.

Using H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding standard that is the same as MP4, the AVCHD format can film up-to-1080p and hours-long videos in a minimized file scale.

Better yet, an AVCHD file is highly compatible with most memorizers and optical discs, including USB hard drives, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, computer hard drives, which enables the AVCHD formatted files to be more convenient for mobile storage.

Preparations before burning the AVCHD files

The followings are the items that you should prepare before starting to burn AVCHD files to a DVD.

1. Upload your AVCHD files to a computer

We need to carry on a DVD burning on a computer, so before starting, you need to upload the AVCHD files to your computer if you still keep the AVCHD files in a hard drive or a memory card.

2. Prepare a DVD+RW/-RW disc

A suitable blank DVD+RW/-RW disc is the must-have optical disc storage type to burn AVCHD files to a DVD.

Superior to all the DVD types, a DVD+RW or DVD-RW can save most digital files, AVCHD included, and play on every DVD/BD player and computer disc drive. Also, you’re available to rewrite the disc 1,000 times.

Convert AVCHD to DVD-/+RW

3. Download a DVD Burner application

You’d better not drag the AVCHD files to the DVD or just using Copy and Paste features on your computer OS. If you do, errors will very likely to strike you and affect the quality of the videos.

A DVD Burner program is the key to a successful AVCHD-to-DVD creation. You need to download one on your computer to help you complete a movie DVD burning.

Have no idea which DVD Burner you should pick up? Well, try the famous and powerful DVD Creator.

About DVD Creator:

This is the leading icon of DVD burning.

  • Compatible with all regular digital formats, you may use the program to burn all kinds of movies and music to a DVD, including the AVCHD videos in your c0mputer hard drive.
  • Moreover, the burning speed of DVD Creator is unarguably 50 times faster than its inferior competitors.
  • No need to say that this program truly allows users to create a home-movie DVD.
      • Case in point: Users may customize a DVD with Menu, titles, chapters, background music, opening film, template.

    Found it great? Download the DVD Creator on your computer.

How to burn AVCHD files to a DVD

Let’s go through the steps of burning AVCHD files to a DVD.

Step 1 Add the AVCHD files to DVD Creator

Insert the blank DVD into the disc tray of your computer and launch DVD Creator. Choose to burn DVD Disc on the initial interface.

Hit the Add Media File(s) button. Select the AVCHD files you’re about to burn to a DVD.

Choose Media File to Burn DVD

You may add multiple files at a time, DVD Creator can burn up-to-50 files to a DVD simultaneously.

Step 2 Design your DVD

Next, the DVD Creator will all the added files. You may tick the files, and decide the audio and subtitle of the movie.


  • If you haven’t added subtitles to the movie yet, right-click on the title and choose Subtitle Edit to add or create subtitles.
  • Also, you’re available to edit and clip the files with the Video Edit and Clip feature.

Set Up for AVCHD to DVD

Hit Next to proceed.

Then, the DVD Creator will prompt you to design the Menu of the DVD. Here, you may adjust the position of buttons, add a template, modify the opening scene, and add background music.

Set Your DVD Style

Anyway, do whatever you want to make your DVD more stylish.

Step 3 Burn AVCHD files to DVD

Once everything is set, hit Preview to check out the performance of the DVD. Then, hit Burn to initiate the process.

When the process is complete, you’ll have a movie DVD burned by your AVCHD files. Note that DVD is not the symbol of duration, make sure you use, store, and handle it with care and patient.