[Easy]Can You Burn A DVD from QuickTime Player to Play on DVD Player

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QuickTime Player, a very useful media player on iMac and Macbook, helps Mac users to play videos and music on the machine. No matter it’s online movies, iMovie videos, or screen recordings, QuickTime Player can take them all and run them successfully.

Occasionally, when you are not satisfied with your computer screen and plan to watch the QuickTime file on a big-screen, it’s a great idea to burn the QuickTime file to a DVD and then run the disc on a DVD player.

So here comes the problem: Can you burn a DVD from QuickTime Player to play on a DVD player?

Of course, you can and the steps are quite easy. You can finish burning a QuickTime file(s) to a DVD within minutes. To find out more details, please keep on reading.

Contents of burning QuickTime files to DVD:

Burn QuickTime Movie Files to DVD to Play on A DVD Player

Part 1: Warnings before burning a DVD

Before I introduce the detailed steps for you, 3 things should be informed.

1. DVD format

Have you ever paid attention to the format of the files that play on QuickTime Player?

For video files that you record with QuickTime Player or output from iMovie, the default format is MOV.

Developed by Apple, the MOV format is now one of the most commonly used video formats on all iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices. However, despite its usefulness and popularity, a MOV video cannot play on a DVD player since a DVD player can only play MPEG-2 files.

MOV Format for QuickTime

You may say that you’re using a Blu-ray player to play the QuickTime file, well, still, a Blu-ray player does not support playing the MOV file.

In this case, you must convert the QuickTime file (MOV) into the DVD format and then burn it to a DVD for successful playback.

2. DVD drive

New iMac and Macbook are shipped out without an internal disc drive.

So if you want to burn files to a DVD, remember to insert an external DVD drive (like the Apple USB SuperDrive) into your Mac computer first.

Apple USB SuperDrive to burn QuickTime Movie to DVD

3. DVD Burner

Apple has removed the DVD burner software from macOS for years, which means Mac users cannot find a suitable program on the Mac to burn QuickTime files to a DVD.

As a result, you must download a third-party program online to perform the DVD-burning task.

Since there are countless DVD burner programs in cyberspace, to help you save your time and energy for selection and comparison, allow me to introduce a powerful and easy-to-use one here, Tipard DVD Creator.

Tipard DVD Creator for Mac

As a professional DVD-burning software, Tipard DVD Creator helps you burn all kinds of files from your computer to a DVD without quality loss. No matter whether you plan to transfer iMovie outputs, QuickTime screen recordings, or download items, Tipard can easily burn them all to a DVD.

Surprisingly, Tipard will automatically convert the MOV files or other formats into DVD format so that you don’t have to convert your QuickTime files manually before burning them to a DVD. All you need is to import the QuickTime files and disc to Tipard, then click the Burn button.

To use Tipard DVD Creator on your Mac to burn a DVD from QuickTime files, download the program on your Mac for free.

Steps to burn a DVD from QuickTime files

After you download and install the Tipard DVD Creator software on your Mac, let’s use it to burn a DVD with your QuickTime files. Check the steps below.

Step 1 Import QuickTime file(s) to Tipard

Launch Tipard on your Macintosh. Then, on its interface, click the Add Files button at the top-left corner. Browse and select the QuickTime file, click Open to import.

Import QuickTime Movie to Mac DVD Creator

Step 2 Set up for the burning

After Tipard processes the target QuickTime file(s), do these:

  • Insert a DVD into the external disc drive. Set your disc drive as the destination on Tipard.

Burn DVD on Mac with QuickTime Files Setup

  • Click Edit to trim and crop the source file(s). Also, you’re available to add watermarks and adjust the effect of the video.

Adjust QuickTime Movie Files Effects for DVD on Mac

  • If the QuickTime movie has more than one audio track, you may click the Audio Tracks button on Tipard to select one to burn to the disc.
  • Hit Subtitle to choose one subtitle channel for your video. If the movie doesn’t come with subtitles, you’re available to add one via this option.
  • Import the wrong video? Click Remove to move it out.
  • On Preferences, you may decide the Video Format, Video Resolution, Aspect Ratio, and Video Bitrate for your DVD.

Decide Video Properties for QuickTime Movie Files to Burn to DVD on Mac


Have no idea how to set up a suitable value for each option? Look this up:

  1. Video Format: Also known as TV Standard. TV sold in the USA uses the NTSC standard and others use PAL. Note that an NTSC TV cannot play a PAL DVD and vice versa. So, if you live in the US and plan to watch the QuickTime file with your US TV, choose NTSC.
  2. Video Resolution: By default, Tipard will choose the best quality for your video. Skip this option.
  3. Aspect Ratio: Depending on your TV screen, choose 4:3 or 16:9.
  4. Video Bitrate: Keeping the default value will be enough.
  5. Add chapters automatically every 15 minutes: You may disable this option if you hate adding chapters to your DVD.
  6. Skip Menu: Tick this when you want to play the DVD directly without going through a disc menu.

Step 3 Add a menu

Next, you may add a menu to your DVD, making it special.

You may choose one from the in-app templates or customize one by clicking the Edit Menu button.

Then, browse and select the background music, picture, opening film for your menu. Click Save to create.

Design Disc Menu to Burn QuickTime Movie Files to DVD on Mac

Step 4 Start to burn the disc

Deciding all, click the Burn button to start.

Within minutes, Tipard will finish the burning. You may eject the disc and watch it on your TV. Enjoy the disc then.

Part 3: FAQs for QuickTime Player and DVD

1. Will MOV files play on DVD players?2021-03-05T05:40:32+08:00

DVD players cannot play MOV files. You have to convert them into DVD format before burning to a DVD.

2. What format do I need to burn a DVD to play on a DVD player?2021-03-05T05:41:00+08:00

In general, the default video format that plays on a DVD is the H.262/MPEG-2 format. However, only a few video converter can help your convert a file into H.262/MPEG-2 format.

In this case, you’d better turn to Tipard DVD Creator to skip the conversion process and start to burn the file directly.

3. Do MP4 files play on DVD players?2021-03-05T05:41:30+08:00

A DVD player can only play DVD format – H.262/MPEG-2. None of the others can play on a DVD player via a disc.

4. What is the highest quality DVD format?2021-03-05T05:45:24+08:00
Resolution (Pixels) 720 * 480 720 * 576
Frame Rate (FPS) 29.97 30

Once there was a DVD type called HD-DVD. This kind of DVD can hold up to 1080 * 720 pixels which is the high-definition value. However, it’s no longer supported by any Blu-ray player or DVD player. You cannot find any HD-DVD discs in a store anymore.