I Bought/Found A Used iPad, How to Reset It Without Passcode

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The brand new iPad is so expensive and we can choose a secondhand iPad which is more affordable.

However, before we can use this used iPad, we should always check the status of it and wipe everything on the tablet. The screen lock, Apple ID, data, settings, and Find My iPad should be removed. Let’s not mention that this iPad might be locked to the previous owner and restrict your access. Worse still, we can hardly get the passcode and password for a factory reset.

Or, you found this old iPad that you forget the passcode and Apple ID with. You can’t get in and to make it useful, a factory reset is the key.

In any regard, to help you get complete control of your iPad, methods of erasing a used iPad will be displayed below. Find the best way to wipe your iPad.

What To Do When I Bought Or Found An iPad

Method 1:How to Wipe A Used iPad Without Passcode

iTunes seems to be useless as some may have already tried to connect the iPad to a computer. But the wired connection failed as iTunes required you to unlock this tablet first.

When this is a secondhand iPad protected by an unknown passcode set by the previous owner, To our knowledge, unless we get the digits from the seller to unlock the iPad, otherwise, we can’t erase the iPad with iTunes.

To be clear, this is actually wrong. iTunes can still be of great help to reset an iPad without the passcode. To enable the connection, we just need some additional pressing on the iPad to activate the Recovery Mode.

Try this on your iPad and iTunes will detect your iPad even if it’s locked.

Step 1:

Turn off this iPad first.

Then, press the Side button ( plus the Home button if your iPad has one) and hold it till the Recover Mode screen pops out.

Connect the iPad to the computer right now. iTunes will detect the iPad and launch by itself.

iPad Recovery Mode

Step 2:

On the iTunes interface, you will see a notification box popping out, asking you to Restore or Update this iPad. Hit Restore to reset the tablet.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings via Recovery Mode & iTunes

Caution: iPad Activation Lock

If the Apple ID and Find My iPad are still running on the iPad, a factory resetting conducted by iTunes and Recovery mode will turn on the Activation Lock on the iPad.

When this lock screen is activated, only the associated Apple ID and password can disable it. Then, you can get into the iPad. Otherwise, this tablet becomes a brick. Also, there’re third-party Activation lock removal tools that help. You may take a look.

4MeKey Activation Lock Remover

4MeKey iCloud Unlocker

A wise choice to handle the Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock up to iOS 16.5
  • Remove the iCloud account without Apple ID & password
  • App Store services are still available after removal

*Works on both Mac & Windows computers, removes for iPhone & iPad

Method 2: How to Reset A Used iPad Without Passcode and Password

Third-party unlocker apps can serve as perfect solvers, too. Among all the famous iPad unlockers, 4uKey will be the one that will reset the used iPad in minutes without any demands.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Interface

With 4uKey, no passcode or iCloud password is required. You can simply connect your iPad to the computer and run 4uKey for the reset.

Besides, 4uKey unlocks all locks on all iPad models. Even if the iPad is disabled or locked to the previous owner, 4uKey can give you a clean and free-to-access iPad.

From the old entry iPad 1st to the latest iPad Touch, iPad Pro, and the discontinued iPad Mini, 4uKey easily unlocks them all. Download it on your computer and we can start the erase right away.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Step 1:

Download, install, and launch 4uKey on a Windows or Mac machine.

Step 2:

Hit Start and connect the iPad to the computer. Hit Next after you read the notes that 4uKey displays on the interface.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Connect Device

Step 3:

Then click Download to prepare the factory reset.

4uKey iOS Unlocker start to Download

Step 4:

Hit Start Remove to initiate the erase.

4uKey iOS Unlocker download Firmware

In just a few minutes, 4uKey will finish its erase and you can then plug out the iPad from the computer. Note that everything on this iPad is erased including all data and the Apple ID. You can then start to use it like no one has used it before.

4uKey iOS Unlocker Remove Successfully

Bonus: How to Find the Owner of An iPad

If you found an Apple that belongs to someone else and you want to find the owner, well, you’re so kind.

To begin with, if you have time for it, you may bring this iPad to an official Apple Store and ask the staff to find the owner for you.

They will run the IMEI checking and match the device to the registered legit owner. Then, they will contact the person and handle the rest. You may stay there and make sure they make the dial.

If you’re busy, dial their hotline for more:

  • United States: 1-800-275-2273
  • Canada: 1-800-263-3394

However, if you want to keep the iPad and change ownership by signing out the Apple ID, you have to jailbreak this tablet. You can find a lot of tutorials online.

4uKey iPhone Unlocker

1-Click iPhone Unlocker

Remove Lock screen, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions in one tool

  • Fix locked, disabled, unavailable iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Remove Apple ID/iCloud account without password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) with clicks

*Compatible with iOS 16 & iPadOS 16


If what you mean is to restore this stolen iPhone to factory settings, yes, you can do it when you’re the legit owner who gets it back. You can simply do it by entering the screen passcode.

However, if you’re not the legit owner but someone who got fooled to buy a secondhand iPhone, you can’t restore this iPhone back to its original status. It’s not a total brick though. Try to jailbreak this iPhone and you can still log into your Apple account on App Store. But iCloud and Sim services are likely unsupported.

If this factory reset is implemented by Recovery mode or any third-party tools, yes, this locked iPhone can still be tracked as the Find My iPhone is still functioning. However, if this iPhone is jailbroken, the Find My iPhone will be blocked and this device can no longer be tracker. Unless its jailbreak status is removed.

If an iPhone has the Lost Mode activated, this iPhone restricts any access including inserting a new Sim card. So, it can’t be used with a new Sim card.

When you force reset this iPhone and disable the Lost mode by jailbreaking, this iPhone will likely reject all Sim cards.

But if this iPhone has no Lost Mode and Activation lock screen activated, a new Sim card is surely helpful. Just remember to check if there’s a carrier lock on this iPhone. Use a Sim card from a specific carrier.


There’re posts teaching iPhone/iPad users to bypass the Activation Lock by changing the DNS settings.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in most cases. And we haven’t found any solid proof or case for this method. But of course, as a free method, it is worth a try.

Nope, the Activation lock on iPhone or iPad will not be removed when you jailbreak it. Jailbreak itself is incapable of doing so. You need to apply extra tools to remove the lock.

A factory reset for iPhone varies based on the tool that we use to reset the iPhone.

If we do a factory reset to iPhone with Find My iPhone’s Erase This iPhone feature, yes, the factory reset will be disabled. This is the same when we reset iPhones with the Settings app.

But if we connect the iPhone to iTunes with Recovery mode and do a factory reset there, the Activation lock will be turned on.

I‘m afraid not. You need either the password of the target Apple account or the solid proof of purchase like a receipt. Otherwise, you can’t prove yourself as the legit owner of this iPhone. When this is a secondhand iPhone, ask the previous owner for the exact proof of evidence.

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