Blu-ray movies are treats for eyes, ears, and, souls. With its unprecedented HD images, it just feels like we’re stepping inside the screen and watching everything happening so real. Luckily, such pleasure is easily accessible. We may get a Blu-ray disc from Amazon or local stores, more conveniently, simply go to a nearby supermarket to find a Redbox, take out 2 bucks, rent the desired movie.

If the movie you just enjoy is so fascinating that you plan to copy the movie to your computer or another disk for later viewing and backup, you may feel disappointed that your action will not complete since the Blu-ray discs are mostly copy protected. A copy-protected Blu-ray disc is not available to copy, convert, rip, or clone with regular steps, if you’re yearning for a Blu-ray disk copy or conversion, try to decrypt it first to break through its protection and then do whatever you’re dying to do.

1. What is Blu-ray copy protection?

The Blu-ray Copy protection, rooting in digital rights management (DRM), is the digital technology that Blu-ray disks publishers will add on a disk to prevent illegal copy, which is boycotted by some movie viewers but still exists on most Blu-ray disc.

There’re loads of Blu-ray copy protections based on the publishers of the disks, and AACS, BD+, Cinavia, and ROM-Mark are the most common four items.


Refers to the Advanced Access Content System, the standard for content distribution and digital rights management. Released in 2005, the AACS has already been the major copy protection for BD and HD-DVD that most BD publishers, including Disney, Internal, Microsoft, Warner, Toshiba, Sony, apply to their items.


Since AACS was decrypted in 2006, some Blu-ray producers (Panasonic, Sony, and 20th Century Fox) thought it was necessary to build up another system to protect the disk content from copy and ripping, and BD+ is the creation of this thought.

So-called superior to AACS and would not be decrypted in 10 years, the BD+ is indeed more complicated and safer but the iconical fact is that the first BD+ Blu-ray disc, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, has been decrypted right in 2016, only one month after the BD+ was unveiled.


Developed by Verance in 1999 and published in 2010, this copy protection system is always in conjunction with AACS, as it controls the restriction of audio safety of the disk and AACS controls the other contents.

By offering a watermarking and steganography facility, Cinavia can add invisible and undefined watermarks on clips that require special encoders to read. Any improper reading will fail to detect the real watermarks and cause wrong or muted audio on the disk playback or copy.


This is the serialization technology to guard against illegal piracy of Blu-ray discs, some licensed BD-ROM manufactures will add this kind of tech into the disc contents to make it only available to read. When you try to copy the disc folder into your PC as an ISO image or BD folder, a black screen will be all that you see whilst the playback.

All in all, the Blu-ray copy protection is the locked door that keeps you away from the path of disk copy or backup. To get through that or those doors, you need a key – a Blu-ray decrypter.

2. How to decrypt a Blu-ray disc with the best Blu-ray decrypters?

In this section, I will walk you through the 3 most effective tools for Blu-ray decryption. You can check out each and apply the most suitable one.

Best Blu-ray Decrypter NO. 1 – Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Standing at the cutting edge of Blu-ray decryption, Tipard Blu-ray Converter can break through all the BD copy protections and allows users to rip or convert the Blu-ray content as digital video formats.

More considerately, depending on the screen you’re about to watch the movie, you can decide the resolution(up-to-4K) and the ratio of the output. Also, the audio channel and subtitles are adjustable based on your language background.

Tipard Blu Ray Converter for BD Decryption

Let’s take a look at the basic steps then.

Step 1 Launch Tipard Blu-ray Converter on your computer

You may click the button below to download this Blu-ray decrypter on your computer for free.

Step 2 Insert your disc into your computer

Step 3 Start the decryption

On this decrypter’s interface, locate Ripper and click the big plus icon to input the disc into the program.

Then, all the videos on this disc will be displayed, you may choose the clip that you want to back up by clicking the Full Movie List button.

Loading Blu Ray Disc Successfully

Next, choose the audio, subtitle, destination, and format for the output.

When everything is set, click the Rip All button to proceed. This tool will start to decrypt the disc and rip its content into the target format.

Blu Ray Decryption Start

When the ripping is complete, you can click the Open Output Folder button to have quick access. The output movie can be opened and run with regular media players like Windows Media Player and VLC.

Best Blu-ray Decrypter No.2 – DVDFab 11

As an overall Blu-ray tool, DVDFab 11 enables users to rip, convert, and copy protected Blu-ray discs with incredible video enhancement.

DVDFab Blu-ray Decrypter

If you have a normal 2D/HD(1080p) Blu-ray disc, well, with DVDFab 11, you may rip the movie from the disc and output as an up-to-8K movie with 3D vision, which you may simply have a better viewing experience with this great BD decrypter.

Besides, the program, with its overall capacity, allows users to copy the protected disc content into another blank disk with the aforementioned up-to-8K and 3D optimizations, which is rare in the BD decryption industry.

4K 8K 3D Decryption

If you have some regular HD Blu-ray discs, resort to this powerful Blu-ray decrypter and enjoy the devilishly great theatre-like motions just sitting on the couch without visiting the cinema that is miles away.

But, as a tool that is the profession kit for Blu-ray, it charges higher than regular Blu-ray decrypters for sure.

Best Blu-ray Decrypted No.3 – Acrok Video Converter Ultimate

Lack of enough budget or want to give a shot for a free BD decrypter first? Try Acrok Video Converter Ultimate then.

Highly phrased by a lot of Blu-ray fans, Acrok is one of few that allows users to rip the encrypted Blu-ray discs for free. Once installed, everyone can start a lossless disk ripping immediately.

Acrok Free Blu-ray Decrypter

Also, the program offers an in-app Blu-ray player feature so that you’re available to watch the output directly with this app and don’t have to use other charged Blu-ray player software.

However, despite its free-pricing and convenient features, Acrok is not helpful when you’re in pursuit of higher-quality frames since it only supports output movies in 30 fps and 1080p (same as source), which is inferior to the previous 4K-supported Blu-ray decrypters.

To warp up:

Above are the information for Blu-ray decryption and the tools as well as methods that you will need to decrypt a copy-protected Blu-ray disc. Now, if you find one of the three tools are helpful, pick it up and start your decryption.