Bilibili is an ACG video-sharing website and social platform based in China. It offers free videos of many fields, such as animation, comics, games, funny KUSO videos, movies, music, and themes popular in China, with no ad interruptions!!! which is pretty cool. Besides hosting funny and cool video content, Bilibili offers a core feature that allows users to comment in real-time as streams of moving subtitles overlaid on the video playback screen. This feature is called Bullet Comment (“DanMu” in Pinyin). Such comments are simultaneously broadcast to all viewers in real-time, thus creating a chat-room environment in which users feel like watching and communicating with others around the globe. The viewers can share opinions and participate in discussions while watching; this brings a whole new video watching experience. This fun feature attributes a lot of why more and more, especially young people, like to visit and download videos from bilibili.

Due to copyright restrictions, users outside China have no access to bilibili videos. For those who want to watch or download bilibili videos, need to install a VPN app first. However, as VPN is not always stable while watching, download video from bilibili for offline viewing is recommended. Plus you may like some videos a lot and would like to edit or use it somewhere in your own creative projects. The following of the essay will tell you how to download a bilibili video in HD.

Method 1: Download Bilibili Video with Bilibili Video Downloader

Every day hundreds and thousands of hours of videos are uploaded to the website. There is so much to choose from and so much you want to watch. But you definitely don’t want to spend a long time downloading. In the meantime, you don’t want fast speed downloading to sacrifice the video quality.

Here we recommend CleverGet bilibili Downloader. It features

  • Turbo-speed downloading: When turned on, it will increase your download speed to up to 10x
  • Batch downloading: You can download multiple bilibili videos at the same time, which makes downloading even faster
  • HD quality support: It allows you to download a video up to 4K resolution to watch on 4K/8K UHD TVs
  • Moreover, the tool can download not only bilibili videos but also the playlist and metadata. Playlist downloading allows you to organize the video more efficiently, and metadata helps in searching/locating the specific information.
  • Last but not least, iTubeGo Video Downloader also has a mobile app allowing you to download videos from iOS or Android devices, so you can download the bilibili videos directly to your phones.

This tool offers a 30-days evaluation period. You can enjoy all these amazing features for free for 30 days.

Then how to download bilibili video with this tool? Just follow suit.

Step 1: Launch the Leawo bilibili downloader, which has a built-in browser. Click the Download button from the menu on top. Just enter into the address bar and search for the video you want to keep. open-bililbili-with-bilibili-video-downloader

Alternatively, you can open a bilibili video to get the video link and copy the URL from the browser address bar. Then start Leawo Video Downloader and paste the video URL to the search box.

Step 2:After opening the video you love, the bilibili downloader will start to analyze the page.bilibiil-downloader-loading-video-to-download

Important Note:If you can’t play the video in the built-in browser of the program, you may need to download and install the latest version of Flash player. Close the Leawo bilibili downloader and launch it again.
If you can’t see the analysis result, you should click the green rectangle button on the right

Step 3: Once this finishes, you can click on the Download button, and your video is now being downloaded. You can check the downloading progress from the Downloading tap.


Step 4: Check the downloaded video from the Downloaded tap. Right-click on the downloaded bilibili video and click File Location.


Method 2: Use Screen Recorder as a Bilibili Live Video Downloader

As mentioned earlier, one attractive feature of bilibili videos is those bullet comments from other viewers. If you want to record those bullet comments simultaneously, this is where screen recording comes in handy. Also if you know a schedule of a coming live video streaming, you can just set the recording time in advance and then let the tool take care of the rest.

echoshare Screen Recorder is a professional yet easy to use screen recorder, and it can record any video and audio from your PC – webcam, browser, or any operation on the desktop. It can capture either the entire desktop or any selected portion of the screen, and save the recorded video/audio in a chosen format like .mp4, .avi, .flv, .wmv, .mp3, etc.  And then you can have the Bilibili video recorded directly to your local drive, shared online, or sent through email.

This app has both free and paid versions on Windows and Macs. The free version is available for non-commercial use only, and it includes some trial features for a limited time. At the end of the trial, those features must be purchased in order to continue to use within the app. Features like:

  • Create either 4:3 or 16:9 video to fit for different screen size
  • Choose different size, resolution, and FPS to capture the video
  • Add text captions or time stamp your video
  • Use video overlay to record your screen at the same time
  • Record streaming bilibili video
  • Record audio from microphone and speakers. This is ideal for video conferences.
  • Customize color settings and video settings before recording

Then how to use the tool to record video from bilibili? Here are a few steps to follow.

Step 1: Open Screen Recorder, click on the Video Recorder button on the top panel and then customize the screen size you want to record.Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Step 2: Search the video you want to download from and play it.

Step 3: On Screen Recorder, click the Record button to start recording.

Step 4: Once the video is finished, either click the End button or Ctrl+ F10 to stop.

Method 3: Accomplish Bilibili Download with a Free Online Downloader

The method doesn’t require installation and is free of charge. However, nothing is actually free, this kind of website tool makes money with advertising on that download page. And any pop-up website, visible and invisible advertisement you click by accident contribute the most to the revenue of the website. These clicks may take you to a Fake, Fraudulent, or Scamming website. So you should be careful about that and hold your mouse and don’t click around the page randomly.

Take Videosniffer Online Video Downloader as an example:

  • Step 1: Search the video you want to download from and copy the URL from the browser address bar.
  • Step 2: Go to and paste the URL into the address field, and then click the Download button.
  • Step 3: In a short moment (wait until the extraction process is done in the background), you can see a list of various media file Formats & Quality sizes. Select the one which you, and click the Download button.