As video chat becomes the normality in our daily life, the need to record conversations with friends and families that is precious to the users grows. Also, the live streaming industry is expanding incredibly speedy and if you yearn for becoming a future celebrity, start with live streaming on YouTube, Instagram, or other platforms.

No matter you want to record the on-going video chat or start your celebrity career, a great webcam recorder software is always something you need.

Moreover, no matter you’re wondering how you can record a video meeting or looking for a way to record an online lecture as a teacher, a webcam recorder is always the optimal helper of yours.

In this post, 6 best webcam recorders with different features will be listed. No matter which situation you are in, you can always find the most suited one and record your wonderful or important moments.

Best Webcam Recorder Software

1. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

First, let’s take a look at a powerful recorder – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

If you hanker to create a very high-quality video with very simple operation, this is your optimal choice.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Being famous for the absolute simplicity and robust recording feature, you can use it to record your webcam in lossless with 3 easy clicks. You don’t need to worry about having puzzles using the program.

Enable Webcam on Screen Recorder

Moreover, you have the flexibility to record your camera image and other on-screen activities simultaneously. You can record your webcam along with gameplay, media player, browser, or other applications.

Compatibility: Windows & Mac


  • Editing and trimming features are available.
  • It provides one-press shortcuts.
  • You can record the microphone and system sound separately or simultaneously.
  • You will never find watermarks on all files.
  • 8 video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, are provided.


  • Mac version only supports producing an mp4 video file while recording webcam solely.

Price: Free/Paid

Tip: So far, you can download the program and record your webcam image for free!

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio, AKS Open Broadcaster Software, is a free and open-source screen recording and live streaming application.

Appreciated by countless YouTubers and bloggers, OBS performs perfectly and professionally in recording and streaming. You can use it to record your webcam in 4K/120fps maximumly.

OBS Webcam Record

With a bundle of custom video-audio configurations, you can decide every detail of your output videos with preferences, including color rendering, resolution, fps, bit rate, audio bit rate, and audio mixer, etc.

Also, OBS offers a Studio Mode feature for streaming. Once turned on, you can preview the footage video before it goes online. You can modify your streaming from the preview and improve the performance of your broadcasting.

However, as professional as it is, OBS is one of the most difficult to use programs. Before you start to capture your webcam, you need to add a webcam source on OBS and set up a few more properties.

OBS Settings

Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Linux.


  • It has an unequaled recording capability.
  • 6 video formats are supported.
  • Supports up-to-8K recording.


  • It takes time and practice to understand the complex interface and operation.
  • It requires a buttress of high-end CPU and GPU to record with no lags.

Price: Free

3. Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the most popular screen capture utility, you can use it to take screenshot and capture screen activities. It’s perfectly designed for gamers who are eager for a decent video and beginners who are longing for a simple recording.

Bandicam Webcam Recorder

Featuring an intuitive user interface, you can easily start a webcam recording by selecting the related recording mode on the interface.

Bandicam Recording Mode

As a powerful screen capture program, Bandicam also offers multiple considerate features, such as shortcuts, custom configurations, adjustable audio sources for video, etc.

In addition, as you use Bandicam for a while and figure out the best recording settings of your own, you can add a custom recording mode on Bandicam and use the mode as default.

Compatibility: Windows


  • It’s programmed with 3 recording modes for different needs.
  • A real-time drawing feature is available.
  • It supports 4K recording.
  • You can make a chroma key for your webcam image.


  • The audio setup is a bit complex.
  • It only supports producing MP4 and AVI videos.
  • Your video will have watermarks under the free trial version.

Price: Free/Paid

4. Free2X Webcam Recorder

What does Free2X do? Record your webcam. Anything else? NO!

Free2X Webcam Recoder

Free2X, as a free and open-source professional webcam recorder, it helps you solve your problems in recording an inserted or native camera. Once launched, the app will automatically detect your webcam and you can simply initiate a webcam recording with one single step.

Being famous for its extreme simplicity, Free2X focuses only on webcam recording. You don’t have to worry about having lags or system freezing.

However, lightweight as it is, you can only choose to save your video file as WMV or AVI file. The maximum frame rate you can decide is 30 fps, which means you can only produce a normal video.
Free2X Webcam Recorder Settings

Compatible: Windows


  • It’s extremely easy to use, even a beginner knows how to use it for the first time.
  • You can use shortcuts to start, pause, and stop recording.


  • It offers only one featureWebcam Recording.
  • The quality of the video is not high.

Price: Free

5. Logitech Capture

If you’re a Logitech webcam user who is itching to make perfect live streaming, Logitech Capture is pretty helpful.

Developed by Logitech, the Logitech Capture software is crucial for high-quality video recording and sharing. As long as you insert a Logitech webcam, it will help you record and broadcast the camera content easily, fast, and intuitively.

Logitech Capture Webcam Recorder

For streamers:

  • You can create a 9:16 vertical video for mobile viewing.
  • Also, for further improvement, you can personalize your video content with live text overlays.
  • You may choose to modify the styles, colors, and backgrounds to make your streaming more productive.

Compatible: Windows


  • You can add multiple effects, transitions, layouts to your recording content.
  • It’s very easy to use, each feature is easy to find and activate.


  • Only a Logitech webcam user can use the program successfully.
  • It only allows us to record a microphone or system sound separately.
  • It’s a bit heavyweight, lags sometimes happen.

Price: Free

6. YouCam

Published by Cyberlink, YouCam is perfectly designed for streamers to share their daily activities and employees to record important video meetings.

YouCam Webcam Recorder

With YouCam installed, you can easily start streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Or you can use it to record your meetings on Zoom and U Meeting, etc.

Want to make your streaming more attractive?

Use the built-in real-time skin enhancements and makeup. YouCam features Live Skin Smoothing, which reduces wrinkles and blemishes on your face.

Besides, you can apply to over 200 augmented reality effects, customized titles, and images.

All in all, this is a perfect webcam recorder for YouTubes and live streamers who want to show their fans the best images.

Compatibility: Windows


  • Multiple considerate and useful features are available.
  • It supports multi-platform streaming and recording.


  • Most features are only available in the paid version.

Price: Free/Paid

Tip: You can click the button below to download the app for free.

To warp up:

Our recommendations to help you find your ideal webcam recorder based on our reviews and testing are now all presented. You can choose one from the above 6 recorders and start recording your webcam. Hopefully, this post can help you find out the best webcam recording software.

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