The Best Three Region Free DVD Players For 2023

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We are living in an increasingly globalized world. Thanks to international trade, we are able to enjoy products, arts, ideas, and technologies from all over the world without leaving the confines of our own city, let alone the country. But for all its benefits, international trade also poses a lot of logistical issues. One example of this is region-locked DVDs.

Region-locking DVDs is a practice used by movie distribution companies to ensure that movies are available in the right regions at their allotted time. This way, cinemas, and DVD rentals’ profits are protected as people cannot watch movies from abroad before their local distributors can get a fair chance to provide them.

Luckily, we have multiple ways of playing DVDs from different regions; Region-free DVD players, DVD rippers, and specialized media players to name a few.

In this article, we will talk about region-locked DVD players and their region-free versions.

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FYI: What Is Region Code and Region-free DVD Player

As part of the DRM methods, the Region code restriction helps disc producers monitor and stop unauthorized playback of commercial DVDs. This is an encryption method planted on DVD content so that only the related DVD player can read and play the disc.

In total, 8 codes for DVDs and DVD players are sold and used in different regions of the world.

  • Region 1: The US, Canada, and US territories.
  • Region 2: Europe, Japan, the Middle Erase, South Africa, and Greenland
  • Region 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia
  • Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean
  • Region 5: Eastern Europe, Russia, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
  • Region 6: China
  • Region 7: Reserved for unspecified special use
  • Region 8: Special international venues for air and oceanic travel

Generally speaking, you can only buy Region 1 DVDs in the stores of the state when you live there. Still, you can get some DVDs with other region codes when you travel abroad or buy from individuals (maybe on eBay).

Relatively, you can only play the disc on a DVD player that’s from the same region. But this costs another fortune and it’ll be a great trouble to order the hardware from another country.

Thinking of that, DVD player manufacturers release a type of DVD hardware that has no region restrictions – region-free or all-region DVD players.

What Is a Region-free/All-region DVD Player

If you find a DVD player labeled as Region 0 or All Region, congratulations, this hardware will play DVDs from the globe to you.

Manufacturers have removed all the region restrictions from the hardware. A player like this is perfect when you have DVDs from different regions.

If this is what you want, you can go to the local store or Amazon and get one to play the discs.

Is It Worth Getting a Region-free DVD Player

Compared to a region-locked DVD player, a region-free one is a bit more expensive, usually $20. After all, it can play more DVDs than the former one.

To some people, they may wonder if it’s worth getting a new DVD player. Well, it depends on how many incompatible DVDs you have.

Have just one or two DVDs with different region codes? Well, it’s slightly extravagant to spend around $50 to watch a DVD movie. If you have enough budget or this DVD is so important, sure, you can make the order. Or you can try to remove the region lock from the single DVD, which saves more.

When you have a whole shelf of DVD collections, a new DVD player that is eligible to load all discs is 100% worth the price.

Tip: If Blu-ray discs are standing on your shelf, you may consider buying a region-free Blu-ray player instead of a DVD player. With around $90, you get the hardware that can play both DVDs and Blu-rays from all regions.

Watch Out: Don’t Buy A Multi-region DVD Player

As its name suggests, a multi-region DVD player can play DVDs from more than 1 region. Some support 4, 5, or 6 regions while some support only 2 or 3 regions. Depending on the numbers of the supported regions, the price differs too.

The reason why we don’t recommend buying a multi-region DVD player is simple: it has a similar price to an all-region device.

If you can get a universal player at $50, why would you buy a less capable device at the same price? It could be a nightmare if you have a disc that won’t play on the multi-region DVD player. You need to get an extra one to play that single disc.

#1 Region-free DVD Player Model: MAITE MTDVD-BA Model

Amazon retail price: $23.99


  • Plays VCD, CD, & DVD
  • Supports USB input (128GB) and playback
  • Plays DVD & USB media in 720P

The good

What’s the most attractive spot of this MAITE DVD hardware? The price. It’s either the cheapest or second cheapest region-free DVD player on the market. You will get a Sony, Panasonic, or Philips region-lock DVD player at $25. But now, with $24, you get a region-free player that loads all DVDs. Surprise!

Let’s not mention it also supports a USB playback up to 128GB.

The bad

It doesn’t support resolution upscaling. You can only play the DVD movie in the original quality – 720P. It may not satisfy you if you’ve been used to HD frames or 3D effects.

Also, the connector type of the hardware is RCA. No HDMI or WIFI connection. It won’t affect the quality of the audio and frame but it’s slightly difficult to connect the three cords than just one cord.

#2 Region-free DVD Player Model: Ceihoit DVP-508

Amazon retail price: $33.98


  • Plays CD, DVD & USB
  • Offers upscaling to 1080P
  • Measures just 7.3 x 6 x 1.7in and 1.1LB, 50% smaller than most players

What we like:

You may consider this as a simple upgraded model of the first product. Add $10, you get a region-free player that plays DVDs up to 1080P.

Besides, this hardware is so compact that you can put it in your pocket or backpack. You’re available to play your DVD anytime anywhere.

What we don’t like:

We really can’t find anything bad about this product. After all, we get what we need for playing a DVD – region free & 1080P enhancement.

#3 Region-free DVD Player Model: Philips DVP-3680

Amazon retail price: $54.95


  • Plays CD, VCD, DVD & USB
  • Offers HD (1080p) playback
  • Plays surround sound

What we like:

A satisfying product from a big name – this is our impression after using this DVD player.

Upscale the DVD frames to 1080P and make the playback more exquisite with the Cinema Plus technology installed on the hardware. You will have a better viewing experience.

Also, as a product of a big name, you can contact the manufacturers and have a quick response once the hardware has bugs.

What we don’t like:

You need to insert one AAA battery to get the player to function. Well, it’s the 2020s now. It’s pretty shocking to know that there’s a DVD player that still needs a battery.

Bonus: Play Region-lock DVDs without A Region-free DVD Player

If you don’t want to spend your money buying another DVD player when you already have one at home, we have two solutions to play region-locked DVDs.

Either you can remove the region locks from your DVDs or from the DVD player.

Indeed, we’re able to make our DVDs and DVD player region free. Both require a bit of luck, skills, and correct steps. Read on.

How to Make DVDs Region-Free

To play region-locked DVDs is to rip their contents using a ripper like Tipard DVD Ripper, bypassing the region lock, and later, watching the videos on any device.

Tipard DVD Ripper

We recommend Tipard DVD Ripper for the following reasons:

  • It is the only Ripper that can handle 100% lossless conversion to over 500 formats.
  • It works 30 times faster than any of its competitors.
  • It makes 1:1 copies of any DVD to ISO or MPG (a strong container format that can store high-quality video and metadata.)
  • It includes a powerful DVD video editor.
  • It offers several additional features like a 3D Maker, a GIF Maker, a Video Enhancer and Compressor, and a Metadata Editor.

How to Rip Video from Region-Locked DVDs with Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 1

Download Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 2

Load the DVD onto Tipard

Step 3

Set up the DVD for ripping

Step 4

Rip your DVD

You may now watch the ripped video on your computer or any other device via USB or SD Card.

How to Make DVD Player Region-Free

Manufacturers have left access to region-locked DVD players for customers to disable the restrictions. However, this access is only available in certain regions depending on different brands of DVD players.

You can try the following steps to make your DVD player region-free. Close the tray.

To begin with, restart your DVD player and eject the disc from the tray if there’s one. Then, enter a specific activation code to begin the removal. For different hardware, the code varies:

  • Samsung: 29334
  • Sony: 12345
  • Toshiba: 2403960
  • Philips: 1389310
  • Panasonic: 1234567890

For other brands, you may go to the official website and get the code. Or contact technical support.

Lastly, hit the Enter or Home key on the remote to complete the removal. Now, this DVD hardware can play DVDs from 8 different regions.


Locking their DVDs in a specific region is something many movie producers do to ensure their copyrights are protected. However, this can create differences in how fast certain regions gain access to specific films if they do at all. Thankfully, there are region-free DVD players that can play DVDs from any region. In this article, we saw the three best ones and even offered some alternatives.


Region 0 is an alternative way of saying that a DVD is region-free. In short, that it belongs to no region and can be played by any DVD player.

No. Unfortunately, unless your DVD player is already region-free, there is no way of making it so.

Yes, it will. Region-free DVDs will play on any DVD player, regardless of the region.

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