I bought some Blu-ray movies in Japan and sent them to my friend Micheal in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Micheal failed to play those with his Samsung Blu-ray Player, he did some research and found that it was the region-code that account for the issue. The Blu-ray discs I sent to him is encoded as Region A, and his Blu-ray Player is only compatible is Region B. In this case, when you insert the disc into a player, you will see a “region not allowed” message or “Check Regional Code” display on the front panel of the player.

Why there are Blu-ray Region Code?

Check Regional Code

Blu-ray disc and DVD region code is a digital rights management technology that designated to control the distribution among the international. It helps to protect the benefit of the holders among different countries.

Unlike DVD region code, there are only there alphabetic region codes with Blu-ray contents. They are Region A, Region B, and Region C.

  • Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.
  • Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Region C: Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Central, and South Asia.

How to Identify region-free Blu-ray Players

As we know that there are only 3 Region codes on Blu-ray disc, so If you could find words like “BD:A/B/C”, “Code Free” or “MultiRegion” in the description of a Player, then it is a region-free Blu-ray Player. To find more region-free Blu-ray Players, you can type the search query in a form like “Code Free Blu-ray Player” or “Multi Region Blu-ray Player” on Amazon. You will get plentiful region-free Blu-ray Players for your choice.

Things You should know before purchase a region-free Blu-ray Player

It is not allowed to manufacture or sell region-free Blu-ray Players legislatively due to which you don’t see any region-free Blu-rays/DVDs Players in tangible stores and manufacturers like Samsung, LG or Sony don’t produce and market region-free Blu-ray players. All region-free Blu-ray players are marketed by third-party sellers. They bought the players, changed the factory settings, hack into the Players and turn them into region-free Blu-ray Players. And, the price of those refined version of Blu-ray player is higher than the original-official version. Besides, the region-free feature, the region-free version has all the functionalities of the original model. It says it is ok to upgrade the firmware without losing region-free capability, while I suggest you not to take the risk.

Here I show you Three Best region-free Blu-ray Players

#1 Samsung J5900RF Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player

Samsung J5900RF Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player is an excellent region-free Blu-ray Player with region-free and 3D options. It has small size and little loading noisy. You can switch regions easily without any complicated options.

#2 Sony BDP-BDP-S3700 Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player

It plays Blu-rays from region A, B, and C, play DVDs from region 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. It supports 110 to 240 volts (110 volts, 120 volts, 220 volts, & 240 Volts) power supply with North America/USA plug and a EU plug adaptor will be provided as well.

#3 LG BPM-35 Blu-ray Player

You can play any DVD or Blu-ray disc on any TV with the full conversion of Pal and NTSC features. At 110-240 volts, LG BPM-35 works well with electricity standards around the world. You can enjoy many streaming services including Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video®, Hulu Plus®, Vudu®, Pandora®, Youtube®, MLB.tv®, Spotify®, Rhapsody®, vTuner®, AP®, & Viewster®.

How to Play Region-coded Blu-ray on computer

If you have a Blu-ray drive installed in your computer then you don’t need to purchase a tangible region-free Blu-ray Player, turn to a software version can be a more reasonable option. My advice here is to use Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player. It is able to play any commercial Blu-ray disc released in any region which can be a reliable solution for you.

Mac Download
Mac Download

How to Remove Region Code from Your Blu-ray disc

To remove region code from your Blu-ray disc, you will need a Blu-ray Ripper which can rip your Blu-ray video out and convert them to digital encoded videos such as MKV, MP4, and MOV. It supports 1080p, UHD, 4K Blu-ray, and even 3D, so you can ensure that it will handle your Blu-ray disc well. This Blu-ray Ripper is only available on Windows and macOS, so you have to make sure that a BD drive is installed on your computer.

Mac Download
Mac Download

Step 1 Load your Region-Coded disc to the Program

Install and run the Blu-ray Ripper mentioned above. Insert the disc into the Blu-ray drive. Add the disc to the program by clicking Loac Disc > Load BD Disc. It will take minutes for the program to detect all content in the disc.

Step 2 Select Main Movie mode for the ripping. In this mode, you will only have the longest title included which is always the whole long movie title. Click Ok.

Step 3 Choose the subtitles and soundtracks that you need.

Step 4 Configure the output profile. You can edit every output settings based on your preference, for instance, video codec, bit rate, and resolution. If you don’t want to handle these, you can select a preset format that mostly fits you.

Step 5 Set the output directory, then Click Start button to remove the region code from your Blu-ray disc.

In this way, the region code in your Blu-ray content is removed and the disc has been converted to a digital one that you can play with various playback. If you still want to watch the movie with your Blu-ray Player, you can copy the file to a USB drive and insert the USB drive to the Blu-ray Player.

What if your Blu-ray Player doesn’t support USB drive? There is one more step you have to do. You have to burn the video back to a Blu-ray disc with a Blu-ray Creator.

As mentioned above, we have so many solutions to deal with Region-Coded Blu-ray disc. And, in my opinion, to convert the Blu-ray content into digital format is the best one. It is 100% feasible and no further risk you need to take. Leave a message and let us know if you have further questions.