Though live-streaming services like Hulu and Netflix dominate the world, Blu-ray discs are still the best tools to enjoy a movie. While the audio and frame quality will be lost in long-distance transporting, Blu-ray discs will deliver almost the same quality.

However,  if you love to collect Blu-rays from various parts of the globe and try to stream them on your Blu-ray player, you may encounter the Region code issue. As a result, the playback will fail.

To stream the collected Blu-ray movies and have the best experience of watching and hearing, a region-free Blu-ray player will be your best helper.

In this article, we will provide information on the best region-free Blu-ray player. You can take a look and make your choice. Also, if none of the models pleases you, you can read the standards that we list for choosing a region-free Blu-ray player.

Best Region Free Blu-ray Player

Best Region-free BD Player: Sony BX370 / BDP-S3700

  • Support: DVD & Blu-ray
  • Connector: HDMI & Wifi
  • Resolution: 1080P or 4K
  • Price: $122 – $395
  • Available: Amazon

Many people will choose this Sony BX370 / BDP-S3700 region-free player as their everyday Blu-ray player as I do for its all-around features.

Sony Region Free Blu-ray Player

To begin with, this product offers 5 subscription plans for customers to choose from:

  • $122:70 (Newest model with 11% off – $180.60): WiFi, Smart, Region Free;
  • $150:00: Smart, Region Free
  • $154.90: WiFi, Smart, Region Free;
  • $188:00: 3D, 4K UHD Player, WiFi, Smart, Region Free;
  • $389:00: 3D, 4K Upconversion, WiFi, Smart, Region Free.

If you’re looking for a Blu-ray player that can play Blu-rays from all regions, this Sony BD player is surely the best option. From 1080P HD to 4K UHD, this BD player will deliver the quality you long for. Let’s not mention the 3D optimization.

Sony Region Free Blu-ray Player

It has a Wireless connection for all 5 options. You don’t have to connect your TV and the player with an HDMI cable anymore. Simply connect both to one Wi-Fi network, and you can stream the Blu-ray disc wirelessly. This avoids playback failure due to a corrupted cable and port.

How to Choose A Region-Free BD Player from Sony

If you have trouble selecting one from these 5 options, allow me.

When you simply want to play Blu-rays from all regions without any further requirements, the $122 model is perfect. With such a low price, you can get a 1080P wireless BD player without a region lock from a world-class brand. You can try to compare this model with other competitors. You will surprisingly find out that this $122 is almost the cheapest among all region-free players.

4K compatibility and 3D optimization sound attractive, right? The home-theatre-like streaming experience will definitely make you cheer. With $189, which is nearly half the price of other 3D 4K region-free Blu-ray players, this BDP-S6700 gives you the exact enjoyment.

Why Sony BX370 / BDP-S3700 Is The Best

  • Very Affordable Price: Stream HD Blu-rays at $122 and 3D 4K Blu-ray at $189
  • Region-free: Region A, B, C
  • HD & UDH: 1080P to 4K Resolution
  • Vision Tech: HDR & 3D
  • Audio Tech: Dolby 7.1
  • Compatibility: Play media from BD, DVD, CD, VCD, USB, HDD, and more
  • Wireless Connection: Built-in Wifi
  • DVD Region-free: DVD 0-8, Plays Pal & NTSC
Blu-ray Player

Ultimate Blu-ray Player

Best All-in-one Blu-ray, DVD, and Media Player Software

  • One-click Play Blu-ray disc, BD Folder, & BD ISO
  • Decrypt DRMs like BD+, AACS, Cinavia, etc
  • Supports 3D, 4K UHD, 8K, AVCHD, and more

*Works on Windows 11 & macOS Ventura

Tip: Standards to Choose A Region-free Blu-ray Player

If the Sony region-free Blu-ray player cannot satisfy you, there’s more on Amazon waiting for you. To choose one from hundreds of choices, you’d better know some basic standards of a region-free Blu-ray player.

Region-Free or Multi-Region

On Blu-ray players, there are 3 regions – Region A, B, and C. Most players are locked to a certain region. Only a few are labeled as region-free and can play all Blu-ray discs.

However, there’s one thing you must look at whether the Blu-ray player is region-free or multi-region. Some multi-region players can only play 2 regions but those who sell them will just boast that it’s “region-free”. If you buy a player that can only play 2 regions, well, you will encounter playback failure once an unsupported disc is inserted.

Region Code On BD Player

Bonus: How to Check If A Blu-ray Player Is Region Free?

Check the back or bottom of the Blu-ray player. Find the symbol for the supported region(s).

  • If you find the symbols of Region A, B, and C or an ALL region, this is a player without region lock.
  • When a Region B (or A, C) symbol appears, this Blu-ray player is locked to Region B discs only.


A region-free Blu-ray player that plays 1080P normally starts at around $100 excluding tax (& delivery if you choose online order). Of course, this is the offer from some less famous brands.

If you want something from a big name, the cost will run up to $150 for a 1080P player. For 3D & 4K features, you may need to add $100 at least.

Connector Type

Many people may ignore this factor on a region-free Blu-ray player. Most attention is paid to the playback, price, and region unlock features. Less will notice that how the Blu-ray player connects to your TV or computer matter.

  • RCA cords
  • USB connectors
  • HDMI cables
  • and Wi-Fi networks

These are the 4 most common connection types for Blu-ray players. Some products support one connection and some have multiple.

The best option is always to pick a product that supports multiple connections. In this way, when one cord is damaged, you can apply another cord.

Blu-ray Player Connectors

Besides, if you plan to connect this region-free Blu-ray player to a computer, buy one that supports HDMI or USB connection. An RCA connection will not work for a computer and gives it the power to play Blu-rays.

Walkaround: How to Make Your Blu-ray Discs or Player  Region Free

If we buy an extra Blu-ray player, how about the one we already have at home? Should we sell it or just set it aside? Neither will make us lose a few bucks.

To save money and make the Blu-ray player 100% useful, people are thinking about whether is possible to make a Blu-ray player region-free. Also, can we try to remove the region restrictions from the Blu-ray disc?

We will answer both questions separately. Read on.

Can We Make Blu-ray Player Region-free?

Yes, we can remove the region lock on most Blu-ray players.

Every hardware manufacturer provides access to change or remove the region code on the device. However, not all Blu-ray players are open for this availability. You can go to the official website or contact technical support.

Once you know that the Blu-ray player is allowed to remove the region lock,  proceed by consulting the steps. The steps of making the Blu-ray player region-free are different for devices from various brands. To make your Blu-ray player region-free, call the manufacturers for support.

Can We Remove Region Code from Blu-ray Discs?

If your Blu-ray player doesn’t support a region code removal, don’t worry. We can take a look at the other side of the Blu-ray streaming: Blu-ray discs.

To be clear, we can remove the region restrictions from the Blu-ray discs and convert the movies into digital files without quality loss. Later, you can either burn the movie files back to a Blu-ray or just run the media on the computer directly.

To remove the region codes and other restrictions on the Blu-ray discs, we need a professional Blu-ray ripper program. If you’re interested in this solution, read on for the following tutorial.

Remove Region Codes on Blu-ray Discs

To make your Blu-ray discs region-free, echoshare Blu-ray Converter will be a nice helper. This is a professional Blu-ray decrypter that is capable of removing all kinds of copy protections like region codes and Cinavia.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Load Blu-ray Disc

With a handful of clicks, your Blu-ray discs will be converted to digital files stored on the computer, discs, HDD, or others. You can stream the movie with the original frame and audio quality on your computer, TV, or even mobile.

Supporting up to 4K and the additional 3D ripping feature, echoshare can convert your UHD or 3D Blu-ray to a region-free media file in equal quality. You can enjoy this movie with excellent visual and audio effects with or without the disc.

Amazing Features:

  • Remove Blu-ray (& DVD) region codes without damaging the Blu-ray Content;
  • Support 4K UHD, 1080P, and 3D in over 500 formats;
  • Make a 1:1 copy at the ultimate speed.

Now, download this Blu-ray region code remover, and let’s begin the removal.

Step 1:

To begin with, connect your Blu-ray player to the computer via the USB cords. Next, insert the locked Blu-ray disc.

Complete the setup of Tipard and launch the software.

Step 2:

On the software interface, hit the Load Blu-ray button at the top-left corner or the big plus button in the middle. The program will start to load and analyze the inserted Blu-ray.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Loading Movie

Step 3:

Once the analysis is complete, Tipard will display the information about the disc on the interface. It’s time to set up for the removal:

  • Full Title List: decide the video files to convert;
  • Output or Rip All to: decide the format of the region-free Blu-ray movie;
  • Audio, Subtitle, & Edit: Customize the output files based on your need;
  • Save to: Select the destination to save the Blu-ray file(s).

Tipard Blu-ray Converter Loaded Blu-ray Disc

Step 4:

Done setting all up, hit the Rip All button to generate a conversion. Tipard will start to disable the region code restriction and convert the movie into digital files.

When the conversion is done, go to the preset folder and start to stream the movie.

FYI: What Are Region Codes

Blu-ray disc and DVD region code is a digital rights management technology that is designated to control the distribution internationally. It helps to protect the benefit of the holders in different countries.

Unlike DVD region codes, there are only there alphabetic region codes with Blu-ray contents. They are Region A, Region B, and Region C.

  • Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.
  • Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Region C: Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Central, and South Asia.

Blu Ray Region Codes

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