For those who want to make a simple screenshot, Gyazo is always helpful. However, Gyazo is not a perfect choice for some users to take a screenshot due to its several downsides.

Cons of Gyazo:

  • You can only extract 10 recently captured files from Gyazo online storage, you have to pay for the extra extraction.
  • No editing tool is available, you need to edit your screenshots with other tools if you need to edit the image.
  • Errors happen a lot when you use Gyazo to take a screenshot. (If you encounter Gyazo errors, check: ‘‘ to fix your issue.)

In this article, I will list several snipping tools that are alternative to Gyazo, you can choose one from them and start making your screenshots.

1. Lightshot – Easy-to-use snipping program with multiple output modes

Lightshot is a very easy-to-use snipping tool, once installed, you can start a full-screen or window capture right away by pressing the default hotkey (Prt Scrn button on the keyboard).

Lightshot Gyazo Alternative

Compatibility: Windows & Mac OS. 


  • You can add annotations and drawings on images with in-app editing tools;
  • Lightshot offers multiple output modes for you to save, share, and transfer your captured file. You’re available to copy it to your clipboard or save it to the cloud/a custom folder, you can also choose to share it on social media or print it directly.
  • The program provides you with quick access to Google image searching.
  • You can decide the format and quality of the output.

Lightshot Output


  • Only 2 types of image formats are available, Jpg and Png.
  • When you activate a screenshot with a hotkey, it will have a one-or-two-second delay.

Tips: Lightshot VS Gyazo

Lightshot and Gyazo are two very commonly used snipping tools, many people are puzzled about how to choose one from this 2. To help you make up your mind, I will tell you the main similarities and differences between Gyazo and Lightshot.


  • Both are very easy-to-use for a screenshot;
  • Can upload the captured image to the cloud;
  • Compatible to Windows and Mac.

But at the same time, the 2 programs are different from many aspects.


  • Capture ability: Gyazo can create Gif images and Lightshot can only output the Jpg&Png file.
  • Output mode: Gyazo is only available to export the file to the cloud storage and Lightshot offers 4 more modes for file output.
  • Pricing: Lightshot is completely free to use while Gyazo will charge for full access to cloud storage and better Gif capture capacity.
  • Technique supports and frequent updates: You can find both on Gyazo. As for Lightshot, no update and no technique support are what Lightshot takes blame for.

2. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – All-in-one screen capture tool

As one of the most advanced screen capture and screen recording programs, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can satisfy everything you need in the free screen capture services.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

With Aiseesoft Screen Recorder installed, you can use the default hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + C) to initiate a snipping. You’re available to decide the format (7 types of format, Gif included) and quality (up-to-lossless) of the picture.

Besides screen snipping, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can also help you to record screen or audio and create a high-quality video/audio file.

Video Recording Setup

Compatibility: Windows & Mac.


  • You can take a screenshot or record audio/video with it.
  • There’re multiple adjustable configurations like custom hotkeys, details of output, etc.
  • You’re available to edit the output image or video.
  • You can create a Gif image without a time limit.


  • Not likely any.


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a powerful and comprehensive tool. Once you install the program, you can resolve all your troubles in screen capture or snipping.

3. ShareX – Powerful tool for snapshots in Windows computer

ShareX is a free and powerful screen capture application that is developed by Microsoft. You can use it to take a very high-quality screenshot.

ShareX Screenshot

Compatibility: Windows.

Developed by Microsoft, ShareX has great performance in the screen capture, you can use it to capture your screen in multiple ways.

Besides fullscreen and window capture, you can snip certain content in different shapes. You can choose to take a simple screen recording as well.

Also, you can edit the image after you take a screenshot. You can add effects and annotations on it, or you may adjust the contrast, brightness, and opacity.

ShareX Interface


  • It offers multiple modes for screenshots.
  • ShareX provides users with comprehensive editing tools to beautify the output.
  • You can quickly locate your file via History or Image history.
  • You can choose to save the image locally or share it through URL or QR code.

ShareX Output


  • It offers multiple professional items that are not easy to understand. For beginners, it takes time and practice to master all those configurations.
  • It only supports running on a Windows computer.

To warp up:

If you’re in pursuit of a high-quality screenshot with beautified effects, ShareX will be great.

4. Greenshot

Greenshot is a free and open-source screenshot tool for Windows. As for Mac users, they need to pay to download and use the software.

Greenshot Imgae

Compatibility: Windows & Mac.

Greenshot is a vert lightweight snipping tool, you can download and install it very easily in seconds.

Once launched, the program will remain active on your computer system with nearly 0% CPU resources. You won’t realize the existence of it till you use the default shortcut to activate it.

Also, Greenshot offers an editing tool named Image Editor. When you finish taking a screenshot with Greenshot, it will prompt you to choose a destination where you can output the file. You can choose to Open in image editor.

Greenshot Output

Greenshot will then open the Image Editor window for you to preview and edit the file. You’re available to add effects, shapes, texts and a few more markups on it.


  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • As an open-source program, you can choose to re-program it if you can.
  • You can edit your file with Image Editor.
  • You’re able to create Gif images.

Greenshot Image Editor


  • For Mac users, you need to download it on the App Store by paying $1.99.
  • When you use a shortcut to activate a screen capture, it takes one or two seconds to respond.

To sum up:

Greenshot is very useful for those who’re looking for a simple snipping tool. With Greenshot, you’re able to take a screenshot and edit it with fewer efforts.

Gyazo VS Lightshot&Others

Snipping Tool Gyazo Lightshot Aiseesoft Screen Recorder ShareX Greenshot
Supports Gif Making ×  √(No time limit)  √
Screen Recording × × ×
Editing Tool ×
Cloud Storage × ×
Local Storage ×
Shortcuts √(Delays) √(Delays)
Adjustable Configurations √(Very Few Options) √(Very Few Options) √ (Multiple Options) √ (Multiple Options) √(Very Few Options)
Easy-to-use Interface ×  √