9 Best DVD Rippers to Rip DVDs for Free on Windows 10

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With cloud storage and SSDs becoming more easily accessible to more people, ripping your old DVD collection is a no-brainer. By doing so, you get to ensure its longevity, make it easier to edit and play on a wider range of devices, like mobile phones and even your PS3 or PS4.

What is more, digitizing your DVD collection is now incredibly easy and – thanks to the DVD rippers we are going to list in this article – also free.

Therefore, if you are looking for a DVD ripper for Windows 10 to help you rip the DVD movies you have bought, or clips from a special occasion, read on and you are bound to find the right thing for you.

1. Tipard DVD Ripper (The perfect tool for the home-based ripper)

Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard is the best solution for the home user that wants to combine the capabilities of a professional tool with the simplicity and ease-of-use of a more casual option. In short, not only is it exceptional at what it does (DVD ripping), it also offers incredible versatility in terms of output formats, editing capabilities, and the ability to crack copy-protected DVDs. What really makes it the home solution, though, is the fact that it is incredibly lightweight and can be used both by pros and, most importantly, aficionados.

What we liked

  • Ability to rip and convert to over 500 formats like MKV, MP4, MOV, ISO, and DVD folder.
  • No loss of video quality. Tipard supports resolutions of up to 4K.
  • User-friendly UI.
  • Lightweight and fast-working software.
  • Copy-protection bypass feature.
  • Extra tools like a 3D Maker, GIF Maker, video editor etc.

What could be improved

  • No DVD Burner or Creator.

Who is it for: Tipard is ideal both for the professional that wants a reliable tool and the home-user that wants to rip DVDs easily, without compromising quality.

2. AVS Free Disc Creator (The runner-up)

AVS Disc Creator

AVS is the DVD ripper for those that are looking for more. It has an ISO creation tool for those that want to make digital copies of their DVDs without losing any of the features of the source material, copy and burn functions and, most importantly, the ability to create Boot discs. Those are discs that help restore your windows or any other app if it encounters an error on booting up. So, if you want a tool that can give you all the capabilities of a DVD ripper and then some more, AVS is the way to go.

What we liked

  • ISO creation tools.
  • DVD copy and burn functions.
  • Boot disc creation function.

What could be improved

  • No copy-protection removal tool.
  • A bit complicated to use.

Who is it for: It is the tool that offers the versatility of a professional tool but for private use only as it cannot rip copy-protected DVDs.

3. VLC Media Player (The media player with a twist)

VLC Main Screen

At first, we were surprised at this entry too. However, in addition to being an exceptional media player, VLC has a “convert” function that is effectively a way to turn it into a DVD ripper. But not only that. It can also download and convert videos directly from the web. That way, you can make entire collections and compilations of videos from your favorite DVDs and websites. Still, it is mainly a player, so do not expect the capabilities of a dedicated ripping tool.

What we liked

  • Great media player.
  • Ability to rip directly from websites like Youtube.
  • Relatively high speeds.

What could be improved

  • No ability to handle DVDs with copy protection.
  • Very few formats to choose from. (MP4, YouTube, DivX)

Who is it for: If you watch movies on your computer, chances are that you already have VLC, as it is one of the most popular media players out there. As you may have guessed, in addition to streaming video,  you can use VLC as a DVD ripper as well. After all, who would say no to also getting a DVD ripper in the same app?

4. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free (The one for improved privacy)


Another great solution is Ashampoo Burning Studio Free. It can do all the things we expect of a DVD ripper, like ripping DVDs at relatively high speeds. What is more, it also lets you create password-protected backups of your DVDs, if you would like the extra privacy. A feature that professionals who want their data protected from prying eyes but also photographers and graphic designers, mindful of their copyrights will appreciate. This, though, comes at the price of having to go through a subscription process and giving your email address.

What we liked

  • Ability to create password-protected backups to protect the privacy of your files.
  • Specialised audio extractor.
  • Regular updates.

What could be improved

  • Obligatory email subscription.
  • Unable to rip from copy-protected, commercial DVDs.
  • Somewhat intrusive product placement for their paid options.

Who is it for: In addition to the regular user, professionals, big companies that want a defense mechanism against corporate warfare, and also people in the visual arts who want to keep their works safe from piracy will love this app.

5. Wondershare Free DVD Ripper Speedy (Home Based VR Movie Maker)


WonderFox is great for those that want everything in one place. It will assist you in ripping DVDs (even copy-protected ones), in any video format in just a few minutes, using powerful decryption algorithms. What makes it unique is its VR creation tool. With it, you can make VR movies out of any video. And who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite DVDs on VR? Unfortunately, it only offers a free trial which means that, eventually, you will have to turn to another option or purchase it.

What we liked

  • Several extra tools like a VR converter.
  • Powerful ripper. (It will handle all sorts of sources and convert without so much as a hiccup at steady speeds)
  • Ability to bypass all copy-protection mechanisms.
  • Automatic meta-title capture for easier organization.

What could be improved

  • Only free trial.

Who is it for: Anyone who has a mind to rip DVDs will appreciate what Wonderfox has to offer, what’s more,  those that wish to upgrade their viewing experience have one more reason to choose it.

6. Freemake DVD Ripper (The three-step ripper)


We really enjoyed our Freemake DVD Ripper experience. Being able to rip 4K and even work on commercial DVDs and fully customize the end product was definitely a bonus. Furthermore,  what takes the cake is the three-step ripping process. One can have ripped files on their computer in just a few clicks. And with a few more, you can even get a fully custom end product.

What we liked

  • Copy-protection removal feature.
  • 3-step-ripping.
  • Over 20 available video formats. (MP4, VOB, AVI, and FLV)
  • Extra tools for customization.
  • Blu-ray and 4k ripping.

What could be improved

  • A not-so-subtle, constantly-present sales pitch.
  • Some features like the ability to rip in 4K resolution behind a paywall.

Who is it for: Freemake is the choice both for people on the go, who want to rip their DVDs with as little hassle as possible, and for those that enjoy spending hours tweaking and adjusting every little aspect. It is a powerful tool that boasts several available formats and high ripping speeds.

7. HandBrake (The choice of a geek)

HandBrake Main Screen

Handbrake is the open-source version for the tech-wizards among us. The core program boasts some output formats and quite a few customization options but lacks the finesse of some of the other options on this list. However, those that know how to handle it, and have the time to download additional libraries and more can add so many capabilities that effectively turn HandBrake into a DVD ripper to surpass even the most expensive professional ones.

What we liked

  • Potential to become a fully professional app through additional resources.
  • Great customization options. E.g. the ability to bypass DRM systems.
  • Full control over the entire ripping process.

What could be improved

  • A lot of missing features without the proper resources. E.g. copy-protection removal.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Can get slow if not set up properly.

Who is it for: HandBrake is meant for the geeks and tech wizards out there and for a good reason. It can become a very powerful tool in the right hands.

8. MakeMKV (The best choice for MKV fans)

MakeMKV Main Screen

MakeMKV has a singular purpose and it does it well in as few steps as possible. It rips from any source to MKV. Thus, it is great for absolute beginners who want to rip their DVDs into MKV without having to adjust a single parameter. Just press start and wait.

What we liked

  • Extremely easy ripping process.
  • Ability to rip from any source.
  • High speeds.

What could be improved

  • Only one output format; MKV.
  • Lack of the ability to bypass copy-protection systems.
  • Zero customization options.

Who is it for: People who appreciate MKV as a video format and those that want results in as few clicks as possible will fall in love with MakeMKV.

9. DVD Decrypter (The bare-bones decrypter)

DVD Decrypter Poster

DVD Decrypter is the option for those that care more about bypassing copy-protection mechanisms than the actual end result. It has an outstanding decryption tool and, in fact, it is the one thing it specializes in but very little in the way of editing or even output options. If it is used along with a video converter, DVD Decrypter could, indeed, be a formidable app.

What we liked

  • Impressive decryption capabilities.
  • Easy-to-use software.

What could be improved

  • Not many output options. (Only MKV)
  • Limited customization capabilities.
  • Complete lack of any extra features.

Who is it for: This is the ideal app for the hackers among us. You get to rip from any source regardless of the DRM systems they may have on them. It is better used along with another app for more options.


There are many reasons why one would want to rip DVDs and, luckily, those on the market for a good, free DVD ripper will, definitely, not be starved for choice; In this article, we have listed the eleven best DVD rippers currently on the market and pointed out their pros and cons.

Therefore, you can rest easy in the knowledge that, no matter what you need, there is going to be an option for you.


Can I convert a DVD to MP4?2021-07-25T15:40:20+08:00

Yes, with the proper DVD ripper, you can convert any DVD to MP4 or any other format for that matter.

Why won’t HandBrake rip my DVD?2021-07-28T09:02:53+08:00

There are a few reasons why HandBrake would be unable to rip a DVD.

The DVD may be damaged to an extent that your DVD drive cannot read it.
Your DVD may use a copy-protection mechanism or encryption system that HandBrake cannot handle. (Check this link for a solution to this issue)
HandBrake may have not been set up correctly. (Follow this link for a guide on how to set up HandBrake.)

Is it illegal to rip a DVD that you own?2021-07-25T15:38:49+08:00

The short answer is yes, it is illegal to rip a DVD even if you have bought it. However, the chances of being sued are close to zero if it is for personal use only.

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