Best 5 DVD Menu Creator in 2023 on Mac and Windows

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A DVD menu is an essential part when creating your DVD video, it gives a more fancy touch to your videos. It helps organize videos and arrange them in the sequence you want. This makes storing your video and viewing them again incredibly easy.

Different DVD Creator programs provide different menu options. In this article, we have compiled some DVD creator programs that can help you choose which one perfectly suits your needs.

1. A Total package DVD creator- echoshare DVD Creator

echoshare DVD Creator is a DVD creator program that offers a DIY experience to its users in terms of creating and customizing a disc menu. echoshare is on the top list in terms of disc menu options in a DVD creator. This powerful DVD creator program allows users to create a signature disc menu like a professional movie maker with help of its amazing features.

Tipard DVD Creator

Choose from a wide variety of menu templates

Create a disc menu like a pro with echoshare DVD Creator by selecting a wide range variety of menu templates with different themes inspired by different occasions. Imagine creating an album for your memorable videos by, selecting a menu template based on the theme of your compiled videos.

DIY disc menu

Make your disc menu more appealing to your audience by adding your favorite song as background music, or personalize the menu more, by adding your favorite photo as a background. And by adding an opening film to your menu you can create a DVD video that looked like a commercial DVD movie and your audience will surely be impressed. Take note that, echoshare is the only DVD creator program that allows its users to add an opening film to their videos.

With the help of echoshare DVD Creator, you can decide the placements of your buttons in the disc menu, and arrange the placement of your videos anywhere you want. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about using another program to edit your videos echoshare DVD Creator has your back. With echoshare’s in-app editing features.

Supports multiple media and disc format

echoshare supports most video and audio formats like AVI, MP4, MP3, MKV, VOB, and more. In addition to that, echoshare also supports different DVD and Blu-ray discs like DVD-9, DVD-5, BD-25, and BD-50. With this amazing program, you can experience high-speed burning without having to worry about quality loss.

echoshare makes a hassle-free experience in terms of creating DVDs with an easy access interface and amazing features. Click here to download echoshare DVD Creator now.

2. A Trouble-free DVD creator-DeVeDe

DeVeDe is a free open-source video for DVD creators. DeVeDe’s interface is straightforward making it easy for users to navigate its features with no problem.

DeVeDe Menu

Add a personal touch to the disc menu

DeVeDe does not offer templates for the disc menu. Instead, it offers basic features for creating a disc menu. Features like adding text, background music, and image, change text color and placement, adjust margins, and more. If you like a simple yet compelling DVD menu creator then DeVeDe might be the one for you.

Enhance your videos

Aside from DeVeDe’s disc menu options, it has some pretty good features in terms of DVD creation. You can create and convert ISO images with no hassle. And since this program is very easy to navigate, creating and burning videos for formats like AVI, MPEG and more to DVD process will be smooth. Other great features of DeVeDe include setting TV Standard to PAL or NTSC, configure all your selected videos at the same time, adjust the disc usage, and more.

This program is perfect for users, who do not like a complicated process and prefer a simple yet sleek DVD video.

3. A Personalized DVD menu creator- Xilisoft DVD Creator

Xilisoft DVD Creator is a DVD authoring tool that allows users to personalize their videos with the help of their DVD menu options.

Xilisoft Menu

Add thumbnail for your video

With the help of Xilisoft’s series of disc menu templates, you can create a disc menu that fits your personal style. If you like a simple display of your videos, or maybe you want to create a theme that fits the movie you are burning, well Xilisoft got you covered. Moreover, if you want to let your audience have a sneak-peak of your video, you can add a thumbnail to achieve that.

Make your disc menu more personalized by adding your favorite images and songs as a background. With the help of Xilisoft, you can now create a disc menu with a personal touch.

Supports a wide range of formats

Aside from the menu feature, Xilisoft also supports several media formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, M2TS, and more. This program can also burn files into a rewritable DVD and other formats like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-5, DVD-9, and more others.

Video editing features

In addition, if you are burning several videos at the same time, Xilisoft has a multitasking feature that can help you accomplish your tasks in no time. Xilisoft also has a series of video editing features like cut, trim, rotate, merge, add video effects, and more to help you enhance the video.

If you are a person who likes to multitask and wants a program that is reliable in terms of creating a personalized menu, then Xilisoft DVD Creator will be a perfect program for you.

4. An Adaptable DVD author- WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author is free as it is, it doesn’t set any limitations. Instead, it offers quite a lot of practical features to make you create professional-looking DVDs. With WinX create the perfect DVD videos within just a few clicks.

WinX Menu

Customize or personalize your disc menu

Create a disc menu with the provided layout or choose a photo from your local gallery to create your own menu background and arrange the placement of your videos. With this feature, you can make a DVD menu that fits you and is up to your liking. Besides that, adding your favorite song from your playlist as background music will surely make your video more personalized.

Flexible program with high-resolution outputs

Moreover, WinX has a user-friendly interface that helps in creating a disc menu and burning videos a lot easier. WinX is also a flexible program that supports a variety of media formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, and a lot more. In addition, it also burns videos up to 4K resolution, and with the help of its nifty video editing features, you can enhance and keep the video resolution high at the same time.

This program is perfect for tech-savvy users who like to create a professional-looking DVD menu with just a few clicks.

5. A Progressive burning software- Ashampoo Burning Studio21

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a feature-rich and dependable burning software with everything you need.

Ashampoo Menu

Create a slick DVD menu

Make your DVD menu more appealing and wow your audience with the help of its amazing and futuristic features. Create a trendy disc menu by selecting from a variety of animated menu templates that can help you create a more modern theme for your menu or adding a background image that fits your style. In addition, you can add background music that will help set the mood of your menu. With the help of Ashampoo Burning Studio21 creating a trendy menu has never been this easier. With just a few steps you can achieve your desired disc menu in no time.

Burn and convert popular formats with no problem

Besides the amazing disc menu features, Ashampoo Burning Studio21 lets you burn and backup data, rip music discs, create audio discs, or burn existing videos. Ashampoo Burning Studio21 provides a classic and modern interface with very easy access to its features. With the flexibility of this program, it can support popular video and audio formats like MPEG4, H264, MP3. WMA, OGG, and a lot more.

To conclude, you can experience a fast-burning process without quality loss with the help of the modern and technologically advanced features of Ashampoo Burning Studio. You can create your desired DVD with no hassle.

DVD Creator Program Overall Comparison

This table shows a more detailed comparison in terms of menu features among the five DVD creator programs.

DVD Creator program Menu Templates Add Background music/photo Add subtitles Modify text position and style(disc menu) Add opening film Editing tools (crop, trim, rotate, etc,)
echoshare DVD Creator
Xilisoft DVD Creator
WinX DVD Author
Ashampoo Burning Studio21

Final Thoughts

Creating a DVD menu can be a challenge to others, but with the help of the perfect DVD creator program creating a DVD menu for your precious video will be easy. echoshare DVD Creator is on the top of our list in terms of creating a DVD menu, with its wide compatibility and nifty features. echoshare sure is the best DVD creator program. What are you waiting for? Install echoshare now and create amazing videos at home.


How do I make a customize disc menu?2021-07-23T04:03:35+08:00

Step 1: Install and launch echoshare DVD Creator.

Step 2: Import files to echoshare, then click Power Tools to edit your video and click Next.

Step 3: Select your desired menu from the provided menu templates, or create your own by adding your desired music and photo as background. You may also add an opening film. When done, tick Burn.

Step 4: Select Burn to Disc, and set TV Standard to NTSC or PAL, then proceed to Start.

Wait for the process to finish and enjoy.