While watching some funny videos on Chrome, we can record it and save output on our computer so that we can watch it without searching for it. Also, you may want to capture the content from an online meeting or lecture that takes place in a Chrome tab. In these cases, a Chrome screen recorder can help us all.

To record Chrome activities, a Chrome screen recorder extension can be pretty helpful since it can be directly opened and used in Chrome. But there’re so many Chrome screen recorder extensions on the Chrome web store, do you know which one will suit you best?

Meanwhile, there’re multiple third-party applications that can record your Chrome. Compared to Chrome recorder extensions, these screen recorder apps will have a better performance in recording your Chrome. For instance, you can decide the audio source and captured region freely.

In this article, I will list 4 screen recorders for recording Chrome, including Chrome extensions and third-party software. You can just select one that fits you most to create your video.

Chrome Screen Recorder Extensions:

  1. Screen Recorder
  2. Screencastify

Chrome Screen Recorder App:

  1. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder
  2. OBS Studio

Chrome Screen Recorder Extensions:

You can find plenty of screen recording extensions on the Chrome web store. Here are 2 that I think will be most helpful.

1. Screen Recorder (Published by Grephy)

As one of the most common-used Chrome extensions, Screen Recorder can be used to make a simple video with very easy steps.

Chrome Screen Recorder Extension Icon

Once you install the extension on your Chrome, you don’t need to create a new account or set up a lot of configurations. You can just start your recording right away by clicking the Start Record button, which will save yourself a lot of time.

Moreover, the extension supports not only recording a Chrome tab but also the entire screen and app window.

Screen Recorder Share Chrome Tab

Here’re some pros and cons of this extension.


  • It’s very easy to use, you can start your recording with 3 simple clicks.
  • The output video will be automatically stored on a default folder.
  •  You can use it to record almost all on-screen activities.
  • It charges for free.

Screen Recorder Choose Audio


  • You can’t record both computer sound and microphone sound at a time.
  • Only one video format is available, the webm. format.
  • No shortcut is provided, you need to locate the extension and click Start Record.
  • No editing/trimming tool is offered, if you want to trim or edit the video, try other software.

To sum up:

All in all, if you just want to make some simple videos with one audio source on your Chrome, Screen Recorder can be very useful. But it cannot help you do some complicated tasks.

2. Screencastify

Screencastify is considered as the finest screen recorder extension on Chrome, people can use this extension to record their Chrome as well as any other onscreen activities.

The first time you use this program, you are requested to sign in. You may sign in with your Google account so that the output video will be automatically exported to your Google drive. Of course, you can create a new account and sign it in, the output will be stored on the cloud storage of Screencastify.

Besides, the extension is also a Chrome audio capture tool that allows users to record the Chrome audio in mp3 format.

Let’s see what people like and dislike about the extension.


  • The extension offers an in-app sharing, you can share your file to some platforms without downloading it on your computer.
  • You may trim and edit the video through the extension directly.
  • Users can record an up-to-HD video with Screencastify.
  • It supports to record mp4, gif, and mp3 formats.
  • Besides Chrome tab recording and desktop recording, it also supports webcam recording.

Screencastify Chrome Extension


  • It cannot record system sound. So if you want to record a video with internal sound, try other software.
  • The size of the output file is quite large, it takes some time to download and transfer.
  • When you choose to record your webcam, Screencastify will only record the webcam and will not record Chrome or desktop activities.

To warp up:

Screencastify is pretty good at screen recording, but it might not help you when you try to record a YouTube video or movie with the original sound. You can use it to record a video with your narration though.

Chrome Screen Recorder Software:

You can find so many screen recording applications to record Chrome as well.

Generally speaking, a screen capture app is always more powerful than a Chrome screen recorder extension since the app is programmed with much more advanced features and technologies. If you’re in pursuit of a higher-quality video, select one and start your Chrome video capture.

1. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

As one of the most powerful screen recording software, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder helps record all your on-screen actions in lossless quality, including Chrome, desktop, media play, gameplay, and so on.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Chrome Screen Recorder

This screen recorder app is the expert in screen recording, with the program, you can decide the audio source for your output as well as the format, quality, and frame rate. Also, you can use a keyboard shortcut to initiate a screen capture anytime you like.

You can download the program on your computer for FREE now!

Let’s know more about the software.


  • Totally, 7 video formats are available in this app, including mp4, wmv, mov, etc.
  • You’re able to set the quality as Lossless and make the frame rate as 60fps too.
  • It supports quick-response hotkey, you can use it to start recording without any delay.
  • You may decide to record a video with system sound and microphone simultaneously.

Set Recording Audio Source

  • No watermarks will be added to your video.
  • You can share the file through the software.
  • You’re available to edit the video and trim it as well.

Record Youtube

Overall, you can find everything you need about recording Chrome or desktop when you use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. It can be the perfect choice for you to record your Chrome.

2. OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software, abbreviated as OBS, is the most popular screen recording software among Youtubers and game bloggers. These celebrities use OBS to record high-quality videos or do live streaming.

With OBS’s professional recording performance, you’re available to create a video that has the equaled quality of a movie. Once OBS is installed on your computer, you can use it to record your desktop, webcam, Chrome, and other app windows and output the video with preferred frame rate, bit rate, format, and resolution.

Click the button below and download it on your computer.

Let’s see some good and bad points of OBS.


  • Multiple adjustable configurations are available, including color rendering, bit rate, encoder, etc.
  • You can use hotkeys to activate a recording or streaming.
  • You can record 8K videos in up-to-120fps(As long as your computer can encode such high demanding video).

OBS Recording Gameplay


  • Professional, but it’s quite difficult to use for beginners. You need to figure out 4 main sections on OBS and all those professional items.
  • OBS might not work well on a low-end computer.
  • Errors happen a lot like OBS won’t record audio, OBS hardware overloaded, etc.

To sum up:

If you plan to become a Youtuber and have time to practice the software, you can try OBS to make yourself a video.


Above the detailed information of 4 BEST Chrome screen recorders. You can pick up one and start to record your Chrome.

If you prefer to record your Chrome with less effort, choose an extension or Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Or, you’re in pursuit of a home-made movie, OBS can help you with that.

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