The Absolute Best Three Blu-ray Copy Programs for 2023

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It is a commonly accepted fact that being able to make copies of your Blu-ray discs has innumerable benefits;

  • You get to extend the life of your Blu-ray discs.
  • Share your favourite movies with friends and family.
  • Improve playability by removing copy-protection mechanisms, changing the video format, or just editing your Blu-ray movies.

It is only natural, then, that people will eventually get to the point where they’ll need to copy one of their blu-ray discs (if not their entire collection) because they want to get their favorite movies on a fresh disc, giving it more years of life, make copies of movies to share with others or even copies for a class or work project.

What all these people have in common is that they are in the dark as to the best Blu-ray copy apps on the market are.

We know that the average person leads a busy life and may not have the time to do all the research themselves. Thus, in this article, we have scoured the internet to find the three best Blu-ray copy apps. Read along, and you will surely find something for your tastes.

Tipard Blu-ray Copy (The lightweight wonder)

The first app is the one for the home user. It will not slow down your computer, run pretty fast (in fact, it may be the fastest one of the three) and you can work with it almost immediately as it requires no special knowledge to use. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you are getting less bang for your buck than with any other app. In fact, you are getting a veritable powerhouse that lacks for nothing as it boasts several additional features to its speed and lightness.


  • 100% lossless Blu-ray to Blu-ray copies (up to 4K) including subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Blu-ray to ISO or Folder in over 500 formats for better storage.
  • 3D Blu-ray support.
  • Backup creation tool.
  • High copy speeds.
  • Remove resource-heavy features like Dolby audio to save up space.
  • Four copy styles (Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone, Write Data) depending on your needs.
  • Simple, user-friendly UI.

The good

Tipard is a wonderful tool that can copy from almost every available Blu-ray disc source to Blu-ray, Folder or ISO at extremely high speeds with no loss of quality whatsoever. It is a handy tool with many capabilities that will have you copying Blu-ray discs in mere minutes thanks to its intuitive design.

The bad

Be that as it may, there is one flaw that Tipard has; It doesn’t offer any of the extra capabilities like video editing or Blu-ray creators like its competitors do.

Who is it for

Tipard is ideal for the home user that doesn’t want to compromise on quality or features. That is because for all its impressive features and capabilities it can run on any rig and you don’t have to be a professional to use it.

Leawo. Prof. Media. (The one for the specialist)

Copy Blu-ray Leawo

Leawo is a feature-heavy Blu-ray copy application that lacks for nothing. It boasts a video editor, enhancer, compressor, and, most importantly, it is one of the few tools that can remove the Cinavia protection from Blu-ray discs. This is especially important as Cinavia-protected Blu-rays can become unplayable.


  • Powerful video editor.
  • Ability to make 1:1 copies of any Blu-ray disc.
  • Cinavia removal feature.
  • Also, extra capabilities like a Blu-ray burner, maker, and ripper.
  • Download videos directly from the internet.
  • Handle BD-R/RW, BD-XL discs without any issues.

The good

Leawo. Prof. Media. Is, indeed, the professional choice. You get to enjoy a series of unique features that will help you customize your copy experience. What is more, it is powerful enough to support 100% lossless copy and, if you are willing to pay extra, can become your personal Blu-ray management station.

The bad

While it is very versatile, Leawo has a very steep learning curve. The UI takes a little bit of getting used to and there are some unintuitive design choices that make it harder to use.

Who is it for

Leawo is the professional choice. It may require a bit of learning, but once you get the hang of it, the sky’s the limit, as far as Blu-ray is involved. Be that as it may, more casual users shouldn’t be discouraged, as its main screen and help section can help you navigate it to some extend.

Free Blu-ray Copy (The freeware powerhouse)

Free Blu-ray Copy

We were surprised too, to see a Free Blu-ray Copy app that could actually deliver on its promises. It might not include many of the features of its paid counterparts but it offers a great Blu-ray Copy app for free.


  • Copy Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray or to Folder.
  • Make backups of your Blu-rays.
  • Choose whether you want to copy the entire Blu-ray disc or just the “Movie part”.

The good

For freeware, Free Blu-ray Copy is not bad. It can not only copy but also help you make back-ups and even offers some degree of control over the end product.

The bad

Unfortunately, as a free product, Free Blu-ray copy lacks many of the features of other Blu-ray copy apps with the most notable absence being that of a DRM removal tool.

Who is it for

If you have home Blu-ray discs/movies that you want to copy and cannot afford a professional app, Free-Blu-ray copy is the thing for you.


Making copies of Blu-ray discs has many benefits and this is why so many people decide to do it. However, the market is inundated with choices, and picking the right one might seem a bit hard at times.

Therefore, we have found the three best Blu-ray copy apps and reviewed them to make it easier for us to decide.


No, MakeMKV does not have a DRM removal feature. For that, you will need another app like Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

It is legal to make copies, digital or not, of content you own. If you do not own the content, it is illegal to make copies of it. However, it is unlikely to get in trouble for it, if you do it only for personal use. For more on the subject of the legality of ripping check this link.

Yes, you can copy Blu-ray to PC using a Blu-ray ripper. In some cases, though, you may also need to bypass a DRM system. Thankfully, most professional rippers can do that.

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