Despite the popularity of video streaming services like Netflix and cloud storage services like Google Drive, disc especially the Blu-ray disc is always a perfect way to watch HD movies at home and keep important data safe.

Besides purchasing or renting a Blu-ray disc, we can all become a home-based Blu-ray producer to create a personalized Movie, Music, or Data Blu-ray disc by burning files, folders, or images to a writable Blu-ray disc.

In order to burn a Blu-ray disc at home, the Blu-ray burner software is the must-have tool since copying and pasting files to the disc (like we do on a USB drive) will affect the quality of the burned files.

For those who have no idea which Blu-ray burning software will be the best, this review will introduce six best Blu-ray burning software out of countless ones after a full set of tests for multimedia compatibility, quality, video editing, custom menu, and supported BD types. You may pick one that attracts you most and start your Blu-ray burning right away.

1. Leawo Prof. Media (Windows&macOS)

Leawo Prof. Media is a full-featured Blu-ray manager that helps users to burn Blu-ray disc with files(180+ formats), disc images, and folders with high flexibility.

One of its best features is the built-in video editor. With this feature, while burning movies into a Blu-ray disc, you can skip a video editor program and use Leawo Prof. Media to optimize your footage.

Some video enhancements that Leawo Prof. Media offers:

  • 3D vision: 6 different 3D effects are available, Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Interleaved, Side by Side, and 2 more.
  • Remove Noise: Helps you get rid of the noise for filmed videos.
  • Effect: Adjust the Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, and Volume of the footage.
  • Crop: Zoom in or out the video, crop the video.
  • Watermark: Add a personalized watermark to the clip.
  • Trim: Clip the video.

Moreover, 40+ free templates for the disc menu are available. Of course, you may custom a brand new one as well. Despite the lack of background music option, Leawo Prof Media is no doubt one of the most flexible Blu-ray burning software.

Editor’s Comment:

If you want to burn a 2D movie to a Blu-ray disc in 3D vision, Leawo Prof. Media will be of great help. Also, its custom menu option is perfect when you want to create a home-based movie disc.

Download for free:

2. Tipard DVD Creator (Windows/Mac)

If you got no plans for ISO burning, Tipard DVD Creator is also one that you should never miss.

This program helps you burn files and folders to a Blu-ray disc losslessly with its 50x faster burning speed. Besides, the program can hold up to 50 tasks of burning files and folders at the same time.

And similar to Leawo Prof Media, you can find an in-app video editor from its Power Tools list on Tipard as well. Though it doesn’t support 3D enhancement, Tipard’s video editor feature is still helpful.

Tipard Power Tools:

  • Video Edit: After accessing this tab, you can rotate, trim, and crop the video. Also, you may add filter(s) and watermark to it. The volume, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the footage are adjustable as well.
  • Audio Edit: Some MKV movies and BD folders have more than one audio channels, you’re available to decide which channel you want to burn to the disc along with the frames. You can add another new channel from local files as well.
  • Subtitle Edit: If the video lack a subtitle track, add one locally, or create a new one manually.
  • Etc.

After using Tipard’s Power Tools to modify your movie, you’ll then be available to customize a menu for your movie DVD. You may reposition the buttons, add a template, change the background scene, add background music to the menu.

Don’t need a menu? Tick the No Menu option.

To warp up:

Despite the incapability of burning ISO images, Tipard DVD Creator is indeed a good Blu-ray authoring program for a movie Blu-ray disc creation.

Free Download:

3. Cyberlink Power2Go (Windows)

Published by Cyberlink, Power2Go works perfectly for burning movie, music, and data Blu-ray disc with its multiple modes.

Data Disc, Video Disc, Music Disc, Photo Gallery Disc, Copy Disc, and Erase Disc are the 6 modes that can satisfy your need for Blu-ray disc burning.

  1. Data Disc: Burn data files like TXT, PDF, DOC, PPTX to a Blu-ray disc, you can encrypt the disc to protect any unauthorized access.
  2. Video Disc: Create a home-made film Blu-ray disc with video files, AVCHD files, BDMV folders. You’re available to choose the codec(MPEG2 & H.264), quality, resolution, audio(Dolby 5.1), and subtitle of the movie. Also, a custom menu is supported though it offers so few templates.
  3. Music Disc: Burn audio files like songs, music, recording, sound effects to a Blu-ray disc to create a personalized music album.
  4. Photo Gallery Disc: Create a showcase to save and display all the precious memories of digital cameras you film with a camera or phone. All JPG, GIF, WEMP, PNG are compatible.
  5. Copy Disc: Use this when you plan to copy a disc or a disc image to another Blu-ray disc.
  6. Erase Disc: Have a BD-RE that saves some other contents? Empty it.

Before you use Power2Go to burn a Blu-ray disc, remember to edit, trim, and modify your file and folder first since it’s programmed with any editors or converters.

About Power2Go:

Offering specified modes to burn Blu-ray discs, you’ll always find one flavor that fits you perfectly. Though it offers no editor tools at all, it’s going to change the fact that Power2Go is one of the leading icons in Blu-ray burning.

Free Download Here:

4. AnyBurn (Windows)

As a Blu-ray burning freeware program, AnyBurn is the one you should use to burn digital files, ISO images, and folders to a Blu-ray disc while being short for the budget.

After downloading the program from the official site, pick up a mode on the main dashboard to start your Blu-ray disc burning task right away.

However, AnyBurn can only do some simple burning that you’re not available to add a menu, edit the file, or decide the properties of the files.

Lightweight as it is, you can use it on a pretty low-end computer, unlike the first 4 tools that need pretty high specs.

Editor’s comment:

AnyBurn is a simple tool to burn files, ISO, and folders. Pick it up when the input is tailored, and a Blu-ray disc menu means nothing to you.

5. Express Burn (Windows)

Same as AnyBurn, the Express Burn is another freeware for Blu-ray burning you can find in the market that makes a difference.

The program is a bit similar to Power2Go in that it offers multiple modes for users, Video Blu-ray and Data Blu-ray are the 2 modes among 8 that you’ll need to burn a Blu-ray disc.

With its so-called world’s fastest disc burning speed, Express Burn can burn digital files, ISO folder(Joliet, UDF, and Hybrid), and Blu-ray folder to a Blu-ray disc without quality loss.

Though the program offers so a few settings for burning a video Blu-ray disc, for instance, you cannot decide the resolution, audio, and subtitle of the video, you’re still available to decide the video quality and frame rate of the output.

Also, as a freeware Blu-ray burner, the program allows users to create a menu for the video disc though you have very few choices as well.

To sum up:

Express Burn is developed by NCH that is a large software company. If you’re already a fan of one of its tools, you can download the NCH Suite that includes the Express Burn and other multimedia tools to carry on most needs for video, audio, disc, and USB drive.

6. Ashampoo Burning Studio (Windows)

As a universal disc manager, the Ashampoo helps you rip, copy, burn, and create DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

When it comes to the Blu-ray burning feature, Ashampoo has divided the feature into two tabs, one is the Ashampoo Copy and Ashampoo Creator is the other. Both tabs play different roles in Blu-ray burning.

Ashampoo Burning Studio:

Let’s focus on the Ashampoo Copy first, this is where you can burn ISO images (optical disc images), BDMV folders, and another disc content to a Blu-ray disc.

Offering 4 modes for the Blu-ray copy, you can always find one that fits you.

  • Full Disc: Copy a Blu-ray disc or a disc image to another rewritable Blu-ray disc;
  • Main Movie: Burn the main movie from a disc or image to a new Blu-ray disc;
  • Customize: Burn ISO or folder to a Blu-ray disc and create a Menu for the disc;
  • Merge: Burn multiple Blu-ray discs, ISO images, or BD folders to one disc.

Ashampoo Blu-ray Creator:

While burning a Blu-ray disc with the Ashampoo Copy, you’re available to decide the frame quality(up to 1080P) and audio quality (Dolby 5.1) of the burned videos.

As for the Ashampoo Creator tab, you’re available to use it to burn multiple digital files to a Blu-ray disc. And it covers all mainstream video and audio formats, like MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, etc. Also, the audio channel, subtitle track, and the quality of each video is totally up to you. But the program offers no in-app video editors for users to edit, clip, and modify the footage.


Both the Copy and Creator features help a lot when it comes to Blu-ray burning. With these two, you can burn files, discs, images, and folders to a Blu-ray disc with preferred quality and size.

How to choose a suitable Blu-ray disc

To burn files and data to a Blu-ray disc, make sure you pick up the right optical disc. Now, there’re 4 types of Blu-ray discs we can find in the market – BD-R, BD-RE, BD-ROM, and Ultra 4K BD-ROM.

  • BD-R: Full name as Blu-ray disc – Recordable, this disc only supports one rewriting. Once you burn some files into a BD-R disc, you can never change the content.
  • BD-RE: Full title as Blu-ray disc – Recordable Erasable, this is the type of disc that you can rewrite multiple times since you can erase the content.
  • BD-ROM: The ROM suffix refers to Read-Only-Memory that suggests that this disc is already installed with data and you CANNOT erase or rewrite it, but only for reading.
  • Ultra 4K BD-ROM: The 4K prefix says that this disc can hold videos up to 4K resolution. The ROM suffix tells that you can only read and play this disc with a Blu-ray player.

The capacity of Blu-ray disc:

Also, take into account that you may want to burn some extra-large files to a Blu-ray disc, pay attention to the target disc’s capacity.

Depending on the supported layers of the disc, you can find signs of SL, DL, XL, or maybe 25, 50, 100 on Blu-ray discs.

  • BD-SL: The SL refers to single-layer, this type of disc stores data on its single-layer storage space. The capacity of it goes to 25GB and this is the way it’s also called BD-25.
  • BD-DL: The DL means double-layer storage for 50GB capacity.
  • BD-XL: There’re 2 types of BD-XL discs, the BD-XL TL for triple-layer and BD-XL QL for quadruple-layer. The former one maxes out at 100GB and the latter reaches 128GB.

To warp up

For customers, you’d better purchase a BD-RE SL or DL disc.

  1. First of all, you can burn rewrite and erase the content in a BD-RE disc.
  2. Also, BD-XL discs require a professional Blu-ray player that is more expensive than a regular one.
  3. By the way, most BD burner software can only hold BD 25 and BD 50 discs, I can’t say for sure that there’ll be some that support BD 100. And even if it does, it’s going to cost a fortune.

FAQ: Can Windows Media Player, VLC, and Handbrake burn a Blu-ray disc?

Unfortunately, none of them can help you burn a Blu-ray disc on Windows and Mac computers.

Windows Media Player can only burn DVDs and CDs on Windows 10, 8, and 7 computers.

VLC and Handbrake are both incapable of burning any kind of disc.